Available CRAN Packages By Name


A3A3: Accurate, Adaptable, and Accessible Error Metrics for Predictive Models
abcTools for Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC)
ABCanalysisComputed ABC Analysis
abcdeFBAABCDE_FBA: A-Biologist-Can-Do-Everything of Flux Balance Analysis with this package
ABCExtremesABC Extremes
ABCoptimImplementation of Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Optimization
ABCp2Approximate Bayesian Computational model for estimating P2
abctoolsTools for ABC analyses
abdThe Analysis of Biological Data
abf2Load Gap-Free Axon ABF2 Files
abindCombine Multidimensional Arrays
abnData Modelling with Additive Bayesian Networks
abundantAbundant regression and high-dimensional principal fitted components
accelerometryFunctions for Processing Minute-to-Minute Accelerometer Data
AcceptanceSamplingCreation and evaluation of Acceptance Sampling Plans
ACCLMAACC & LMA Graph Plotting
accrualBayesian Accrual Prediction
accruedVisualization tools for partially accruing data
ACDCategorical data analysis with complete or missing responses
acepackace() and avas() for selecting regression transformations
acidAnalysing Conditional Distributions of Income
acm4rAlign-and-Count Method comparisons of RFLP data
ACNEAffymetrix SNP Probe-Summarization using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
acnrAnnotated Copy-Number Regions
acopulaModelling dependence with multivariate Archimax (or any user-defined continuous) copulas
acpAutoregressive Conditional Poisson
aCRMConvenience functions for analytical Customer Relationship Management
acsDownload, manipulate, and present data from the US Census American Community Survey
acssAlgorithmic Complexity for Short Strings
acss.dataData Only: Algorithmic Complexity of Short Strings (Computed via Coding Theorem Method)
ACTCDAsymptotic Classification Theory for Cognitive Diagnosis
ActigraphyActigraphy Data Analysis
activityAnimal Activity Statistics
actuarActuarial functions
ActuDistnsFunctions for actuarial scientists
adaada: an R package for stochastic boosting
adabagApplies Multiclass AdaBoost.M1, SAMME and Bagging
adagioDiscrete and Global Optimization Routines
adaptDAAdaptive Mixture Discriminant Analysis
AdaptFitAdaptive Semiparametic Regression
AdaptFitOSAdaptive Semiparametric Regression with Simultaneous Confidence Bands
AdaptiveSparsityAdaptive Sparsity Models
adaptivetauTau-leaping stochastic simulation
adaptMCMCImplementation of a generic adaptive Monte Carlo Markov Chain sampler
adaptsmoFMRIAdaptive Smoothing of FMRI Data
adaptTestAdaptive two-stage tests
additivityTestsAdditivity Tests in the Two Way Anova with Single Sub-class Numbers
addregAdditive Regression for Discrete Data
ADDTA Package for Analysis of Accelerated Destructive Degradation Test Data
ade4Analysis of Ecological Data : Exploratory and Euclidean methods in Environmental sciences
ade4TkGUIade4 Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface
adegenetadegenet: an R package for the exploratory analysis of genetic and genomic data
adehabitatAnalysis of Habitat Selection by Animals
adehabitatHRHome Range Estimation
adehabitatHSAnalysis of Habitat Selection by Animals
adehabitatLTAnalysis of Animal Movements
adehabitatMATools to Deal with Raster Maps
adephyloadephylo: exploratory analyses for the phylogenetic comparative method
AdequacyModelAdequacy of probabilistic models and generation of pseudo-random numbers
ADGofTestAnderson-Darling GoF test
adhoccalculate ad hoc distance thresholds for DNA barcoding identification
adimproAdaptive Smoothing of Digital Images
adliftAn adaptive lifting scheme algorithm
ADM3An Interpretation of the ADM method - automated detection algorithm
AdMitAdaptive Mixture of Student-t distributions
adsSpatial point patterns analysis
adwaveWavelet Analysis of Genomic Data from Admixed Populations
aemoDownload and process AEMO price and demand data
AERApplied Econometrics with R
afexAnalysis of Factorial Experiments
AFLPsimHybrid simulation and genome scan for dominant markers
aftgeeAccelerated Failure Time Model with Generalized Estimating Equations
AGDAnalysis of Growth Data
agopAggregation Operators and Preordered Sets
agReeVarious Methods for Measuring Agreement
AgreementStatistical Tools for Measuring Agreement
agricolaeStatistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
agridatAgricultural Datasets
agrmtCalculate Agreement or Consensus in Ordered Rating Scales
AGSDestEstimation in Adaptive Group Sequential Trials
agsemiscMiscellaneous plotting and utility functions
ahazRegularization for semiparametric additive hazards regression
AICcmodavgModel Selection and Multimodel Inference Based on (Q)AIC(c)
AIDAn R Package to Estimate Box-Cox Power Transformation Parameter
aidarTools for reading AIDA (http://aida.freehep.org/) files into R
AIMAIM: adaptive index model
akimaInterpolation of irregularly spaced data
akmeansAdaptive Kmeans algorithm based on threshold
alabamaConstrained Nonlinear Optimization
aldThe Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
ALDqrQuantile Regression Using Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
aLFQAn R-package for estimating absolute protein quantities from label-free LC-MS/MS proteomics data
AlgDesignAlgorithmic Experimental Design
algstatAlgebraic statistics in R
ALKrGenerate Age-Length Keys for fish populations
allanAutomated Large Linear Analysis Node
allanvarAllan Variance Analysis
alleHapAllele simulation and Haplotype reconstruction from pedigree databases
allelematchIdentifying unique multilocus genotypes where genotyping error and missing data may be present
AlleleRetainAllele Retention, Inbreeding, and Demography
allelicA fast, unbiased and exact allelic exact test
AllPossibleSpellingsComputes all of a word's possible spellings
almR Client for the Lagotto Altmetrics Platform
alphahullGeneralization of the Convex Hull of a Sample of Points in the Plane
alphashape3dImplementation of the 3D alpha-shape for the reconstruction of 3D sets from a point cloud
alr3Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd edition
alr4Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 4rd edition
ALSmultivariate curve resolution alternating least squares (MCR-ALS)
ALSCPCAccelerated line search algorithm for simultaneous orthogonal transformation of several positive definite symmetric matrices to nearly diagonal form
ALToptOptimal Experimental Designs for Accelerated Life Testing
amapAnother Multidimensional Analysis Package
AMAP.SeqCompare Gene Expressions from 2-Treatment RNA-Seq Experiments
ameiAdaptive Management of Epidemiological Interventions
AmeliaAmelia II: A Program for Missing Data
amenAdditive and Multiplicative Effects Models for Networks and Relational Data
AmericanCallOptThis package includes pricing function for selected American call options with underlying assets that generate payouts
AMGETPost-processing tool for ADAPT 5
amlAdaptive Mixed LASSO
AMOEBAA Multidirectional Optimum Ecotope-Based Algorithm
AMOREA MORE flexible neural network package
AmpliconDuoStatistical Analysis Of Amplicon Data Of The Same Sample To Identify Artefacts
anacorSimple and Canonical Correspondence Analysis
analogueAnalogue and weighted averaging methods for palaeoecology
analogueExtraAdditional functions for use with the analogue package
analyzModel Layer for Automatic Data Analysis via CSV File Interpretation
AnalyzeFMRIFunctions for analysis of fMRI datasets stored in the ANALYZE or NIFTI format
anametrixBidirectional connector to Anametrix API
anapuceTools for microarray data analysis
AncestryMapperAssigning Ancestry Based on Population References
anchorsStatistical analysis of surveys with anchoring vignettes
AnDEAn extended Bayesian Learning Technique developed by Dr. Geoff Webb
andrewsAndrews curves
anesrakeANES Raking Implementation
anfisAdaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System in R
AnglerCreelSurveySimulationSimulate a Bus Route Creel Survey of Anglers
animalTrackAnimal track reconstruction for high frequency 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) movement data
animationA gallery of animations in statistics and utilities to create animations
anim.plotsSimple Animated Plots For R
AnnotListsAnnotLists: A tool to annotate multiple lists from a specific annotation file
anominatealpha-NOMINATE Ideal Point Estimator
AnthropMMDA GUI for Mean Measures of Divergence
AnthropometryStatistical Methods for Anthropometric Data
antitrustAntitrust Library
AntWebprogrammatic interface to the AntWeb
aodAnalysis of Overdispersed Data
aods3Analysis of Overdispersed Data using S3 methods
AOfamiliesAranda-Ordaz (AO) transformation families
aoosAnother Object Orientation System
aoristicaoristic analysis with spatial output (kml)
apcAge-period-cohort analysis
apclusterAffinity Propagation Clustering
apeAnalyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution
aplore3Datasets from Hosmer, Lemeshow and Sturdivant, "Applied Logistic Regression" (3rd ed.)
aplpackAnother Plot PACKage: stem.leaf, bagplot, faces, spin3R, plotsummary, plothulls, and some slider functions
apmsWAPPPre- and Postprocessing for AP-MS data analysis based on spectral counts
appellCompute Appell's F1 hypergeometric function
appleApproximate Path for Penalized Likelihood Estimators
AppliedPredictiveModelingFunctions and Data Sets for 'Applied Predictive Modeling'
approximatorBayesian prediction of complex computer codes
aprean3Datasets from Draper and Smith "Applied Regression Analysis" (3rd ed., 1998)
aprofAmdahl's profiler, directed optimization made easy
APSIMBatchAnalysis the output of Apsim software
apsimrEdit, run and evaluate APSIM simulations from R easily
apsrtableapsrtable model-output formatter for social science
aptAsymmetric Price Transmission (apt)
apTreeshapeAnalyses of Phylogenetic Treeshape
aqfigFunctions to help display air quality model output and monitoring data
aqpAlgorithms for Quantitative Pedology
aqrInterface methods to use with an ActiveQuant Master Server
AquaEnvAquaEnv - an integrated development toolbox for aquatic chemical model generation
AR1segSegmentation of an autoregressive Gaussian process of order 1
archdataExample Datasets from Archaeological Research
archetypesArchetypal Analysis
archiDARTPlant Root System Architecture Analysis Using DART Output Files
archivistTools for Storing, Restoring and Searching for R Objects
ArDecTime series autoregressive-based decomposition
arf3DS4Activated Region Fitting, fMRI data analysis (3D)
arfimaFractional ARIMA Time Series Modeling
ArfimaMLMArfima-MLM Estimation For Repeated Cross-Sectional Data
argosfilterArgos locations filter
argparseCommand line optional and positional argument parser
argparserCommand-line argument parser
armData Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models
arnie"Arnie" box office records 1982-2014
aroma.affymetrixAnalysis of Large Affymetrix Microarray Data Sets
aroma.apdA Probe-Level Data File Format Used by 'aroma.affymetrix' [deprecated]
aroma.cnCopy-Number Analysis of Large Microarray Data Sets
aroma.coreCore Methods and Classes Used by aroma.* Packages Part of The Aroma Framework
ARPobservationTools for Simulating Direct Behavioral Observation Recording Procedures Based on Alternating Renewal Processes
aRpsDCAArps Decline Curve Analysis in R
ArrayBinBinarization of numeric data arrays
arrayhelpersConvenience functions for arrays
arsAdaptive Rejection Sampling
ARToolAligned Rank Transform
ARTPGene and Pathway p-values computed using the Adaptive Rank Truncated Product
arulesMining Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
arulesNBMinerMining NB-Frequent Itemsets and NB-Precise Rules
arulesSequencesMining frequent sequences
arulesVizVisualizing Association Rules and Frequent Itemsets
aRxivInterface to the arXiv API
asbioA Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists
asciiExport R objects to several markup languages
ascrdaAugmented SCRDA
asdSimulations for adaptive seamless designs
ashDavid Scott's ASH routines
ASMapLinkage Map Construction using the MSTmap Algorithm
aspaceA collection of functions for estimating centrographic statistics and computational geometries for spatial point patterns
ASPBayBayesian Inference on Causal Genetic Variants using Affected Sib-Pairs Data
aspectAspects of Multivariables
assertiveReadable Check Functions to Ensure Code Integrity
assertrAssertive Programming for R Analysis Pipelines
assertthatEasy pre and post assertions
AssetPricingOptimal pricing of assets with fixed expiry date
assistA Suite of R Functions Implementing Spline Smoothing Techniques
AssotesteRStatistical Tests for Genetic Association Studies
asterAster Models
aster2Aster Models
astroAstronomy Functions, Tools and Routines
astrochronA Computational Tool for Astrochronology
astrodatRAstronomical Data
astroFnsAstronomy: time and position functions, misc. utilities
astrolibRAstronomy Users Library
astsaApplied Statistical Time Series Analysis
asympTestAsymptotic statistic
AsynchLongRegression Analysis of Sparse Asynchronous Longitudinal Data
asypowCalculate Power Utilizing Asymptotic Likelihood Ratio Methods
ATEInference for Average Treatment Effects using Covariate Balancing
AtelieRA GTK GUI for teaching basic concepts in statistical inference, and doing elementary bayesian tests
atmcmcAutomatically Tuned Markov Chain Monte Carlo
ATmetAdvanced Tools for Metrology
AtmRayAcoustic Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Atmospheric Models
atsdSupport Querying Axibase Time-Series Database
attribriskPopulation Attributable Risk
AUCThreshold independent performance measures for probabilistic classifiers
AUCRFVariable Selection with Random Forest and the Area Under the Curve
audioAudio Interface for R
audiolyzRaudiolyzR: Give your data a listen
auditBounds for Accounting Populations
autoencoderAn implementation of sparse autoencoder for automatic learning of representative features from unlabeled data
automapAutomatic interpolation package
autoplsPartial Least Squares Regression with Backward Selection of Predictors
AutoSEARCHGeneral-to-Specific (GETS) Model Selection
awsAdaptive Weights Smoothing
awsMethodsClass and Methods definitions for packages aws, adimpro, fmri, dwi
aylmerA generalization of Fisher's exact test
B2ZBayesian Two-Zone Model
b6e6rlAdaptive differential evolution, b6e6rl variant
babarBayesian Bacterial Growth Curve Analysis in R
babelRibosome profiling data analysis
BaBooNBayesian Bootstrap Predictive Mean Matching - Multiple and single imputation for discrete data
babynamesUS baby names 1880-2013
BACABubble Chart to compare Biological Annotations by using DAVID
BACCOBayesian Analysis of Computer Code Output (BACCO)
backtestExploring portfolio-based conjectures about financial instruments
BACpriorChoice of the Hyperparameter Omega in the Bayesian Adjustment for Confounding (BAC) Algorithm
BAEssdBayesian Average Error approach to Sample Size Determination
bagRboostREnsemble bagging and boosting classifiers
BalancedSamplingBalanced and spatially balanced sampling
BaMFunctions and datasets for books by Jeff Gill
bamditBayesian Meta-Analysis of diagnostic test data
BAMMtoolsAnalysis and Visualization of Macroevolutionary Dynamics on Phylogenetic Trees
bamsBreakpoint annotation model smoothing
banditFunctions for simple A/B split test and multi-armed bandit analysis
BANFFBayesian Network Feature Finder
BANOVAHierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models
barcodeBarcode distribution plots
bartMachineBayesian Additive Regression Trees
base64Base 64 encoder/decoder
base64encTools for base64 encoding
baselineBaseline Correction of Spectra
basicspaceRecovering a Basic Space from Issue Scales
BASIXBASIX: An efficient C/C++ toolset for R
BaSTAA package for estimating age-specific survival from incomplete capture-recapture/recovery data
BATBiodiversity Assessment Tools
batadeHTML reports and so on
batchBatching Routines in Parallel and Passing Command-Line Arguments to R
BatchExperimentsStatistical Experiments on Batch Computing Clusters
BatchJobsBatch Computing with R
batchmeansConsistent Batch Means Estimation of Monte Carlo Standard Errors
BayClone2Bayesian Feature Allocation Model for Tumor Heterogeneity
BayesBridgeBridge Regression
bayesclustTests/Searches for significant clusters in genetic data
BayesCommBayesian community ecology analysis
bayescountPower Calculations and Bayesian Analysis of Count Distributions and FECRT Data using MCMC
BayesCRBayesian Analysis of Censored Regression Models Under Scale Mixture of Skew Normal Distributions
BayesDAFunctions and Datasets for the book "Bayesian Data Analysis"
bayesDccGarchThe Bayesian Dynamic Conditional Correlation GARCH Model
bayesDemGraphical User Interface for bayesTFR, bayesLife and bayesPop
BayesFactorComputation of Bayes Factors for Common Designs
bayesGARCHBayesian Estimation of the GARCH(1,1) Model with Student-t Innovations
bayesGDSFunctions to implement Generalized Direct Sampling
BayesGESMBayesian Analysis of Generalized Elliptical Semi-Parametric Models and Flexible Measurement Error Models
BayesianAnimalTrackerBayesian Melding of GPS and DR Path for Animal Tracking
BayesianbetaregBayesian Beta regression: joint mean and precision modeling
bayesLifeBayesian Projection of Life Expectancy
BayesLogitLogistic Regression
bayesmBayesian Inference for Marketing/Micro-econometrics
bayesMCClustMixtures-of-Experts Markov Chain Clustering and Dirichlet Multinomial Clustering
BayesMedDefault Bayesian Hypothesis Tests for Correlation, Partial Correlation, and Mediation
bayesmixBayesian Mixture Models with JAGS
BayesMixSurvBayesian Mixture Survival Models using Additive Mixture-of-Weibull Hazards, with Lasso Shrinkage and Stratification
BayesNIBayesNI: Bayesian Testing Procedure for Noninferiority with Binary Endpoints
bayesPopProbabilistic Population Projection
bayesprefHierarchical Bayesian analysis of ecological count data
bayesQRBayesian quantile regression
bayessBayesian Essentials with R
BayesSAEBayesian Analysis of Small Area Estimation
BayesSingleSubComputation of Bayes factors for interrupted time-series designs
BayesSummaryStatLMMCMC Sampling of Bayesian Linear Models via Summary Statistics
bayesSurvBayesian Survival Regression with Flexible Error and Random Effects Distributions
bayesTFRBayesian Fertility Projection
BayesthreshBayesian thresholds mixed-effects models for categorical data
BayesTreeBayesian Additive Regression Trees
BayesValidateBayesValidate Package
BayesVarSelBayes Factors, Model Choice And Variable Selection In Linear Models
BayesXR Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX
BayesXsrcR Package Distribution of the BayesX C++ Sources
BayHapBayesian analysis of haplotype association using Markov Chain Monte Carlo
BayHazR Functions for Bayesian Hazard Rate Estimation
BaylorEdPsychR Package for Baylor University Educational Psychology Quantitative Courses
bayouBayesian fitting of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models to phylogenies
BaySICBayesian Analysis of Significantly Mutated Genes in Cancer
BAYSTAROn Bayesian analysis of Threshold autoregressive model (BAYSTAR)
BBSolving and Optimizing Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems
bbefkrBayesian bandwidth estimation and semi-metric selection for the functional kernel regression with unknown error density
bbemkrBayesian bandwidth estimation for multivariate kernel regression with Gaussian error
BBESTBayesian Estimation of Incoherent Neutron Scattering Backgrounds
BBmiscMiscellaneous Helper Functions for B. Bischl
bbmleTools for general maximum likelihood estimation
BBMMBrownian bridge movement model
bboBiogeography-Based Optimization
BBRecaptureBayesian Behavioural Capture-Recapture Models
BCABusiness and Customer Analytics
BCBCSFBias-corrected Bayesian Classification with Selected Features
BCDatingBusiness Cycle Dating and Plotting Tools
BcDiagDiagnostics plots for Bicluster Data
BCEBayesian composition estimator: estimating sample (taxonomic) composition from biomarker data
BCEABayesian Cost Effectiveness Analysis
BCEs0Bayesian models for cost-effectiveness analysis in the presence of structural zero costs
BchronRadiocarbon dating, age-depth modelling, relative sea level rate estimation, and non-parametric phase modelling
BclimBayesian Palaeoclimate Reconstruction from Pollen
bclustBayesian clustering using spike-and-slab hierarchical model, suitable for clustering high-dimensional data
bcpA Package for Performing a Bayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems
bcpaBehavioral change point analysis of animal movement
bcpmetaBayesian Multiple Changepoint Detection Using Metadata
bcrmBayesian continual reassessment method (CRM) designs for Phase I dose-finding trials
bcvCross-Validation for the SVD (Bi-Cross-Validation)
bdaDensity Estimation for Binned/Weighted Data
bdeBounded Density Estimation
BDgraphGraph Estimation Based on Birth-Death MCMC Approach
bdocBayesian Discrete Ordered Classification of DNA Barcodes
bdpvInference and design for predictive values in binary diagnostic tests
bdscaleRemove Weekends and Holidays From ggplot2 Axes
bdsmatrixRoutines for Block Diagonal Symmetric matrices
bdvisBiodiversity Data Visualizations
bdynsysBayesian Dynamical System Model
beadarrayFilterBead filtering for Illumina bead arrays
beadarrayMSVAnalysis of Illumina BeadArray SNP data including MSV markers
beanplotVisualization via Beanplots (like Boxplot/Stripchart/Violin Plot)
BEANSPBayesian Estimate of Age-specific Nest Survival Probabilities
bearData Analysis Tool for Average Bioequivalence and Bioavailability
BEDASSLEQuantifies effects of geo/eco distance on genetic differentiation
beeprEasily Play Notification Sounds on any Platform
beeswarmThe bee swarm plot, an alternative to stripchart
benchden28 benchmark densities from Berlinet/Devroye (1994)
benchmarkBenchmark Experiments Toolbox
BenchmarkingBenchmark and Frontier Analysis Using DEA and SFA
benford.analysisBenford Analysis for data validation and forensic analytics
BenfordTestsStatistical Tests for Evaluating Conformity to Benford's Law
BEQI2Benthic Ecosystem Quality Index 2
berBatch Effects Removal
BergmBayesian analysis for exponential random graph models
BerlinDataEasy access to Berlin related data
berryFunctionsFunction Collection related to Plotting and Hydrology
BesselBessel – Bessel Functions Computations and Approximations
BESTBayesian Estimation Supersedes the t-Test
bestglmBest Subset GLM
betafamDetecting rare variants for quantitative traits using nuclear families
betapartPartitioning beta diversity into turnover and nestedness components
betaperFunctions to incorporate taxonomic uncertainty on multivariate analyses of ecological data
betaregBeta Regression
betasStandardized Beta Coefficients
betategarchSimulation, estimation and forecasting of Beta-Skew-t-EGARCH models
bethelBethel's algorithm
bezierBezier Curve and Spline Toolkit
bfaBayesian Factor Analysis
bfastBreaks For Additive Season and Trend (BFAST)
bfpBayesian Fractional Polynomials
bgevaBinary Generalized Extreme Value Additive Models
bglmBayesian Estimation in Generalized Linear Models
BGLRBayesian Generalized Linear Regression
bgmmGaussian Mixture Modeling Algorithms And The Belief-based Mixture Modeling
BGPhazardMarkov Beta and Gamma Processes for Modeling Hazard Rates
BGSIMDBlock Gibbs Sampler with Incomplete Multinomial Distribution
BHBoost C++ Header Files
BhatGeneral likelihood exploration
BHH2Useful Functions for Box, Hunter and Hunter II
BHMSMAfMRIBayesian hierarchical multi-subject multiscale analysis of functional MRI data
biasbetaregBias correction of the parameter estimates of the beta regression model
BiasedUrnBiased Urn model distributions
bibtexbibtex parser
biclustBiCluster Algorithms
BiDimRegressionCalculates the bidimensional regression between two 2D configurations
bifactorialInferences for bi- and trifactorial trial designs
BIFIEsurveyTools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment
bigalgebraBLAS routines for native R matrices and big.matrix objects
biganalyticsA library of utilities for big.matrix objects of package bigmemory
bigdataBig Data Analytics
bigGPDistributed Gaussian Process Calculations
biglarsScalable Least-Angle Regression and Lasso
biglmbounded memory linear and generalized linear models
bigmemoryManage massive matrices with shared memory and memory-mapped files
bigmemory.sriA shared resource interface for Bigmemory Project packages
bigpcaPCA, transpose and multicore functionality for big.matrix objects
bigrfBig Random Forests: Classification and Regression Forests for Large Data Sets
bigrqueryAn Interface to Google's BigQuery API
bigRRGeneralized Ridge Regression (with special advantage for p >> n cases)
bigsplinesSmoothing Splines for Large Samples
bigtabulatetable-, tapply-, and split-like functionality for matrix and big.matrix objects
BigTSPTop Scoring Pair based methods for classification
bildbild: a package for BInary Longitudinal Data
bimetallicPower for SNP analyses using silver standard cases
BinarizeBinarization of One-Dimensional Data
bindaMulti-Class Discriminant Analysis using Binary Predictors
bindataGeneration of Artificial Binary Data
binequalityMethods for Analyzing Binned Income Data
bingatBinary Graph Analysis Tools
binGroupEvaluation and experimental design for binomial group testing
binhfHaar-Fisz functions for binomial data
binMtoAsymptotic simultaneous confidence intervals for many-to-one comparisons of proportions
BinNonNorData Generation with Binary and Continuous Non-Normal Components
BinNorSimultaneous generation of multivariate binary and normal variates
binomBinomial Confidence Intervals For Several Parameterizations
binomialcftpGenerates binomial random numbers via the coupling from the past algorithm
binomlogitEfficient MCMC for Binomial Logit Models
binomSamSizeConfidence intervals and sample size determination for a binomial proportion under simple random sampling and pooled sampling
binomToolsPerforming diagnostics on binomial regression models
BinOrdNonNorConcurrent Generation of Binary, Ordinal and Continuous Data
binrCut Numeric Values into Evenly Distributed Groups
binseqtestExact Binary Sequential Designs and Analysis
bio3dBiological Structure Analysis
BiodemBiodemography functions
BiodiversityRGUI for biodiversity, suitability and community ecology analysis
biogasAnalyze Biogas Data and Predict Biogas Production
BioGeoBEARSBioGeography with Bayesian (and Likelihood) Evolutionary Analysis in R Scripts
biogramN-Gram Analysis of Biological Sequences
BiographExplore life histories
bio.inferPredict environmental conditions from biological observations
biomAn interface package (beta) for the BIOM file format
BioMarkFind biomarkers in two-class discrimination problems
biomod2Ensemble platform for species distribution modeling
BIOM.utilsUtilities for the BIOM (Biological Observation Matrix) Format
bionetdataBiological and chemical data networks
bioparaSelf-contained parallel system for R
bioPNSimulation of deterministic and stochastic biochemical reaction networks using Petri Nets
bios2mdsFrom BIOlogical Sequences to MultiDimensional Scaling
biosignalEMGStandard Processing Tools for Electromyogram Signals
BioStatRInitiation à la Statistique avec R
biotoolsTools for Biometry and Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science
bipartiteVisualising bipartite networks and calculating some (ecological) indices
biplotbootGUIBootstrap on Classical Biplots
BiplotGUIInteractive Biplots in R
BIPODBIPOD (Bayesian Inference for Partially Observed diffusions)
birdringMethods to analyse ring re-encounter data
birkMA Birk's Functions
bisectrTools to find bad commits with git bisect
BiSEpToolkit to Identify Candidate Synthetic Lethality
bisoregBayesian Isotonic Regression with Bernstein Polynomials
bitA class for vectors of 1-bit booleans
bit64A S3 class for vectors of 64bit integers
bitopsBitwise Operations
bivarRIpowerSample size calculations for bivariate longitudinal data
biwaveletConduct Univariate and Bivariate Wavelet Analyses
biwtFunctions to compute the biweight mean vector and covariance & correlation matrices
bizdaysBusiness Days Calculations and Utilities
BlakerCIBlaker's binomial confidence limits
BlandAltmanLehPlots (slightly extended) Bland-Altman plots
blatrSend Emails Using 'Blat' for Windows
BlaunetCalculate and Analyze Blau statuses for measuring social distance
BLCOPBlack-Litterman and Copula Opinion Pooling Frameworks
blenderAnalyze biotic homogenization of landscapes
blightyUnited Kingdom coastlines
blkergmFitting block ERGM given the block structure on social networks
blmBinomial linear and linear-expit regression
blmeBayesian Linear Mixed-Effects Models
blmecoData Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"
blockclusterCoclustering package for binary, contingency, continuous and categorical data-sets
blockmatrixblockmatrix: Tools to solve algebraic systems with partitioned matrices
BlockMessageCreates strings that show a text message in 8 by 8 block letters
blockmodelingAn R package for Generalized and classical blockmodeling of valued networks
blockrandRandomization for block random clinical trials
blocksdesignNested Block Designs for Unstructured Treatments
blockToolsBlock, Assign, and Diagnose Potential Interference in Randomized Experiments
blowtorchConstrained Optimization Via Stochastic Gradient Descent
BLRBayesian Linear Regression
blsAPIRequest Data From The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics API
BMABayesian Model Averaging
bmdBenchmark dose analysis for dose-response data
bmemMediation analysis with missing data using bootstrap
BMhydPCM for Hybridization
BmixBayesian Sampling for Stick-breaking Mixtures
bmkMCMC diagnostics package
bmmixBayesian multinomial mixture
BMNThe pseudo-likelihood method for pairwise binary markov networks
bmpRead Windows Bitmap (BMP) images
bmrmBundle Methods for Regularized Risk Minimization Package
BMSBayesian Model Averaging Library
BNDataGeneratorData Generator based on Bayesian Network Model
bnlearnBayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference
bnormnlrBayesian Estimation for Normal Heteroscedastic Nonlinear Regression Models
BNPdensityFerguson-Klass type algorithm for posterior normalized random measures
bnpmrBayesian monotonic nonparametric regression
BNPTSclustA Bayesian Nonparametric Algorithm for Time Series Clustering
BNSPBayesian Non- and Semi-parametric Model Fitting
boaBayesian Output Analysis Program (BOA) for MCMC
BOGBacterium and Virus Analysis of Orthologous Groups (BOG) is a Package for Identifying Differentially Regulated Genes in the Light of Gene Functions
boilerpipeRInterface to the boilerpipe Java library by Christian Kohlschutter (http://code.google.com/p/boilerpipe/)
BOINBayesian Optimal Interval Design for Phase I Clinical Trials
boldInterface to Bold Systems API
BolstadBolstad functions
Bolstad2Bolstad functions
boolean3Boolean Binary Response Models
BoolNetConstruction, Simulation and Analysis of Boolean Networks
BoomBayesian Object Oriented Modeling
BoomSpikeSlabMCMC for Spike and Slab Regression
boostrA modular framework to bag or boost any estimation procedure
boostSeqOptimized GWAS cohort subset selection for resequencing studies
bootBootstrap Functions (Originally by Angelo Canty for S)
bootESBootstrap Effect Sizes
bootLRBootstrapped confidence intervals for (negative) likelihood ratio tests
bootnetBootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines
BootPRBootstrap Prediction Intervals and Bias-Corrected Forecasting
bootResBootstrapped Response and Correlation Functions
bootruinA bootstrap test for the probability of ruin in the classical risk process
bootspecdensTesting equality of spectral densities
bootsPLSBootstrap Subsamplings of Sparse Partial Least Squares - Discriminant Analysis for Classification and Signature Identification
bootStepAICBootstrap stepAIC
bootstrapFunctions for the Book "An Introduction to the Bootstrap"
bootSVDFast, Exact Bootstrap Principal Component Analysis for High Dimensional Data
boottolBootstrap Tolerance Levels for Credit Scoring Validation Statistics
boralBayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis
BorutaWrapper Algorithm for All-Relevant Feature Selection
bossBoosted One-Step Statistics: Fast and accurate approximations for GLM, GEE and Mixed models for use in GWAS
BoSSAa Bunch of Structure and Sequence Analysis
boussinesqAnalytic Solutions for (ground-water) Boussinesq Equation
boxplotdblDouble Box Plot for Two-Axes Correlation
bpcaBiplot of Multivariate Data Based on Principal Components Analysis
bpcpBeta Product Confidence Procedure for Right Censored Data
bPeaksbPeaks: an intuitive peak-calling strategy to detect transcription factor binding sites from ChIP-seq data in small eukaryotic genomes
bpkdeBack-Projected Kernel Density Estimation
bqtlBayesian QTL mapping toolkit
BradleyTerry2Bradley-Terry Models
BrailleRImproved Access for Blind Users
brainRHelper functions to misc3d and rgl packages for brain imaging
brainwaverBasic wavelet analysis of multivariate time series with a visualisation and parametrisation using graph theory
branchLarsCost-efficient Variable Selection
breakageSICM pipette tip geometry estimation
breakawaySpecies richness estimation and modelling
breakpointMultiple Break-Point Detection via the Cross-Entropy Method
bReezeFunctions for wind resource assessment
brewTemplating Framework for Report Generation
brewdataExtracting Usable Data from the Grad Cafe Results Search
brglmBias reduction in binomial-response generalized linear models
brideBrier score decomposition of probabilistic forecasts for binary events
brnnbrnn (Bayesian regularization for feed-forward neural networks)
BrobdingnagVery large numbers in R
bromanKarl Broman's R code
broomConvert Statistical Analysis Objects into Tidy Data Frames
BrqBayesian analysis of quantile regression models
BRugsR interface to the OpenBUGS MCMC software
BSagriStatistical methods for safety assessment in agricultural field trials
BSDABasic Statistics and Data Analysis
BSGSBayesian Sparse Group Selection
BSGWBayesian Survival Model using Generalized Weibull Regression
bshazardNonparametric Smoothing of the Hazard Function
BsMDBayes Screening and Model Discrimination
bspecBayesian spectral inference
bspmmabspmma: Bayesian Semiparametric Models for Meta-Analysis
BSquareBayesian Simultaneous Quantile Regression
BSSasympAsymptotic Covariance Matrices of Some BSS Mixing and Unmixing Matrix Estimates
bstGradient Boosting
bstsBayesian Structural Time Series
btfEstimates univariate function via Bayesian trend filtering
BTSPASBayesian Time-Strat. Population Analysis
BTYDImplementing Buy 'Til You Die Models
bujarBuckley-James Regression for Survival Data with High-Dimensional Covariates
BurStFinBurns Statistics Financial
BurStMiscBurns Statistics miscellaneous
burstsMarkov model for bursty behavior in streams
bvarsvBayesian Analysis of a Vector Autoregressive Model with Stochastic Volatility and Time-Varying Parameters
bvennA Simple alternative to proportional Venn diagrams
bvlsThe Stark-Parker algorithm for bounded-variable least squares
bvpSolveSolvers for boundary value problems of ordinary differential equations
BVSBayesian Variant Selection: Bayesian Model Uncertainty Techniques for Genetic Association Studies
c060Extended Inference for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models
c3netInfering large-scale gene networks with C3NET
C50C5.0 Decision Trees and Rule-Based Models
caSimple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
cabootcrsBootstrap Confidence Regions for Correspondence Analysis
cacIRTClassification accuracy and consistency under Item Response Theory
CaDENCEConditional Density Estimation Network Construction and Evaluation
CADFtestThis package performs the CADF unit root test proposed in Hansen (1995)
cAIC4Conditional Akaike information criterion for lme4
CairoR graphics device using cairo graphics library for creating high-quality bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and display (X11 and Win32) output
cairoDeviceCairo-based Graphics Device Driver
CALIBERrfimputeMultiple imputation using MICE and Random Forest
calibrateCalibration of Scatterplot and Biplot Axes
calibratorBayesian calibration of complex computer codes
CALINE3R interface to Fortran 77 implementation of CALINE3
calmateImproved Allele-Specific Copy Number of SNP Microarrays for Downstream Segmentation
CAMCausal Additive Model (CAM)
CAMANFinite Mixture Models and meta-analysis tools - based on C.A.MAN
camelCalibrated Machine Learning
cancerTimingEstimation of temporal ordering of cancer abnormalities
candiscVisualizing Generalized Canonical Discriminant and Canonical Correlation Analysis
capeCombined analysis of pleiotropy and epistasis
caperComparative Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution in R
capmCompanion Animal Population Management
capusheCapushe, data-driven slope estimation and dimension jump
capwireEstimates population size from non-invasive sampling
carCompanion to Applied Regression
CARBayesSpatial Areal Unit Modelling
CARBayesSTPoisson Log-linear Models with Spatio-temporal Random Effects
carcassEstimation of the number of fatalities from carcass searches
cardidatesIdentification of Cardinal Dates in Ecological Time Series
careHigh-Dimensional Regression and CAR Score Variable Selection
CARE1Statistical package for population size estimation in capture-recapture models
caretClassification and Regression Training
caretEnsembleEnsembles of Caret Models
caribouEstimation of caribou abundance based on large scale aggregations monitored by radio telemetry
CarletonStatsFunctions For Statistics Classes At Carleton College
CARLITEcological Quality Ratios Calculation and Plot
carolineA Collection of Database, Data Structure, Visualization, and Utility Functions for R
CARrampsReparameterized and marginalized posterior sampling for conditional autoregressive models
CARrampsOclReparameterized and marginalized posterior sampling for conditional autoregressive models, OpenCL implementation
caschronoSéries temporelles avec R - Méthodes et cas
caseMatchIdentify similar cases for qualitative case studies
catAnalysis of categorical-variable datasets with missing values
catdataCategorical Data
CatDynFishery Stock Assessment by Generalized Depletion Models
catenaryFits a catenary to given points
CateSelectionCategorical Variable Selection Methods
catiCommunity Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond
catIrtAn R Package for Simulating IRT-Based Computerized Adaptive Tests
catnetCategorical Bayesian Network Inference
caToolsTools: moving window statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc
catRProcedures to Generate Patterns under Computerized Adaptive Testing
catspecSpecial models for categorical variables
causaleffectDeriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions in Causal Models
CausalGAMEstimation of Causal Effects with Generalized Additive Models
causalsensSelection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects
CausataAnalysis utilities for binary classification and Causata users
CAvariantsCorrespondence Analysis Variants
cbaClustering for Business Analytics
CBPSR Package for Covariate Balancing Propensity Score
CCACanonical correlation analysis
CCAGFABayesian canonical correlation analysis and group factor analysis
ccaPP(Robust) canonical correlation analysis via projection pursuit
cccdClass Cover Catch Digraphs
ccChooserDeveloping a core collections
cccpCone Constrained Convex Problems
ccdaCombined Cluster and Discriminant Analysis
ccgarchConditional Correlation GARCH models
cchsCox Model for Case-Cohort Data with Stratified Subcohort-Selection
cclustConvex Clustering Methods and Clustering Indexes
CCMCorrelation classification method (CCM)
CCPSignificance Tests for Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA)
CCpopOne and two locus GWAS of binary phenotype with case-control-population design
CCTpackCultural Consensus Theory applications to data
cdaCoupled dipole approximation of light scattering by clusters of nanoparticles
cdbReading and Writing Constant DataBases
cdcsisConditional Distance Correlation and Its Related Feature Screening Method
CDFtStatistical downscaling through CDF-transform
CDLassoCoordinate Descent Algorithms for Lasso Penalized L1, L2, and Logistic Regression
CDMCognitive Diagnosis Modeling
CDNmoneyComponents of Canadian Monetary and Credit Aggregates
cdsConstrained Dual Scaling for Detecting Response Styles
CDVineStatistical inference of C- and D-vine copulas
CECCross-Entropy Clustering
cec2005benchmarkBenchmark for the CEC 2005 Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization
cec2013Benchmark functions for the Special Session and Competition on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization at CEC-2013
CEGOCombinatorial Efficient Global Optimization
celestialCollection of common astronomical conversion routines
CellularAutomatonOne-Dimensional Cellular Automata
cellVolumeDistFunctions to fit cell volume distributions and thereby estimate cell growth rates and division times
cemCoarsened Exact Matching
censNIDcensored NID samples
censRegCensored Regression (Tobit) Models
CensRegModFits Normal and Student-t Censored Regression Model
centsCensored time series
CEoptimCross-Entropy R Package for Optimization
CePaCentrality-based pathway enrichment
ceppContext Driven Exploratory Projection Pursuit
CerioliOutlierDetectionOutlier detection using the iterated RMCD method of Cerioli (2010)
cfaAnalysis of configuration frequencies (CFA)
CFCCause-Specific Framework for Competing-Risk Analysis
CfEstimateQuantilesEstimate quantiles using any order Cornish-Fisher expansion
cgThe cg package to compare groups
cgamConstrained Generalized Additive Model
cgAUCCalculate AUC-type measure when gold standard is continuous and the corresponding optimal linear combination of variables with respect to it
cgdsrR-Based API for accessing the MSKCC Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)
cggdContinuous Generalized Gradient Descent
cghMicroarray CGH analysis using the Smith-Waterman algorithm
cghFLassoDetecting hot spot on CGH array data with fused lasso regression
cghsegSegmentation methods for array CGH analysis
CGPComposite Gaussian process models
ChainLadderStatistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance
changepointAn R package for changepoint analysis
ChargeTransportCharge Transfer Rates and Charge Carrier Mobilities
CHATClonal Heterogeneity Analysis Tool
CHCNCanadian Historical Climate Network
chebDiscrete Linear Chebyshev Approximation
chebpolMultivariate Chebyshev interpolation
CheckDigitCalculate and verify check digits
checkmateFast and Versatile Argument Checks
checkpointInstall Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
cheddarAnalysis and visualisation of ecological communities
chemCalCalibration functions for analytical chemistry
chemometricsMultivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
ChemometricsWithRChemometrics with R - Multivariate Data Analysis in the Natural Sciences and Life Sciences
ChemometricsWithRDataData for package ChemometricsWithR
chemosensorsA tool for the design of synthetic experiments in machine olfaction
ChemoSpecExploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
cherryMultiple testing methods for exploratory research
childsdsCalculation of standard deviation scores adduced from different growth standards
chillRStatistical methods for phenology analysis in temperate fruit trees
chipPCRToolkit of Helper Functions to Pre-Process Amplification Data
chngptChange Point Logistic Regression
CHNOSZChemical Thermodynamics and Activity Diagrams
choiceDesDesign Functions for Choice Studies
ChoiceModelRChoice Modeling in R
choplumpChoplump tests
chopthinThe Chopthin Resampler
chordsEstimation in respondent driven samples
choroplethrSimplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
choroplethrAdmin1Contains an Administrative-Level-1 Map of the World
choroplethrMapsContains maps used by the choroplethr package
chromerInterface to Chromosome Counts Database API
chromoRAnalysis of chromosomal interactions data (correction, segmentation and comparison)
chronChronological objects which can handle dates and times
CHsharpChoi and Hall Clustering in 3d
CIDnetworksGenerative Models for Complex Networks with Conditionally Independent Dyadic Structure
CIFsmryWeighted summary of cumulative incidence functions
cinCausal Inference for Neuroscience
CINIDCurculionidae INstar IDentification
CINOEDVCo-Information based N-Order Epistasis Detector and Visualizer
CircECircumplex models Estimation
circlizeCircular Visualization in R
CircNNTSRCircNNTSR: An R package for the statistical analysis of circular data using nonnegative trigonometric sums (NNTS) models
CircStatsCircular Statistics, from "Topics in circular Statistics" (2001)
circularCircular Statistics
citCausal Inference Test
CITANCITation ANalysis Toolpack
citbcmstCIT Breast Cancer Molecular SubTypes Prediction
citccmstCIT Colon Cancer Molecular SubTypes Prediction
CityPlotVisualization of structure and contents of a database
cjointAMCE Estimator for Conjoint Experiments
Ckmeans.1d.dpOptimal k-Means Clustering for One-Dimensional Data
cladoRcppC++ implementations of phylogenetic cladogenesis calculations
CLAGAn unsupervised non hierarchical clustering algorithm handling biological data
classFunctions for Classification
classGraphConstruct Graphs of S4 Class Hierarchies
classiflyExplore classification models in high dimensions
classifyClassification Accuracy and Consistency under IRT models
classIntChoose Univariate Class Intervals
classyfireRobust multivariate classification using highly optimised SVM ensembles
clereCLERE methodology for simultaneous variables clustering and regression
clhsConditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling
ClickClustModel-Based Clustering of Categorical Sequences
clickstreamAnalyzes Clickstreams based on Markov Chains
clifroEasily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo
ClimClassClimate Classification According To Several Indices
climdex.pcicPCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines
climeConstrained L1-minimization for Inverse (covariance) Matrix Estimation
climwinClimate Window Analysis
clinfunClinical Trial Design and Data Analysis Functions
clinsigClinical Significance Functions
clinUtiDNAClinical Utility of DNA Testing
CLMEConstrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models
clogitL1Fitting exact conditional logistic regression with lasso and elastic net penalties
cloudUtilCloud Util Plots
clpAPIR Interface to C API of COIN-OR Clp
CLSOCPA smoothing Newton method SOCP solver
clueCluster Ensembles
ClueRCLUster Evaluation (CLUE)
cluesClustering Method Based on Local Shrinking
clusterCluster Analysis Extended Rousseeuw et al
clusterCritClustering Indices
cluster.datasetsCluster Analysis Data Sets
clusterflyExplore clustering interactively using R and GGobi
clustergasA hierarchical clustering method based on genetic algorithms
clusterGenerationRandom Cluster Generation (with Specified Degree of Separation)
clusterGenomicsIdentifying clusters in genomics data by recursive partitioning
clusterPowerPower calculations for cluster-randomized and cluster-randomized crossover trials
clusterReproReproducibility of gene expression clusters
clusterSEsCalculate Cluster-Robust p-Values and Confidence Intervals
clusterSimSearching for Optimal Clustering Procedure for a Data Set
clustevalEvaluation of Clustering Algorithms
clustMDModel based clustering for mixed data
ClustOfVarClustering of variables
clustrdMethods for joint dimension reduction and clustering
clustsigSignificant Cluster Analysis
ClustVarLVClustering of Variables Around Latent Variables
clustvarselVariable Selection for Model-Based Clustering
clvCluster Validation Techniques
clValidValidation of Clustering Results
cmaesCovariance Matrix Adapting Evolutionary Strategy
CMCCronbach-Mesbah Curve
CMFCollective matrix factorization
cmmCategorical Marginal Models
CMPControlControl Charts for Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution
cmprskSubdistribution Analysis of Competing Risks
cmprskQRAnalysis of Competing Risks Using Quantile Regressions
cmrutilsMisc Functions of the Center for the Mathematical Research
cmvnormThe Complex Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
cnaA Package for Coincidence Analysis (CNA)
cncaGUICanonical Non-symmetrical Correspondence Analysis in R
CNOGproCopy Numbers of Genes in prokaryotes
CNprepPre-process DNA Copy Number (CN) Data for Detection of CN Events
CNVassocAssociation Analysis of CNV Data and Imputed SNPs
CNVassocDataExample data sets for association analysis of CNV data
coalescentMCMCMCMC Algorithms for the Coalescent
coarseDataToolsA collection of functions to help with analysis of coarsely observed data
COBRANonlinear Aggregation of Predictors
cobsCOBS – COnstrained B-Splines (Sparse matrix based)
cobs99Constrained B-splines – outdated 1999 version
CoClustCopula based cluster analysis
cocorComparing Correlations
cocorrespCo-correspondence Analysis Methods
cocronStatistical comparisons of two or more alpha coefficients
codaOutput Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC
codadiagsMarkov chain Monte Carlo burn-in based on "bridge" statistics
cOdeAutomated C Code Generation for Use with the "deSolve" and "bvpSolve"" Packages
codepMultiscale Codependence Analysis
codetoolsCode Analysis Tools for R
coefficientalphaRobust Cronbach's Alpha and Mcdonald's Omega with Missing and Non-normal Data
coefplotPlots Coefficients from Fitted Models
coenoclinerCoenocline simulation
coexistSpecies coexistence modeling and analysis
CoImpCopula based imputation method
coinConditional Inference Procedures in a Permutation Test Framework
CoinMinDSimultaneous Confidence Interval for Multinomial Proportion
coldcold: a package for Count Longitudinal Data
CollocInferCollocation Inference for Dynamic Systems
colocColocalisation tests of two genetic traits
coloredICAImplementation of Colored Independent Component Analysis and Spatial Colored Independent Component Analysis
colorfulVennPlotPlot and add custom coloring to Venn diagrams for 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional data
colorRampsBuilds color tables
colorspaceColor Space Manipulation
colortoolsTools for colors in a Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV) color model
colourloversR client for the COLOURlovers API
comatoAnalysis of Concept Maps
combinatcombinatorics utilities
CombinePValueCombine a Vector of Correlated p-values
CombinSConstruction Methods of some Series of PBIB Designs
CombMSCCombined Model Selection Criteria
comclimCommunity climate statistics
commandrCommand pattern in R
commentrPrint Nicely Formatted Comments for use in Script Files
CommonJavaJarsUseful libraries for building a Java based GUI under R
CommonTrendExtract and plot common trends from a cointegration system. Calculate P-value for Johansen Statistics
COMMUNALRobust Selection of Cluster Number K
CommunityCorrelogramEcological Community Correlogram
Comp2ROCCompare two ROC curves that intersect
compactrCreates empty plots with compact axis notation
compareComparing Objects for Differences
compareCCompare Two Correlated C Indices with Right-censored Survival Outcome
compareGroupsDescriptive analysis by groups
compareODMcomparison of medical forms in CDISC ODM format
CompareTestsEstimate diagnostic accuracy (sensitivity, specificity, etc) and agreement statistics when one test is conducted on only a subsample of specimens
comparisonMultivariate likelihood ratio calculation and evaluation
compeirEvent-specific incidence rates for competing risks data
compendiumdbTools for Storage and Retrieval of Gene Expession Data
CompGLMConway-Maxwell-Poisson GLM and distribution functions
compHclustComplementary Hierarchical Clustering
CompindComposite indicators functions
complmrobRobust Linear Regression with Compositional Data as Covariates
CompLognormalFunctions for actuarial scientists
compoissonConway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution
COMPoissonRegConway-Maxwell Poisson (COM-Poisson) Regression
compositionsCompositional Data Analysis
compound.CoxRegression estimation based on the compound covariate method under the Cox proportional hazard model
CompoundingComputing Continuous Distributions
CompQuadFormDistribution function of quadratic forms in normal variables
CompRandFldComposite-Likelihood Based Analysis of Random Fields
compute.esCompute Effect Sizes
ConakeContinuous Associated Kernel Estimation
ConConPiWiFunOptimisation with Continuous Convex Piecewise (Linear and Quadratic) Functions
concregConcordance regression
condApproximate conditional inference for logistic and loglinear models
condGEEParameter estimation in conditional GEE for recurrent event gap times
condmixtConditional Density Estimation with Neural Network Conditional Mixtures
condMVNormConditional Multivariate Normal Distribution
CondRegCondition Number Regularized Covariance Estimation
coneprojPrimal or Dual Cone Projections with Routines for Constrained Regression
conf.designConstruction of factorial designs
confidenceConfidence Estimation of Environmental State Classifications
conformalConformal Prediction for Regression and Classification
confreqConfigural Frequencies Analysis Using Log-linear Modeling
conicsPlot Conics
conjointConjoint analysis package
ConjointChecksA package to check the cancellation axioms of conjoint measurement
ConnMatToolsTools for working with connectivity matrices
constrainedKrigingConstrained, covariance-matching constrained and universal point or block kriging
contfracContinued fractions
contingBayesian Analysis of Contingency Tables
contrastA collection of contrast methods
ConvCalendarConverts dates between calendars
ConvergenceConceptsSeeing convergence concepts in action
convevolQuantifies and assesses the significance of convergent evolution
cooccurProbabilistic Species Co-occurrence Analysis in R
cooptreesCooperative aspects of optimal trees in weighted graphs
COPVariables selection for index models via correlation pursuit
COPASutilsTools for processing COPAS large-particle flow cytometer data
copBasicGeneral Copula Theory and Many Utility Functions
copCARFitting the copCAR regression model for discrete areal data
copeCoverage Probability Excursion (CoPE) Sets
copulaMultivariate Dependence with Copulas
copulaedasEstimation of Distribution Algorithms Based on Copulas
Copula.MarkovEstimation and Statistical Process Control Under Copula-Based Time Series Models
CopulaRegressionBivariate Copula Based Regression Models
CopulaREMADACopula Mixed Effect Models for Bivariate Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies
CopyDetectComputing Statistical Indices to Detect Answer Copying on Multiple-Choice Tests
corclassCorrelational Class Analysis
corcountsGenerate correlated count random variables
CORECores of Recurrent Events
CORElearnClassification, Regression and Feature Evaluation
coreTDTTDT for compound heterozygous and recessive models
corHMMAnalysis of binary character evolution
CORMThe Clustering of Regression Models Method
corpcorEfficient Estimation of Covariance and (Partial) Correlation
corporaStatistics and data sets for corpus frequency data
CorrBinNonparametrics with Clustered Binary and Multinomial Data
CorRegLinear regression based on linear structure between covariates
correlateMultivariate Data Generation by Permutation
CorrelplotA collection of functions for graphing correlation matrices
corrgramPlot a Correlogram
corrplotVisualization of a correlation matrix
corToolsTools for processing data after a Genome Wide Association Study
COSINECOndition SpecIfic sub-NEtwork
cosinorTools for estimating and predicting the cosinor model
cosmoFnsFunctions for cosmological distances, times, luminosities, etc
CosmoPhotozPhotometric redshift estimation using generalized linear models
cossoFit Regularized Nonparametric Regression Models Using COSSO Penalty
costatTime series costationarity determination
cotrendConsistant Cotrend Rank Selection
couchDBConnect and work with couchDB databases
COUNTFunctions, data and code for count data
countrycodeConvert Country Names and Country Codes
CountsEPPMMean and variance modeling of count data
covLCALatent Class Models with Covariate Effects on Underlying and Measured Variables
covregA simultaneous regression model for the mean and covariance
covRobustRobust Covariance Estimation via Nearest Neighbor Cleaning
CovSelModel-Free Covariate Selection
covTestComputes covariance test for adaptive linear modelling
CoxBoostCox models by likelihood based boosting for a single survival endpoint or competing risks
coxintervalCox-type models for interval-censored data
coxmeMixed Effects Cox Models
CoxnetRegularized Cox Model
coxphfCox regression with Firth's penalized likelihood
coxphwWeighted Estimation in Cox Regression
CoxRidgeCox Models with Dynamic Ridge Penalties
coxrobustRobust Estimation in Cox Model
coxseiFitting a CoxSEI Model
CPConditional Power Calculations
cpaConfirmatory Path Analysis through the d-sep tests
cpcaMethods to perform Common Principal Component Analysis (CPCA)
CPEConcordance Probability Estimates in Survival Analysis
CpGassocAssociation Between Methylation and a Phenotype of Interest
CpGFilterCpG Filtering Method Based on Intra-class Correlation Coefficients
CPHshapeFind the maximum likelihood estimator of the shape constrained hazard baseline and the effect parameters in the Cox proportional hazards model
cpkClinical Pharmacokinetics
cplexAPIR Interface to C API of IBM ILOG CPLEX
cplmCompound Poisson linear models
CPMCGLMCorrection of the pvalue after multiple coding
CprobConditional probability function of a competing event
cquadConditional ML for Quadratic Exponential Models for Binary Panel Data
CRPower Calculation for Weighted Log-Rank Tests in Cure Rate Models
CRACCosmology R Analysis Code
crackRProbabilistic damage tolerance analysis for fatigue cracking of metallic aerospace structures
cramerMultivariate nonparametric Cramer-Test for the two-sample-problem
crankCompleting Ranks
crantasticVarious R tools for http://crantastic.org/
crawlFit continuous-time correlated random walk models to animal movement data
crayonColored Terminal Output
crblocksCategorical Randomized Block Data Analysis
crchCensored Regression with Conditional Heteroscedasticity
CreditMetricsFunctions for calculating the CreditMetrics risk model
CRFCRF - Conditional Random Fields
crimCVGroup-Based Modelling of Longitudinal Data
CRMContinual Reassessment Method (CRM) for Phase I Clinical Trials
crmnCCMN and other noRMalizatioN methods for metabolomics data
crnDownloads and Builds datasets for Climate Reference Network
crossdesConstruction of Crossover Designs
crossmatchThe Cross-match Test
CrossoverAnalysis and Search of Crossover Designs
crossRegConfidence intervals for crossover points of two simple regression lines
crossvalGeneric Functions for Cross Validation
crp.CSFPCreditRisk+ portfolio model
crqaCross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Categorical and Continuous Time-Series
crrSCCompeting risks regression for Stratified and Clustered data
crrstepStepwise Covariate Selection for the Fine & Gray Competing Risks Regression Model
crsCategorical Regression Splines
CRTSizeSample Size Estimation Functions for Cluster Randomized Trials
CrypticIBDcheckIdentifying cryptic relatedness in genetic association studies
csamplingFunctions for Conditional Simulation in Regression-Scale Models
cSFMCovariate-adjusted Skewed Functional Model (cSFM)
cshapesCShapes Dataset and Utilities
cslogisticConditionally Specified Logistic Regression
csnClosed Skew-Normal Distribution
CSSExtract information from an html document with CSS selectors
csSAMcsSAM - cell-specific Significance Analysis of Microarrays
cstarSubstantive significance testing for regression estimates and marginal effects
csvreadFast Specialized CSV File Loader
ctsContinuous Time Autoregressive Models
CTTClassical Test Theory Functions
ctvCRAN Task Views
cubatureAdaptive multivariate integration over hypercubes
cubfitsCodon Usage Bias Fits
CubistRule- and Instance-Based Regression Modeling
cudaBayesregCUDA Parallel Implementation of a Bayesian Multilevel Model for fMRI Data Analysis
cudaBayesregDataData sets for the examples used in the package "cudaBayesreg"
cudiaCUDIA Cross-level Imputation
CUMPAnalyze Multivariate Phenotypes by Combining Univariate results
cumplyrExtends ddply to allow calculation of cumulative quantities
cumSegChange point detection in genomic sequences
curlA Connection Interface to Libcurl
currentSurvivalEstimation of CCI and CLFS Functions
curvetestThe package will formally test two curves represented by discrete data sets to be statistically equal or not when the errors of the two curves were assumed either equal or not using the tube formula to calculate the tail probabilities
curvHDRcurvHDR filtering of flow cytometry samples
cutoffRCUTOFF: A Spatio-temporal Imputation Method
cuttlefish.modelAn R package to perform LPUE standardization and stock assessment of the English Channel cuttlefish stock using a two-stage biomass model
cvAUCCross-Validated Area Under the ROC Curve Confidence Intervals
CVcalibrationEstimation of the Calibration Equation with Error-in Observations
cvplogisticPenalized Logistic Regression Model using Majorization Minimization by Coordinate Descent (MMCD) Algorithm
cvq2Calculate the predictive squared correlation coefficient
CVSTFast Cross-Validation via Sequential Testing
CVThreshLevel-Dependent Cross-Validation Thresholding
cvToolsCross-validation tools for regression models
CVTuningCovRegularized Estimators of Covariance Matrices with CV Tuning
cvxclustrSplitting methods for convex clustering
cwhmiscMiscellaneous Functions for math, plotting, printing, statistics, strings, and tools
cwmCluster Weighted Models by EM algorithm
cxxfunplusextend cxxfunction by saving the dynamic shared objects
cyphidCycle and Phase Identification for mastication data
cytoDivCytometric diversity indices
D2CPredicting Causal Direction from Dependency Features
d3NetworkTools for creating D3 JavaScript network, tree, dendrogram, and Sankey graphs from R
DAAGData Analysis And Graphics data and functions
DAAGbioData Sets and Functions, for demonstrations with expression arrays and gene sequences
DAAGxtrasData Sets and Functions, supplementary to DAAG
daeFunctions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments
daewrDesign and Analysis of Experiments with R
daffDiff, Patch and Merge for Data.frames
dafsData analysis for forensic scientists
dagbagLearning directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) through bootstrap aggregating
DAGGERConsensus genetic maps
dagRR functions for directed acyclic graphs
DaimDiagnostic accuracy of classification models
DAKSData Analysis and Knowledge Spaces
DALYDALY Calculator - A GUI for stochastic DALY calculation in R
DAMiscDave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions
DAMOCLESDynamic Assembly Model of Colonization, Local Extinction and Speciation
damsDams in the United States from the National Inventory of Dams (NID)
DandEFADandelion Plot for R-mode Exploratory Factor Analysis
darchPackage for deep architectures and Restricted-Bolzmann-Machines
dartsStatistical Tools to Analyze Your Darts Game
dashboardInteractive Data Visualization with D3.js
DatABELfile-based access to large matrices stored on HDD in binary format
datacheckTools for checking data consistency
DataCombineTools for Easily Combining and Cleaning Data Sets
dataframes2xlsdataframes2xls writes data frames to xls files
datalistAn R package to convert data sets for import into JAGS, WinBUGS and OpenBUGS and to generate data.frames for predicting the effects of particular variables
datamapA system for mapping foreign objects to R variables and environments
datamartUnified access to your data sources
datamergeMerging of overlapping and inconsistent data
dataQualityRPerforms variable level data quality checks and generates summary statistics
dataRetrievalRetrieval Functions for USGS and EPA Hydrologic and Water Quality Data
data.tableExtension of data.frame
datautilsSupport functions for packages VBmix, semisupKernelPCA, and patchPlot
dataviewHuman readable data presentation
dateFunctions for handling dates
DATforDCEMRIDeconvolution Analysis Tool for Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI
daveFunctions for "Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology"
DaviesThe Davies quantile function
dawaiDiscriminant analysis with additional information
dbartsDiscrete Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Sampler
dbConnectProvides a graphical user interface to connect with databases that use MySQL
dbEmpLikeGOFGoodness-of-fit and two sample comparison tests using sample entropy
dbEmpLikeNormTest for joint assessment of normality
DBFTestDBF test of no difference between groups
DBGSAmethods of distance-based gene set functional enrichment analysis
DBIR Database Interface
DBKGradDiscrete Beta Kernel Graduation of Mortality Data
dblcensCompute the NPMLE of distribution from doubly censored data
dbmssDistance-Based Measures of Spatial Structures
db.rA Database Exploration Tool with Assisted Querying and Schema Exploration
dbstatsDistance-Based Statistics
dcemriS4A Package for Medical Image Analysis (S4 implementation)
DCGLDifferential Co-expression Analysis and Differential Regulation Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray Data
dcGORAnalysis of ontologies and protein domain annotations
DCLClaims Reserving under the Double Chain Ladder Model
dcloneData Cloning and MCMC Tools for Maximum Likelihood Methods
DClusterFunctions for the Detection of Spatial Clusters of Diseases
dcmleHierarchical Models Made Easy with Data Cloning
dcmrAttribute profile estimation using Diagnostic Classification Models and MCMC
dcvConventional Cross-validation statistics for climate-growth model
ddalphaDepth-based Classification and Calculation of Data Depth
DDDDiversity-Dependent Diversification
DDHFmVariance Stabilization by Data-Driven Haar-Fisz (for Microarrays)
ddstData driven smooth test
dealLearning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables
deamerDeconvolution density estimation with adaptive methods for a variable prone to measurement error
debugMVB's debugger for R
decctoolsGet energy data from the UK Dept of Energy and Climate Change
DECIDEDEComposition of Indirect and Direct Effects
decodeDifferential Co-Expression and Differential Expression Analysis
decomprGlobal Value Chains Decomposition (Wang-Wei-Zhu and Leontief)
deconDeconvolution Estimation in Measurement Error Models
DeducerDeducer: A data analysis GUI for R
DeducerExtrasAdditional dialogs and functions for Deducer
DeducerPlugInExampleDeducer Plug-in Example
DeducerPlugInScalingReliability and factor analysis plugin
DeducerSpatialDeducer for spatial data analysis
DeducerSurvivalAdd Survival Dialogue to Deducer
DeducerTextDeducer GUI for Text Data
deducorrectdeducorrect: Deductive correction, deductive imputation, and deterministic correction
deepnetdeep learning toolkit in R
DEEPRDirichlet-multinomial Evolutionary Event Profile Randomization (DEEPR) test
degenesDetection of differentially expressed genes
degreenetModels for Skewed Count Distributions Relevant to Networks
DelaporteStatistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
deldirDelaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation
deltaPlotRIdentification of dichotomous differential item functioning (DIF) using Angoff's Delta Plot method
DemerelateFunctions to calculate relatedness on diploid genetic data
DEMEticsEvaluating the genetic differentiation between populations based on Gst and D values
demiDifferential Expression from Multiple Indicators
demingDeming, Thiel-Sen and Passing-Bablock Regression
demographyForecasting mortality, fertility, migration and population data
demoKdeKernel Density Estimation for Demonstration Purposes
dendextendExtending R's Dendrogram Functionality
dendextendRcppFaster dendrogram manipulation using Rcpp
dendroextrasExtra functions to cut, label and colour dendrogram clusters
DendSerDendrogram seriation: ordering for visualisation
dendsortModular Leaf Ordering Methods for Dendrogram Nodes
denproVisualization of multivariate, functions, sets, and data
densityClustClustering by fast search and find of density peaks
Density.T.HoldOutDensity.T.HoldOut: Non-combinatorial T-estimation Hold-Out for density estimation
denstripDensity strips and other methods for compactly illustrating distributions
DEoptimGlobal Optimization by Differential Evolution
DEoptimRDifferential Evolution Optimization in pure R
depend.truncationStatistical Inference for Parametric and Semiparametric Models Based on Dependently Truncated Data
depmixDependent Mixture Models
depmixS4Dependent Mixture Models - Hidden Markov Models of GLMs and Other Distributions in S4
depthDepth functions tools for multivariate analysis
depthToolsDepth Tools Package
DerivSymbolic Differentiation
descomponerSeasonal Adjustment by Frequency Analysis
descrDescriptive statistics
DescribeDisplayR interface to DescribeDisplay (GGobi plugin)
DescToolsTools for Descriptive Statistics
deseasonalizeOptimal deseasonalization for geophysical time series using AR fitting
designGGComputational tool for designing genetical genomics experiments
desirabilityDesirability Function Optimization and Ranking
desireDesirability functions in R
DESnowballBagging with Distance-based Regression for Differential Gene Expression Analyses
deSolveGeneral Solvers for Initial Value Problems of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE), Partial Differential Equations (PDE), Differential Algebraic Equations (DAE), and Delay Differential Equations (DDE)
detectAnalyzing Wildlife Data with Detection Error
deTestSetTestset for differential equations
DetMCDDetMCD Algorithm (Robust and Deterministic Estimation of Location and Scatter)
detrendeRStart the detrendeR Graphical User Interface (GUI)
DetSelA computer program to detect markers responding to selection
devEMFEMF Graphics Output Device
Devore7Data sets from Devore's "Prob and Stat for Eng (7th ed)"
devtoolsTools to Make Developing R Packages Easier
df2jsonConvert a dataframe to JSON
dfcombPhase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design for Combination Studies
dfcrmDose-finding by the continual reassessment method
dfexploreExplore data.frames by plotting NA and classes of each variable
DFITDifferential Functioning of Items and Tests
dfmtaPhase I/II Adaptive Dose-Finding Design For MTA
dfoptimDerivative-free Optimization
dglarsDifferential Geometric LARS (dgLARS) method
dglmDouble Generalized Linear Models
dgmbdgmb Simulating data for PLS structural models
dgofDiscrete Goodness-of-Fit Tests
dhglmDouble Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
diagramFunctions for visualising simple graphs (networks), plotting flow diagrams
DiagrammeRCreate Diagrams and Flowcharts Using R
DiagTest3GrpDiagnostic test summary measures for three ordinal groups
diapltBeads Summary Plot of Ranges
diceCalculate probabilities of various dice-rolling events
DiceDesignDesigns of Computer Experiments
DiceEvalConstruction and evaluation of metamodels
DiceKrigingKriging methods for computer experiments
DiceOptimKriging-Based Optimization for Computer Experiments
DiceViewPlot methods for computer experiments design and surrogate
dichromatColor Schemes for Dichromats
dicionariosIBGEDictionaries for reading microdata surveys from IBGE
dielectricDefines some physical constants and dielectric functions commonly used in optics, plasmonics
diffdeppropCalculates Confidence Intervals for two Dependent Proportions
diffEqFunctions from the book Solving Differential Equations in R
diffeRDifference Metrics for Comparing Pairs of Maps
diffIRTDiffusion IRT models for Response and Response Time Data
diffractometryBaseline identification and peak decomposition for x-ray diffractograms
diffusionMapDiffusion map
DIFlassoA penalty approach to Differential Item Functioning in Rasch Models
difRCollection of methods to detect dichotomous differential item functioning (DIF) in psychometrics
digestCreate Cryptographic Hash Digests of R Objects
Digiroo2An application programming interface for generating null models of social contacts based on individuals' space use
digitalPCREstimate copy number for digital PCR
dilsData-Informed Link Strength. Combine multiple-relationship networks into a single weighted network. Impute (fill-in) missing network links
DIMEDIME (Differential Identification using Mixture Ensemble)
dinamicDiNAMIC A Method To Analyze Recurrent DNA Copy Number Aberrations in Tumors
diptestHartigan's dip test statistic for unimodality - corrected code
DIRECTBayesian Clustering of Multivariate Data Under the Dirichlet-Process Prior
directlabelsDirect labels for multicolor plots in lattice or ggplot2
directPADirection Analysis for Pathways and Kinases
DirichletRegDirichlet Regression in R
dirmultEstimation in Dirichlet-Multinomial distribution
DisakeDiscrete associated kernel estimators
disclapDiscrete Laplace Exponential Family
disclapmixDiscrete Laplace mixture inference using the EM algorithm
DiscMLDiscML: An R package for estimating evolutionary rates of discrete characters using maximum likelihood
DiscreteInverseWeibullDiscrete inverse Weibull distribution
DiscreteLaplaceDiscrete Laplace distribution
discreteMTPMultiple testing procedures for discrete test statistics
discreteRVFunctions to Create and Manipulate Discrete Random Variables
DiscreteWeibullDiscrete Weibull distribution
discretizationData preprocessing, discretization for classification
discrimARTsDiscrimination of Alternative Reproductive Tactics (ARTs)
DiscriMinerTools of the Trade for Discriminant Analysis
diseasemappingModelling Spatial Variation in Disease Risk for Areal Data
diskmemoiserDisk Memoisation For R
dismoSpecies Distribution Modeling
disp2D2D Hausdorff and Simplex Dispersion Orderings
disparityfilterDisparity Filter Algorithm of Weighted Network
dispmodDispersion models
disposablesCreate Disposable R Packages for Testing
dissUtilsUtilities for making pairwise comparisons of multivariate data
DistanceDistance Sampling Detection Function and Abundance Estimation
DistatisRDiSTATIS Three Way Metric Multidimensional Scaling
distfree.crDistribution-free confidence region (distfree.cr)
distilleryMethod Functions for Confidence Intervals and to Distill Information from an Object
distoryDistance Between Phylogenetic Histories
distrObject oriented implementation of distributions
distrDocDocumentation for Packages distr, distrEx, distrSim, distrTEst, distrTeach, distrMod, and distrEllipse
distrEllipseS4 classes for elliptically contoured distributions
distrExExtensions of package distr
DistributionUtilsDistribution Utilities
distrModObject Oriented Implementation of Probability Models
distromDistributed Multinomial Regression
distrRmetricsPackage distr classes for distributions from Rmetrics
distrSimSimulation classes based on package distr
distrTeachExtensions of package distr for teaching Stochastics/Statistics in secondary school
distrTEstEstimation and Testing classes based on package distr
divagisProvides tools for quality checks of georeferenced plant species accessions
DivEDiversity Estimator
diveMoveDive analysis and calibration
diversitreediversitree: comparative phylogenetic analyses of diversification
diveRsityA Comprehensive, General Purpose Population Genetics Analysis Package
DiversitySamplerFunctions for re-sampling a community matrix to compute diversity indices at different sampling levels
DivMeltHRM Diversity Assay Analysis Tool
divoTools for Analysis of Diversity and Similarity in Biological Systems
dixonNearest Neighbour Contingency Table Analysis
dkDNADiffusion kernels on a set of genotypes
dlmBayesian and Likelihood Analysis of Dynamic Linear Models
dlmapDetection Localization Mapping for QTL
dlmodelerGeneralized Dynamic Linear Modeler
DLMtoolData-Limited Methods Toolkit
dlnmDistributed Lag Non-linear Models
dmaDynamic model averaging
dmmDyadic Mixed Model for Pedigree Data
DMRDelete or Merge Regressors for linear model selection
dmtDependency Modeling Toolkit
DMwRFunctions and data for "Data Mining with R"
dnaDifferential Network Analysis
DNAprofilesDNA profiling evidence analysis
DNAtoolsTools for analysing forensic genetic DNA data
DnEDistribution and Equation
dnetIntegrative analysis of omics data in terms of network, evolution and ontology
DNMFDiscriminant Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
DOBADAnalysis of Discretely Observed linear Birth-And-Death(-and-immigration) Markov Chains
doByGroupwise statistics, LSmeans, linear contrasts, utilities
docoptdocopt, command-line interface specification language
documairAutomatic Documentation for R packages
DodgeFunctions for Acceptance Sampling Ideas originated by H.F. Dodge
DoE.baseFull factorials, orthogonal arrays and base utilities for DoE packages
DoE.wrapperWrapper package for design of experiments functionality
doMCForeach parallel adaptor for the multicore package
DominanceADI (average dominance index), social network graphs with dual directions, and music notation graph
dominoDomino Data Lab R console bindings
doMPIForeach parallel adaptor for the Rmpi package
doParallelForeach parallel adaptor for the parallel package
doRedisForeach parallel adapter for the rredis package
doRNGGeneric Reproducible Parallel Backend for foreach Loops
DoseFindingPlanning and Analyzing Dose Finding experiments
doSNOWForeach parallel adaptor for the snow package
dosresmetaPerforming multivariate dose-response meta-analysis
dostatsCompute statistics helper functions
dotenvLoad environment variables from .env
DoubleConeTest against parametric regression function
DoubleExpSeqDifferential Exon Usage Test for RNA-Seq data via Empirical Bayes Shrinkage of the Dispersion Parameter
DOvalidationLocal Linear Hazard Estimation with Do-Validated and Cross-Validated Bandwidths
downloaderA package for downloading files over http and https
dpaDynamic Path Approach
dpcRDigital PCR Analysis
dpglassoPrimal Graphical Lasso
dplRDendrochronology Program Library in R
dplRConConcordance for Dendroclimatology
dplyrA Grammar of Data Manipulation
dpmixsimDirichlet Process Mixture model simulation for clustering and image segmentation
DPpackageBayesian nonparametric modeling in R
DPwSemi- and nonparametric Bayesian Subset Selection Procedures
drMethods for dimension reduction for regression
dratDrat R Archive Template
drawExpressionVisualising R syntax through graphics
drcAnalysis of dose-response curve data
drfitDose-response data evaluation
drgeeDoubly Robust Generalized Estimating Equations
drmRegression and association models for repeated categorical data
drmdelDual Empirical Likelihood Inference under Density Ratio Models in the Presence of Multiple Samples
dropRAnalyze Drop Out of an Experiment or Survey
drsmoothDose-Response Modeling with Smoothing Splines
dsDescriptive Statistics
dsampleDiscretization-based Direct Random Sample Generation
DSBayesBayesian subgroup analysis in clinical trials
dseDynamic Systems Estimation (time series package)
DSLDistributed Storage and List
dsliceDynamic slicing
dsmDensity surface modelling of distance sampling data
DSpatSpatial Modelling for Distance Sampling Data
DSsimDistance Sampling Simulations
dstUsing Dempster-Shafer Theory
DStreeRecursive Partitioning for Discrete-Time Survival Trees
DTComPairComparison of Binary Diagnostic Tests in a Paired Study Design
DTDADoubly truncated data analysis
dtiAnalysis of diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) data
DTKDunnett-Tukey-Kramer Pairwise Multiple Comparison Test Adjusted for Unequal Variances and Unequal Sample Sizes
DTMCPackSuite of functions related to discrete-time discrete-state Markov Chains
DTREstimation and comparison of dynamic treatment regimes
dttDiscrete Trigonometric Transforms
dtwDynamic time warping algorithms
dualScaleDual Scaling Analysis of Multiple Choice Data
dummiesCreate dummy/indicator variables flexibly and efficiently
dummyAutomatic Creation of Dummies with Support for Predictive Modeling
DunnettTestsSoftware implementation of step-down and step-up Dunnett test procedures
dunn.testDunn's Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
dupiRBayesian inference from count data using discrete uniform priors
dvfBmDiscrete variations of a fractional Brownian motion
DVHmetricsAnalyze Dose-Volume Histograms and Check Constraints
dvnAccess to The Dataverse Network APIs
dygraphsInterface to Dygraphs Interactive Time Series Charting Library
dynTime Series Regression
DynamicDistributionDynamically visualized probability distributions and their moments
dynamicTreeCutMethods for detection of clusters in hierarchical clustering dendrograms
dynatopmodelImplementation of the Dynamic TOPMODEL hydrological model
dynaTreeDynamic trees for learning and design
dynBiplotGUIFull Interactive GUI for Dynamic Biplot in R
DynClustDenoising and clustering for dynamical image sequence (2D or 3D)+T
dynCorrDynamic Correlation Package
dyniaFit Dynamic Intervention Model
dynlmDynamic Linear Regression
DynNomA Dynamic Nomogram for Linear and Generalized Linear Models as Shiny Applications
dynsimAn R implementation of dynamic simulations of autoregressive relationships
dynsurvDynamic models for survival data
e1071Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics (e1071), TU Wien
eafPlots of the Empirical Attainment Function
earlywarningsEarly Warning Signals Toolbox for Detecting Critical Transitions in Timeseries
earthMultivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
EasyABCEfficient Approximate Bayesian Computation Sampling Schemes
easyanovaAnalysis of variance and other important complementary analyzes
EasyMARKUtility functions for working with mark-recapture data
easynlsEasy nonlinear model
EasyStrataEvaluation of stratified genome-wide association meta-analysis results
ebaElimination-by-Aspects (EBA) Models
ebalEntropy reweighting to create balanced samples
EbayesThreshEmpirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods
ebdbNetEmpirical Bayes Estimation of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
EBENEmpirical Bayesian Elastic Net
EBglmnetEmpirical Bayesian Lasso and Elastic Net Methods for Generalized Linear Models
EBMAforecastEnsemble BMA Forecasting
EBSExact Bayesian Segmentation
ebSNPGenotyping and SNP calling using single-sample next generation sequencing data
EcdatData sets for econometrics
ecespaFunctions for spatial point pattern analysis
EcfunFunctions for Ecdat
ecipexEfficient calculation of fine structure isotope patterns via Fourier transforms of simplex-based elemental models
ecoEcological Inference in 2x2 Tables
ecodistDissimilarity-based functions for ecological analysis
ecoengineProgrammatic Interface to the API Serving UC Berkeley's Natural History Data
EcoGeneticsAnalysis of Phenotypic, Genotypic and Environmental Data
EcoHydRologyA community modeling foundation for Eco-Hydrology
ecolMod"A practical guide to ecological modelling - using R as a simulation platform"
ecoregEcological regression using aggregate and individual data
ecoretrieverR Interface to the EcoData Retriever
ecosimToolbox for Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling
ecospatSpatial Ecology Miscellaneous Methods
EcoTrophEcoTroph R package
ecovalProcedures for Ecological Assessment of Surface Waters
EcoVirtualSimulation of Ecological Models
ecpNonparametric Multiple Change-Point Analysis of Multivariate Data
edccEconomic Design of Control Charts
edeREmail Data Extraction Using R
edgeRunMore Powerful Unconditional Testing of Negative Binomial Means for Digital Gene Expression Data
EDISONNetwork Reconstruction and Changepoint Detection
editrulesR package for parsing, applying, and manipulating data cleaning rules
EDREstimation of the effective dimension reduction (EDR) space
edrGraphicalToolsProvides tools for dimension reduction methods
eegAnalysisTools for analysis and classification of electroencephalography (EEG) data
eegkitToolkit for Electroencephalography Data
eegkitdataData for package eegkit
eeptoolsConvenience functions for education data
EFDRWavelet-Based Enhanced FDR for Signal Detection in Noisy Images
effectsEffect Displays for Linear, Generalized Linear, and Other Models
EffectsRelBaselineTest changes of a grouped response relative to baseline
EffectStarsVisualization of Categorical Response Models
EffectTreatPrediction of Therapeutic Success
effsizeEfficient effect size computation
egaError Grid Analysis
egcmEngle-Granger Cointegration Models
eggCountsHierarchical Modelling of Faecal Egg Counts
egonetTool for ego-centric measures in Social Network Analysis
EGRETExploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends (EGRET)
ehaEvent History Analysis
eHOFExtended hierarchical logistic regression (Huisman-Olff-Fresco) models
EIAdataR Wrapper for the Energy Information Administration (EIA) API
eigeninvGenerates (dense) matrices that have a given set of eigenvalues
eigenmodelSemiparametric factor and regression models for symmetric relational data
eigenprcompComputes confidence intervals for principal components
EILAEfficient Inference of Local Ancestry
eiPackeiPack: Ecological Inference and Higher-Dimension Data Management
eiveAn algorithm for reducing errors-in-variable bias in simple linear regression
eiwildEcological Inference with individual and aggregate data
ELTwo-sample Empirical Likelihood
elasticGeneral Purpose Interface to Elasticsearch
elasticnetElastic-Net for Sparse Estimation and Sparse PCA
elecCollection of functions for statistical election audits
elec.stratFunctions for election audits using stratified random samples
ElemStatLearnData sets, functions and examples from the book: "The Elements of Statistical Learning, Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction" by Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani and Jerome Friedman
elliplotEllipse Summary Plot of Quantiles
ellipseFunctions for drawing ellipses and ellipse-like confidence regions
ellipticelliptic functions
elmNNImplementation of ELM (Extreme Learning Machine ) algorithm for SLFN ( Single Hidden Layer Feedforward Neural Networks )
EloRatingAnimal Dominance Hierarchies by Elo Rating
elrmExact Logistic Regression via MCMC
ElstonStewartElston-Stewart Algorithm
ELTELT - A package to build Experience Life Tables
ELYPEmpirical Likelihood Analysis for the Cox Model and Yang-Prentice (2005) Model
EMAEasy Microarray data Analysis
EMCEvolutionary Monte Carlo (EMC) algorithm
EMCCEvolutionary Monte Carlo (EMC) methods for clustering
EMClusterEM Algorithm for Model-Based Clustering of Finite Mixture Gaussian Distribution
EMDEmpirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert Spectral Analysis
emdatrGlobal Disaster Losses from the EMDAT database Using R
emdbookEcological models and data (book support)
emdistEarth Mover's Distance
EMDomicsEarth Mover's Distance for Differential Analysis of Genomics Data
emilEvaluation of Modeling without Information Leakage
emIRTEM Algorithms for Estimating Item Response Theory Models
EMJumpDiffusionEM-Algorithm for Jump Diffusion processes
emmaEvolutionary model-based multiresponse approach
EMMAgeoEnd-member modelling algorithm and supporting functions for grain-size analysis
emme2Read and Write to an EMME/2 databank
EMMIXcontrastsContrasts in mixed effects for EMMIX model with random effects
EMMIXskewThe EM Algorithm and Skew Mixture Distribution
EMMIXuskewFitting Unrestricted Multivariate Skew t Mixture Models
EMMREMLFitting mixed models with known covariance structures
emoaEvolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms
EMPExpected Maximum Profit Classification Performance Measure
empiricalFDR.DESeq2Simulation-based False Discovery Rate in RNA-seq
emplikEmpirical likelihood ratio for censored/truncated data
emplik2Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test for Two Samples with Censored Data
EMTExact Multinomial Test: Goodness-of-Fit Test for Discrete Multivariate data
emulatorBayesian emulation of computer programs
EMVCEntropy Minimization over Variable Clusters (EMVC)
enaRTools for Ecological Network Analysis (ena)
endogMNPR Package for Fitting Multinomial Probit Models with Endogenous Selection
endorseR Package for Analyzing Endorsement Experiments
energyE-statistics (energy statistics)
englishTranslate integers into English
EngrExptData sets from "Introductory Statistics for Engineering Experimentation"
enigmaR Client for the Enigma API
ENiRGEcological Niche in R and GRASS
ENMevalAutomated runs and evaluations of ecological niche models
ENmiscNeuwirth miscellaneous
enplsEnsemble Partial Least Squares (EnPLS) Regression
EnQuireRA package dedicated to questionnaires
enRichAn R package for the analysis of multiple ChIP-seq data
enrichvsEnrichment assessment of virtual screening approaches
EnsembleBaseExtensible Package for Parallel, Batch Training of Base Learners for Ensemble Modeling
ensembleBMAProbabilistic Forecasting using Ensembles and Bayesian Model Averaging
EnsembleCVExtensible Package for Cross-Validation-Based Integration of Base Learners
ensembleMOSEnsemble Model Output Statistics
EnsemblePCRegExtensible Package for Principal-Component-Regression-based Integration of Base Learners
EnsemblePenRegExtensible Classes and Methods for Penalized-Regression-based Integration of Base Learners
ensurerEnsure values at runtime
entropartEntropy Partitioning to Measure Diversity
entropyEstimation of Entropy, Mutual Information and Related Quantities
EntropyEstimationEstimation of Entropy and Related Quantities
EntropyExplorerTools for Exploring Differential Shannon Entropy, Differential Coefficient of Variation and Differential Expression
enviPatIsotope pattern, profile and centroid calculation for mass spectrometry
enviPickPeak picking for high resolution mass spectrometry data
EnviroStatStatistical analysis of environmental space-time processes
EnvNicheREnvironmental niche
EnvStatsPackage for Environmental Statistics, Including US EPA Guidance
epadeEasy Plots
EpiA package for statistical analysis in epidemiology
epi2locEpistatic and penetrance models for two-locus genetic interactions
epibasixElementary Epidemiological Functions for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
epicalcEpidemiological calculator
EpiContactTraceEpidemiological tool for contact tracing
EpiDynamicsDynamic Models in Epidemiology
EpiEstimEpiEstim: a package to estimate time varying reproduction numbers from epidemic curves
EpiModelMathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease
epinetA Collection of Epidemic/Network-Related Tools
epiRTools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data
episplineDensityDensity Estimation with Soft Information by Exponential Epi-splines
epitoolsEpidemiology Tools
EplotPlotting longitudinal series
epocEPoC (Endogenous Perturbation analysis of Cancer)
eprEasy polynomial regression
EQLExtended-Quasi-Likelihood-Function (EQL)
eqs2lavaanEQS Output Conversion to lavaan Functions
eqtlTools for analyzing eQTL experiments: A complementary to Karl Broman's 'qtl' package for genome-wide analysis
equateObserved-Score Linking and Equating
equateIRTDirect, Chain and Average Equating Coefficients with Standard Errors Using IRT Methods
equivalenceProvides tests and graphics for assessing tests of equivalence
erboostNonparametric Multiple Expectile Regression via ER-Boost
ererEmpirical Research in Economics with R
ergmFit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks
ergm.countFit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks with Count Edges
ergm.graphletsergm.graphlets: A Package for ERG Modeling Based on Graphlet Properties
ergmharrisLocal Health Department network data set
ergm.usertermsUser-specified terms for the statnet suite of packages
eRmExtended Rasch Modeling
ERPSignificance analysis of Event-Related Potentials data
erpREvent-related potentials (ERP) analysis, graphics and utility functions
ESEdge Selection
ESEAESEA: Discovering the Dysregulated Pathways based on Edge Set Enrichment Analysis
ESGESG - A package for asset projection
ESGtoolkitToolkit for the simulation of financial assets and interest rates models
esotericResotericR articles from lemnica.com
EstCRMCalibrating Parameters for the Samejima's Continuous IRT Model
estimabilityEstimability Tools for Linear Models
estoutEstimates Output
EstSimPDMPEstimation and Simulation for PDMPs
etableEasy Table
ETASModeling earthquake data using Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence model
etasFLPMixed FLP and ML Estimation of ETAS Space-Time Point Processes
ETCEquivalence to control
ETLUtilsUtility functions to execute standard ETL operations (using package ff) on large data
etmEmpirical Transition Matrix
eulerianeulerian: A package to find eulerian paths from graphs
eurostatTools for Eurostat Open Data
EvalEstDynamic Systems Estimation - extensions
evaluateParsing and evaluation tools that provide more details than the default
EvapotranspirationEstimating Potential and Actual Evapotranspiration with Multiple Models
EvCombREvidence Combination in R
evdFunctions for extreme value distributions
evdbayesBayesian Analysis in Extreme Value Theory
eVennA Powerful Tool to Quickly Compare Huge Lists and Draw Venn Diagrams
eventIntervalSequential Event Interval Analysis
eventsStore and manipulate event data
eventstudiesEvent study and extreme event analysis
evirExtreme Values in R
evmixExtreme Value Mixture Modelling, Threshold Estimation and Boundary Corrected Kernel Density Estimation
evobiRevobiR: evolutionary biology in R
evolvabilityCalculation of evolvability parameters
evoraEpigenetic Variable Outliers for Risk prediction Analysis
EvoRAGEvolutionary Rates Across Gradients
evt0Mean of order p, peaks over random threshold Hill and high quantile estimates
evtreeEvolutionary Learning of Globally Optimal Trees
EWGoFGoodness-of-fit tests for the Exponential and two-parameter Weibull distributions
ExactUnconditional Exact Test
exact2x2Exact Conditional Tests and Confidence Intervals for 2x2 tables
exactciExact P-values and Matching Confidence Intervals for simple Discrete Parametric Cases
ExactCIdiffInductive Confidence Intervals for the difference between two proportions
exactLoglinTestMonte Carlo Exact Tests for Log-linear models
exactmetaExact fixed effect meta analysis
ExactPathExact solution paths for regularized LASSO regressions with L_1 penalty
exactRankTestsExact Distributions for Rank and Permutation Tests
examsAutomatic Generation of Exams in R
ExceedanceToolsConfidence regions for exceedance sets and contour lines
excel.linkConvenient way to work with data in Microsoft Excel
exConInteractive Exploration of Contour Data
excursionsExcursion Sets and Contour Credibility Regions for Random Fields
ExomeDepthCalls Copy Number Variants from Targeted Sequence Data
ExpDesExperimental Designs package
ExpDes.ptPacote Experimental Designs (Portuguese)
expectregExpectile and Quantile Regression
experimentexperiment: R package for designing and analyzing randomized experiments
expertModeling without data using expert opinion
expmMatrix exponential
expoRkitExpokit in R
ExPositionExploratory analysis with the singular value decomposition
expoTreeCalculate density dependent likelihood of a phylogenetic tree
exppSpatial analysis of extra-pair paternity
expsmoothData sets from "Forecasting with exponential smoothing"
exptestTests for Exponentiality
exsicConvenience Functions for Botanists to Create Specimens Indices
extfunnelAdditional Funnel Plot Augmentations
extlassoMaximum penalized likelihood estimation with extended lasso penalty
extraBinomialExtra-binomial approach for pooled sequencing data
extracatCategorical Data Analysis and Visualization
extrafontTools for using fonts
extrafontdbPackage for holding the database for the extrafont package
extraTreesExtremely Randomized Trees (ExtraTrees) Method for Classification and Regression
ExtremeBoundsExtreme Bounds Analysis (EBA)
extRemesExtreme Value Analysis
extremevaluesUnivariate outlier detection
extWeibQuantEstimate Lower Extreme Quantile with the Censored Weibull MLE and Censored Weibull Mixture
eyetrackingEyetracking Helper Functions
ezEasy analysis and visualization of factorial experiments
ezglmselects significant non-additive interaction between two variables using fast GLM implementation
ezsimprovide an easy to use framework to conduct simulation
FacPadBayesian Sparse Factor Analysis model for the inference of pathways responsive to drug treatment
FactMixtAnalysisFactor Mixture Analysis with covariates
FactoClassCombination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis
FactoMineRMultivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining
factorQRBayesian quantile regression factor models
FactoshinyPerform Factorial Analysis from FactoMineR with a Shiny Application
FACTscorerScores the FACT and FACIT Family of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
factualRthin wrapper for the Factual.com server API
FADAVariable selection for supervised classification in high dimension
FAdistDistributions that are Sometimes Used in Hydrology
FahrmeirData from the book "Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on Generalized Linear Models", first edition, by Ludwig Fahrmeir and Gerhard Tutz
failFile Abstraction Interface Layer (FAIL) mimicking a key-value store
FAiRFactor Analysis in R
faisalconjointFaisal Conjoint Model: A New Approach to Conjoint Analysis
falconFinding Allele-specific Copy Number in Next-Generation Sequencing Data
falsyDefine truthy and falsy values
fameInterface for FAME time series database
FamiliasProbabilities for Pedigrees Given DNA Data
FAMILYA Convex Formulation for Modeling Interactions with Strong Heredity
FAmleMaximum Likelihood and Bayesian Estimation of Univariate Probability Distributions
FAMTFactor Analysis for Multiple Testing (FAMT) : simultaneous tests under dependence in high-dimensional data
fancPenalized Likelihood Factor Analysis via Nonconvex Penalty
fANCOVANonparametric Analysis of Covariance
fanovaGraphBuilding Kriging models from FANOVA graphs
fanplotVisualisation of Sequential Probability Distributions Using Fan Charts
FAOSTATA complementary package to the FAOSTAT database and the Statistical Yearbook of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
faoutlierInfluential case detection methods for factor analysis and SEM
farModelization for Functional AutoRegressive processes
farawayFunctions and datasets for books by Julian Faraway
fArmaARMA Time Series Modelling
farsiTranslate integers into persian
fAsianOptionsEBM and Asian Option Valuation
fAssetsRmetrics - Analysing and Modelling Financial Assets
fastImplementation of the Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test (FAST)
fastclimeA fast solver for parameterized lp problems and constrained l1 minimization approach to sparse precision matrix estimation
fastclusterFast Hierarchical Clustering Routines for R and Python
fastcoxLasso and elastic-net penalized Cox's regression in high dimensions models using the cocktail algorithm
fastGHQuadFast Rcpp implementation of Gauss-Hermite quadrature
FastHCSFastHCS Robust Algortihm for Principal Component Analysis
fastHICAHierarchical Independent Component Analysis: a multi-scale sparse non-orthogonal data-driven basis
fastICAFastICA Algorithms to perform ICA and Projection Pursuit
FastImputationLearn from training data then quickly fill in missing data
FastKNNFast k-Nearest Neighbors
fastMFast Computation of Multivariate M-estimators
fastmatchFast match() function
FastPCSFastPCS Robust Fit of Multivariate Location and Scatter
fastpseudoFast Pseudo Observations
fastRData sets and utilities for Foundations and Applications of Statistics by R Pruim
FastRCSFastRCS Robust Fit of Multivariable Linear Regression Model
FastRWebFast Interactive Framework for Web Scripting Using R
fastSOMFast Calculation of Spillover Measures
fat2LpolyTwo-locus Family-based Association Test with Polytomous Outcome
FatTailsRPower Hyperbolic Functions and Kiener Distributions
FAwRFunctions and Datasets for "Forest Analytics with R"
fBasicsRmetrics - Markets and Basic Statistics
fbatiGene by Environment Interaction and Conditional Gene Tests for Nuclear Families
FBFsearchAlgorithm for searching the space of Gaussian directed acyclic graphical models through moment fractional Bayes factors
FBNFISH Based Normalization and Copy Number inference of SNP microarray data
fBondsBonds and Interest Rate Models
fbRanksAssociation Football (Soccer) Ranking via Poisson Regression
fcdFused Community Detection
fCertificatesfCertificates - Basics of Certificates and Structured Products Valuation
fclustFuzzy Clustering
FCMapperFuzzy Cognitive Mapping
fCopulaeRmetrics - Bivariate Dependence Structures with Copulae
fcrosFCROS to search for differentially expressed genes and to detect recurrent chromosomal copy number aberrations
FDMeasuring functional diversity (FD) from multiple traits, and other tools for functional ecology
fdaFunctional Data Analysis
fdakmaFunctional Data Analysis: K-Mean Alignment
fdaMixedFunctional data analysis in a mixed model framework
fdasrvfElastic Functional Data Analysis
fdatestInterval Testing Procedure for Functional Data
fda.uscFunctional Data Analysis and Utilities for Statistical Computing
FDboostBoosting Functional Regression Models
FDGcopulasMultivariate Dependence with FDG Copulas
fdrciPermutation-based FDR Point and Confidence Interval Estimation
fdrDiscreteNullFalse Discovery Rate Procedure Under Discrete Null Distributions
FDRregFalse discovery rate regression
fdrtoolEstimation of (Local) False Discovery Rates and Higher Criticism
fdsFunctional data sets
fdthFrequency Distribution Tables, Histograms and Poligons
FeaLectScores Features for Feature Selection
featureFeature significance for multivariate kernel density estimation
FeatureHashingCreates a Model Matrix via Feature Hashing With a Formula Interface
featuresFeature Extraction for Discretely-Sampled Functional Data
fechnerFechnerian Scaling of Discrete Object Sets
FedDataFunctions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources
federalregisterClient package for the U.S. Federal Register API
FeedbackTSAnalysis of Feedback in Time Series
fExoticOptionsExotic Option Valuation
fExpressCertificatesfExpressCertificates - Structured Products Valuation for ExpressCertificates/Autocallables
fExtremesRmetrics - Extreme Financial Market Data
ffmemory-efficient storage of large data on disk and fast access functions
ffbaseBasic statistical functions for package ff
FFDFreedom from Disease
FFieldForce field simulation for a set of points
ffmanovaFifty-fifty MANOVA
fftwFast FFT and DCT based on FFTW
fftwtoolsWrapper for FFTW3: Includes 1-D, Univariate and Multivariate, and 2-D Transform
fgacGeneralized Archimedean Copula
FGalgorithmFlury and Gautschi algorithms
fGarchRmetrics - Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedastic Modelling
FGNFractional Gaussian Noise and power law decay time series model fitting
fgofFast Goodness-of-fit Test
fgptFloating Grid Permutation Technique
FGSGFeature Grouping and Selection Over an Undirected Graph
fguiFunction GUI
FHtestTests for right and interval-censored survival data based on the Fleming-Harrington class
FIProvide functions for forest inventory calculations
fICAClassical, Reloaded and Adaptive FastICA Algorithms
fieldsTools for Spatial Data
FieldSimRandom Fields (and Bridges) Simulations
fiferA collection of miscellaneous functions
filehashSimple key-value database
filehashSQLiteSimple key-value database using SQLite
filenamerEasy Management of File Names
fImportRmetrics - Economic and Financial Data Import
financialSolving financial problems in R
FinancialInstrumentFinancial Instrument Model Infrastructure for R
FinAsymClassifies implicit trading activity from market quotes and computes the probability of informed trading
FinCalTime Value of Money, time series analysis and Computational Finance
FinCovRegularizationCovariance Matrix Estimation and Regularization for Finance
FindAllRootsFind all root(s) of the equation and Find root(s) of the equation by dichotomy
FindItFinding Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
FindMinICFind Models with Minimum IC
findpythonPython tools to find an acceptable python binary
fingerprintFunctions to operate on binary fingerprint data
finiteruinprobComputation of the probability of ruin within a finite time horizon
FinTSCompanion to Tsay (2005) Analysis of Financial Time Series
FisherEMThe Fisher-EM algorithm
fisheyeRFisheye and Hyperbolic-space-alike Interactive Visualization Tools in R
FisHiCalIterative FISH-based Calibration of Hi-C Data
fishmethodsFishery Science Methods and Models in R
fishModFits Poisson-sum-of-Gammas GLMs, Tweedie GLMs, and delta log-normal mdoels
fishmovePrediction of Fish Movement Parameters
fit4NMNONMEM platform
FitARSubset AR Model Fitting
FitARMAFitARMA: Fit ARMA or ARIMA using fast MLE algorithm
fitbitScraperScrapes Data from Fitbit.com
fitdistrplusHelp to Fit of a Parametric Distribution to Non-Censored or Censored Data
fitDRCFitting Density Ratio Classes
FITSioFITS (Flexible Image Transport System) utilities
fitTetrafitTetra is an R package for assigning tetraploid genotype scores
FKFFast Kalman Filter
flamFits Piecewise Constant Models with Data-Adaptive Knots
flareFamily of Lasso Regression
flashClustImplementation of optimal hierarchical clustering
flexclustFlexible Cluster Algorithms
flexCWMFlexible Cluster-Weighted Modeling
flexmixFlexible Mixture Modeling
flexsurvFlexible parametric survival and multi-state models
FLIMFarewell’s Linear Increments Model
flipMultivariate Permutation Tests
FLLatFused Lasso Latent Feature Model
floraTools for Interacting with the Brazilian Flora Checklist
flowerTools for characterizing flowering traits
flowfieldForecasts future values of a univariate time series
FLRFuzzy Logic Rule Classifier
flsaPath algorithm for the general Fused Lasso Signal Approximator
FLSSSFixed Size Subset Sum Solution
FluOMaticEstimation of background-subtracted fluorescence data
FluryData Sets from Flury, 1997
fluxFlux rate calculation from dynamic closed chamber measurements
fmaData sets from "Forecasting: methods and applications" by Makridakis, Wheelwright & Hyndman (1998)
FMEA Flexible Modelling Environment for Inverse Modelling, Sensitivity, Identifiability, Monte Carlo Analysis
fmriAnalysis of fMRI experiments
fmsbFunctions for medical statistics book with some demographic data
FMStableFinite Moment Stable Distributions
fmtVariance estimation of FMT method (Fully Moderated t-statistic)
fMultivarRmetrics - Analysing and Modeling Multivariate Financial Return Distributions
FNNFast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms and Applications
fNonlinearNonlinear and Chaotic Time Series Modelling
fobagreedy variable selection
fontcmComputer Modern font for use with extrafont package
foodwebvisualisation and analysis of food web networks
fOptionsBasics of Option Valuation
foramsForaminifera and Community Ecology Analyses
foreachForeach looping construct for R
ForeCAForecastable Component Analysis
forecastForecasting Functions for Time Series and Linear Models
foreignRead Data Stored by Minitab, S, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Systat, Weka, dBase, ..
forensicStatistical Methods in Forensic Genetics
forensimStatistical tools for the interpretation of forensic DNA mixtures
forestplotAdvanced Forest Plot Using 'grid' Graphics
ForImpImputation of Missing Values Through a Forward Imputation Algorithm
ForITFunctions from the 2nd Italian Forest Inventory (INFC)
FormalSeriesElementary arithemtic in formal series rings
formatRFormat R Code Automatically
FormulaExtended Model Formulas
formula.toolsUtilities for working with formulas, expressions, calls and other R objects
fortunesR Fortunes
forwardForward search
ForwardSearchForward Search using asymptotic theory
fossilPalaeoecological and Palaeogeographical Analysis Tools
FourScoresFourScores - A game for two players
fpcFlexible procedures for clustering
fpcaRestricted MLE for Functional Principal Components Analysis
FPDclusteringPD-Clustering and Factor PD-Clustering
fPortfolioRmetrics - Portfolio Selection and Optimization
fpowComputing the noncentrality parameter of the noncentral F distribution
fppData for "Forecasting: principles and practice"
fptdApproxApproximation of first-passage-time densities for diffusion processes
fracdiffFractionally differenced ARIMA aka ARFIMA(p,d,q) models
fractalFractal Time Series Modeling and Analysis
fractaldimEstimation of fractal dimensions
fractalrockGenerate fractal time series with non-normal returns distribution
FRACTIONNumeric number into fraction
frailtyHLFrailty Models via H-likelihood
frailtypackGeneral Frailty Models: Shared, Joint and Nested Frailty Models with Prediction
frairFunctional response analysis in R
Frames2Estimation in dual frame surveys
FRAPOFinancial Risk Modelling and Portfolio Optimisation with R
FRBFast and Robust Bootstrap
frbsFuzzy Rule-based Systems for Classification and Regression Tasks
FRCCFast Regularized Canonical Correlation Analysis
freeknotsplinesFree-Knot Splines
FreeSortRFree Sorting data analysis
freestatsStatistical algorithms used in common data mining course
fRegressionRmetrics - Regression Based Decision and Prediction
FREQFREQ: Estimate population size from capture frequencies
freqMAPFrequency Moving Average Plots (MAP) of Multinomial Data by a Continuous Covariate
freqparcoordNovel Methods for Parallel Coordinates
freqweightsWorking with frequency tables
FRESA.CADFeatuRE Selection Algorithms for Computer Aided Diagnosis
FrF2Fractional Factorial designs with 2-level factors
FrF2.catlg128Catalogues of resolution IV 128 run 2-level fractional factorials up to 33 factors that do have 5-letter words
frmRegression Analysis of Fractional Responses
frmhetRegression Analysis of Fractional Responses Under Unobserved Heterogeneity
frmpdRegression Analysis of Panel Fractional Responses
frmqaThe Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution, Related Distributions and Their Applications in Finance
frontierStochastic Frontier Analysis
frontilesPartial Frontier Efficiency Analysis
frtFull Randomization Test
fscaretAutomated Feature Selection from 'caret'
FSelectorSelecting attributes
fsiaImport and Analysis of OMR Data from FormScanner
fslrWrapper functions for FSL (FMRIB Software Library) from Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB)
fsoFuzzy Set Ordination
fSRMSocial Relations Analyses With Roles ("Family SRM")
FTICRMSPrograms for Analyzing Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Data
ftnonparFeatures and Strings for Nonparametric Regression
fTradingTechnical Trading Analysis
ftsR interface to tslib (a time series library in c++)
ftsaFunctional Time Series Analysis
fueleconomyEPA fuel economy data
fugeRFUzzy GEnetic, a machine learning algorithm to construct prediction model based on fuzzy logic
funUse R for Fun
FunChisqChi-Square Tests for Non-Parametric Functional Dependencies
FunClusterFunctional Profiling of Microarray Expression Data
FunclusteringA package for functional data clustering
FuncMapHive Plots of R Package Function Calls
functionalCurry, Compose, and other higher-order functions
FunctionalNetworksAn algorithm for gene and gene set network inference
funFEMClustering in the Discriminative Functional Subspace
funHDDCModel-based clustering in group-specific functional subspaces
fUnitRootsTrends and Unit Roots
funregfunreg (Functional Regression for Irregularly Timed Data)
funtimesFunctions for Time Series Analysis
FusedPCACommunity Detection via Fused Principal Component Analysis
futile.anyFutile library to provide some polymorphic operations
futile.loggerA Logging Utility for R
futile.matrixRandom matrix generation and manipulation
futile.optionsFutile options management
futile.paradigmA framework for working in a functional programming paradigm in R
fuzzyFDRExact calculation of fuzzy decision rules for multiple testing
fuzzyMMMap Matching Using Fuzzy Logic
FuzzyNumbersTools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers
fuzzyRankTestsFuzzy Rank Tests and Confidence Intervals
FuzzyStatProbFuzzy Stationary Probabilities from a Sequence of Observations of an Unknown Markov Chain
FuzzyToolkitUoNType 1 Fuzzy Logic Toolkit
fwdmsaForward search for Mokken scale analysis
FWDselectSelecting variables in regression models
fwi.fbpFire Weather Index System and Fire Behaviour Prediction System Calculations
fwsimFisher-Wright Population Simulation
fxregimeExchange Rate Regime Analysis
G1DBNA package performing Dynamic Bayesian Network inference
G2SdGrain-Size Statistics and Description of Sediment
GAGenetic Algorithms
GA4StratificationA genetic algorithm approach to determine stratum boundaries and sample sizes of each stratum in stratified sampling
GAabbreviateAbbreviating Questionnaires (or Other Measures) Using Genetic Algorithms
GABiFramework for Generalized Subspace Pattern Mining
GADGAD: Analysis of variance from general principles
GaDiFPTFirst Passage Time Simulation for Gaussian Diffusion Processes
gainsGains Table Package
GAIPEGraphical Extension with Accuracy in Parameter Estimation (GAIPE)
galtsGenetic algorithms and C-steps based LTS (Least Trimmed Squares) estimation
gamGeneralized Additive Models
gamairData for "GAMs: An Introduction with R"
gambinFit the GamBin model to species abundance distributions
GAMBoostGeneralized linear and additive models by likelihood based boosting
gamboostLSSBoosting Methods for GAMLSS
gamboostMSMEstimating multistate models using gamboost()
gamclassFunctions and data for a course on modern regression and classification
gamesStatistical Estimation of Game-Theoretic Models
GameTheoryCooperative Game Theory
gamlrGamma Lasso Regression
gamlssGeneralised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
gamlss.addGAMLSS Extra Additive terms
gamlss.censFitting an interval response variable using gamlss.family distributions
gamlss.dataGAMLSS Data
gamlss.demoDemos for GAMLSS
gamlss.distDistributions To Be Used For GAMLSS Modelling
gamlss.mxA GAMLSS Add-on Package For Fitting Mixture Distributions
gamlss.nlFitting non linear parametric GAMLSS models
gamlss.spatialPackage to fit spatial data in gamlss
gamlss.trGenerating and fitting truncated (gamlss.family) distributions
gamlss.utilGAMLSS Utilities
gamm4Generalized additive mixed models using mgcv and lme4
Gammaregclassic gamma regression: joint modeling of mean and shape parameters
gammSliceGeneralized additive mixed model analysis via slice sampling
GANPAGene Association Network-based Pathway Analysis
GANPAdataThe GANPA Datasets Package
gaoptimGenetic Algorithm optimization for real-based and permutation-based problems
gapGenetic analysis package
gapmapFunctions for Drawing Gapped Cluster Heatmap with ggplot2
gapminderGapminder Data
GARAuthorize and Request Google Analytics Data
gaselectGenetic Algorithm (GA) for Variable Selection from High-Dimensional Data
gaussDiffDifference measures for multivariate Gaussian probability density functions
gaussquadCollection of functions for Gaussian quadrature
gbGeneralize Lambda Distribution and Generalized Bootstrapping
GB2Generalized Beta Distribution of the Second Kind: properties, likelihood, estimation
gbmGeneralized Boosted Regression Models
gbRdUtilities for processing Rd objects and files
gbsPackage for Generalized Birnbaum-Saunders Distributions
GCAI.biasGuided Correction Approach for Inherited bias (GCAI.bias)
gCatGraph-based two-sample tests for categorical data
gcbdGPU/CPU Benchmarking in Debian-based systems
GCDGlobal Charcoal Database
gcdnetLASSO and (adaptive) Elastic-Net penalized least squares, logistic regression, HHSVM and squared hinge loss SVM using a fast GCD algorithm
gclusClustering Graphics
gcmrGaussian Copula Marginal Regression
gconcordConcord method for Graphical Model Selection
gcookbookData for "R Graphics Cookbook"
GCPMGeneralized Credit Portfolio Model
gdalUtilsWrappers for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) Utilities
gdataVarious R programming tools for data manipulation
g.dataDelayed-Data Packages
GDAtoolsA toolbox for the analysis of categorical data in social sciences, and especially Geometric Data Analysis
GDELTtoolsDownload, slice, and normalize GDELT data
gdimapGeneralized Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
gdistanceDistances and Routes on Geographical Grids
gdmFunctions for Generalized Dissimilarity Modeling
geeGeneralized Estimation Equation Solver
geeMFit Generalized Estimating Equations
geepackGeneralized Estimating Equation Package
geesmvModified Variance Estimators for Generalized Estimating Equations
geigenCalculate Generalized Eigenvalues of a Matrix Pair
geigerAnalysis of evolutionary diversification
gelnetGeneralized Elastic Nets
gemsGeneralized Multistate Simulation Model
gemtcNetwork Meta-Analysis Using Bayesian Methods
gemtc.jarGeMTC Java binary
GenABELgenome-wide SNP association analysis
GenABEL.dataPackage contains data which is used by GenABEL example and test functions
genalgR Based Genetic Algorithm
genasisGlobal ENvironmental ASsessment Information System (GENASIS) computational tools
GenBinomAppsClopper-Pearson Confidence Interval and Generalized Binomial Distribution
gendataGenerate and Modify Synthetic Datasets
genderPredict Gender from Names Using Historical Data
genderizeRGender Prediction Based on First Names
GENEAreadPackage For Reading Binary files
GeneCycleIdentification of Periodically Expressed Genes
GeneFPackage for Generalized F-statistics
GeneFeSTBayesian calculation of gene-specific FST from genomic SNP data
GenelandDetection of structure from multilocus genetic data
geneListPieProfiling a gene list into GOslim or KEGG function pie
GeneNetModeling and Inferring Gene Networks
genepiGenetic Epidemiology Design and Inference
GeneralizedHyperbolicThe Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
GeneRegConstruct time delay gene regulatory network
geneSignatureFinderA Gene-signatures finder tools
geneticsPopulation Genetics
GeneticSubsetterIdentify Favorable Subsets of Germplasm Collections
GeneticToolsCollection of Genetic Data Analysis Tools
GenForImpThe Forward Imputation: A Sequential Distance-Based Approach for Imputing Missing Data
GenKernFunctions for generating and manipulating binned kernel density estimates
genlassoPath algorithm for generalized lasso problems
GENLIBGenealogical Data Analysis
genMOSSFunctions for the Bayesian Analysis of GWAS Data
genMOSSplusApplication of MOSS algorithm to genome-wide association study (GWAS)
genoPlotRPlot publication-grade gene and genome maps
GenOrdSimulation of ordinal and discrete variables with given correlation matrix and marginal distributions
genpathmoxGeneralized PATHMOX Algorithm for PLS-PM, LS and LAD Regression
genridgeGeneralized Ridge Trace Plots for Ridge Regression
GenSAR functions for Generalized Simulated Annealing
gensemblegeneralized ensemble methods
genSurvGenerating multi-state survival data
GenWinSpline Based Window Boundaries for Genomic Analyses
geoBayesAnalysis of Geostatistical Data using Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods
geocodeHEREWrapper for Nokia's HERE Geocoding API
geoCountAnalysis and Modeling for Geostatistical Count Data
GeoDEA geometrical Approach to Differential expression and gene-set enrichment
GeoGenetixQuantification of the effect of geographic versus environmental isolation on genetic differentiation
GeoLightAnalysis of light based geolocator data
GEOmapTopographic and Geologic Mapping
geomapdataData for topographic and Geologic Mapping
geometryMesh generation and surface tesselation
geomorphGeometric Morphometric Analyses of 2d/3D Landmark Data
geonamesInterface to www.geonames.org web service
geophysGeophysics, Continuum Mechanics, Mogi Model
geoRAnalysis of geostatistical data
geoRglmgeoRglm - a package for generalised linear spatial models
georobRobust Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Data
geoscaleGeological timescale plot
geospacomHelper package to facilitate the generation of distance matrices used in the package spacom
geosphereSpherical Trigonometry
geosptGeostatistical Analysis and Design of Optimal Spatial Sampling Networks
geostatspGeostatistical Modelling with Likelihood and Bayes
geotoolsGeo tools
geotopbricksAn R Plug-in for the Distributed Hydrological Model GEOtop
GeoXpInteractive exploratory spatial data analysis
geozooZoo of Geometric Objects
GESTrGene Expression State Transformation
getoptC-like getopt behavior
GetoptLongParsing Command-Line Arguments and Variable Interpolation
GetRGetR: Calculate Guttman error trees in R
getsGeneral-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling and Indicator Saturation Methods
gettingtothebottomLearning Optimization and Machine Learning for Statistics
GEVcdnGEV conditional density estimation network
GEVStableGarchARMA-GARCH/APARCH models with GEV and stable distributions
GExMapA visual, intuitive, easy to use software giving access to a new type of information buried into your microarray data
gfcanalysisTools for working with Hansen et al. 2013 Global Forest Change dataset
GGallyExtension to ggplot2
ggdendroTools for extracting dendrogram and tree diagram plot data for use with ggplot2
GGEBiplotGUIGGEBiplotGUI: Interactive GGE Biplots in R
ggenealogyVisualization Tools for Genealogical Data
ggExtraCollection of Functions and Layers to Enhance ggplot2
GGIRRaw Accelerometer Data Analysis
gglassoGroup Lasso Penalized Learning Using A Unified BMD Algorithm
ggmFunctions for graphical Markov models
ggmapSpatial Visualization with Google Maps and OpenStreetMap
ggmcmcGraphical tools for analyzing Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations from Bayesian inference
GGMselectGaussian Graphs Models selection
ggparallelVariations of Parallel Coordinate Plots for Categorical Data
ggplot2An Implementation of the Grammar of Graphics
ggRandomForestsVisually Exploring Random Forests
ggROCpackage for roc curve plot with ggplot2
ggsubplotExplore complex data by embedding subplots within plots
ggswissmapsOffers Various Swiss Maps as ggplot2 Objects
ggthemesExtra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'
ggvisInteractive Grammar of Graphics
GhcnDailyDownloads and processes GHCN daily
GHQpGauss Hermite Quadrature with pruning
ghypA package on the generalized hyperbolic distribution and its special cases
GibbsACOVGibbs Sampler for One-Way Mixed-Effects ANOVA and ANCOVA Models
gibbs.metNaive Gibbs Sampling with Metropolis Steps
GIGrvgRandom variate generator for the GIG distribution
GillespieSSAGillespie's Stochastic Simulation Algorithm (SSA)
gimmeGroup Iterative Multiple Model Estimation
gIPFrmGeneralized Iterative Proportional Fitting for Relational Models
giRaphThe giRaph package for graph representation in R
GISToolsSome further GIS capabilities for R
gistrWork with GitHub Gists
git2rProvides Access to Git Repositories
gitteran R package for quantification of pinned microbial culture
GizaConstructing panels of population pyramid plots based on lattice
glarmaGeneralized Linear Autoregressive Moving Average Models
glassoGraphical lasso- estimation of Gaussian graphical models
glassomixHigh dimensional Mixture Graph Models selection
glbaGeneral Linear Ballistic Accumulator Models
glcmCalculate textures from grey-level co-occurrence matrices (GLCMs) in R
gldEstimation and use of the generalised (Tukey) lambda distribution
GLDEXFitting Single and Mixture of Generalised Lambda Distributions (RS and FMKL) using Various Methods
gldistAn Asymmetry-Steepness Parameterization of the Generalized Lambda Distribution
GLDregFit GLD Regression Model and GLD Quantile Regression Model to Empirical Data
glinternetLearning interactions via hierarchical group-lasso regularization
gllmGeneralised log-linear model
glm2Fitting Generalized Linear Models
glmcFitting Generalized Linear Models Subject to Constraints
glmdmR Code for Simulation of GLMDM
glmgraphGraph-Constrained Regularization for Sparse Generalized Linear Models
glmlepFit GLM with LEP-based penalized maximum likelihood
glmmGeneralized Linear Mixed Models via Monte Carlo Likelihood Approximation
glmmBUGSGeneralised Linear Mixed Models and Spatial Models with WinBUGS, BRugs, or OpenBUGS
glmmGSGauss-Seidel Generalized Linear Mixed Model solver
glmmLassoVariable selection for generalized linear mixed models by L1-penalized estimation
glmmMLGeneralized linear models with clustering
glmnetLasso and elastic-net regularized generalized linear models
glmnetcrFit a penalized constrained continuation ratio model for predicting an ordinal response
glmpathL1 Regularization Path for Generalized Linear Models and Cox Proportional Hazards Model
glmpathcrFit a penalized continuation ratio model for predicting an ordinal response
glmultiModel selection and multimodel inference made easy
glmvsdVariable Selection Deviation Measures and Instability Tests for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
glmxGeneralized Linear Models Extended
globalboosttestTesting the additional predictive value of high-dimensional data
GlobalDevianceGlobal Deviance Permutation Tests
globalGSAGlobal Gene-Set Analysis for Association Studies
GlobalOptionsGenerate Functions to Get or Set Global Options
globalOptTestsObjective functions for benchmarking the performance of global optimization algorithms
glogisFitting and Testing Generalized Logistic Distributions
glpkAPIR Interface to C API of GLPK
glrtGeneralized Logrank Tests for Interval-censored Failure Time Data
GLSMEGeneralized Least Squares with Measurement Error
gmailrAccess the Gmail RESTful API
gmatrixAn R Package for Harnessing GPU Power
GMCMFast estimation of Gaussian Mixture Copula Models
gMCPGraph Based Multiple Comparison Procedures
GMDGeneralized Minimum Distance of distributions
GMDHPredicting and Forecasting Time Series via GMDH-Type Neural Network Algorithms
GmiscDescriptive Statistics, Transition Plots, and More
gmmGeneralized Method of Moments and Generalized Empirical Likelihood
GMMBoostLikelihood-based Boosting for Generalized mixed models
gmnlMultinomial Logit Models with Random Parameters
gmodelsVarious R programming tools for model fitting
gmpMultiple Precision Arithmetic
gmtInterface between GMT Map-Making Software and R
gMWTGeneralized Mann-Whitney Type Tests
GNEComputation of generalized Nash equilibria
gnmGeneralized Nonlinear Models
gnmfGeneralized Non-negative Matrix Factorization Based on Renyi Divergence
gnumericRead data from files readable by gnumeric
goalprogWeighted and lexicographical goal programming and optimization
gofModel-diagnostics based on cumulative residuals
GoFKernelTesting Goodness-of-fit with the Kernel Density Estimator
goftTests of Fit for some Probability Distributions
goftestClassical Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Univariate Distributions
GOGANPAGO-Functional-Network-based Gene-Set-Analysis
gogarchGeneralized Orthogonal GARCH (GO-GARCH) models
googleVisR Interface to Google Charts
gooJSONGoogle JSON Data Interpreter for R
GOplotVisualization Of Functional Analysis Data
goricGeneralized Order-Restricted Information Criterion
govStatJPNfunctions to get public survey data in Japan
gpairsgpairs: The Generalized Pairs Plot
GParetoGaussian Processes for Pareto Front Estimation and Optimization
GPArotationGPA Factor Rotation
GPCGeneralized Polynomial Chaos
gPCABatch Effect Detection via Guided Principal Components Analysis
gpclibGeneral Polygon Clipping Library for R
GPCSIVGPCSIV, Generalized Principal Component of Symbolic Interval variables
gPdtestBootstrap goodness-of-fit test for the generalized Pareto distribution
GPFDAApply Gaussian Process in Functional data analysis
GPfitGaussian Processes Modeling
gpk100 Data Sets for Statistics Education
gplmGeneralized partial linear models (GPLM)
gplotsVarious R Programming Tools for Plotting Data
GPLTRGeneralized Partially Linear Tree-based Regression Model
gpmapAnalysing and plotting genotype-phenotype maps
gprA Minimalistic package to apply Gaussian Process in R
gProfileRR interface to the g:Profiler toolkit
GPseqgpseq: Using the generalized Poisson distribution to model sequence read counts from high throughput sequencing experiments
gptkGaussian Processes Tool-Kit
gputoolsA few GPU enabled functions
GPvamMaximum Likelihood Estimation of Multiple Membership Mixed Models Used in Value-Added Modeling
gradeBinary Grading functions for R
GRaFSpecies distribution modelling using latent Gaussian random fields
gRainGraphical Independence Networks
gramEvolGrammatical Evolution for R
GrammRGraphical Representation and Modeling of Metagenomic Reads
granovaGraphical Analysis of Variance
granovaGGGraphical Analysis of Variance Using ggplot2
gRapfaAcyclic Probabilistic Finite Automata
gRapHDEfficient selection of undirected graphical models for high-dimensional datasets
GrapheRA multi-platform GUI for drawing customizable graphs in R
graphicalVARGraphical VAR for Experience Sampling Data
graphicsQCQuality Control for Graphics in R
GraphPCAGraphPCA, Graphical tools of histogram PCA
graphscanCluster Detection with Hypothesis Free Scan Statistic
GrassmannOptimGrassmann Manifold Optimization
gRbaseA package for graphical modelling in R
gRcInference in Graphical Gaussian Models with Edge and Vertex Symmetries
greportGraphical Reporting for Clinical Trials
Grid2PolygonsConvert Spatial Grids to Polygons
gridBaseIntegration of base and grid graphics
gridDebugDebugging Grid Graphics
gridExtrafunctions in Grid graphics
gridGraphicsRedraw Base Graphics Using grid Graphics
gridGraphvizDrawing Graphs with Grid
gridSVGExport grid Graphics as SVG
GriegSmithUses Grieg-Smith method on 2 dimentional spatial data
gRimGraphical Interaction Models
grImportImporting Vector Graphics
grnnGeneral regression neural network
grocGeneralized Regression on Orthogonal Components
grofitThe package was developed to fit fit many growth curves obtained under different conditions
groupedRegression Analysis of Grouped and Coarse Data
GroupSeqA GUI-based program to compute probabilities regarding group sequential designs
growcurvesBayesian semi and nonparametric growth curve models that additionally include multiple membership random effects
growfunctionsBayesian non-parametric dependent models for time-indexed functional data
growthmodelsNonlinear Growth Models
growthrateBayesian reconstruction of growth velocity
grplassoFitting user specified models with Group Lasso penalty
grppenaltyConcave 1-norm and 2-norm group penalty in linear and logistic regression
grpregRegularization paths for regression models with grouped covariates
grtGeneral Recognition Theory
GRToTools for the analysis of Gutenberg-Richter distributions of earthquake magnitudes
GSAGene set analysis
GSAgmGene Set Analysis using the Gamma Method
gsalibUtility Functions For GATK
gsarimaTwo functions for Generalized SARIMA time series simulation
gsbDesignGroup Sequential Bayes Design
gsDesignGroup Sequential Design
GSERobust Estimation of Multivariate Location and Scatter in the Presence of Missing Data
gSegGraph-Based Change-Point Detection (g-Segmentation)
gsetGroup Sequential Design in Equivalence Studies
gsgCalculation of selection coefficients
gsheetDownload Google Sheets Using Just the URL
GSIFGlobal Soil Information Facilities
gslwrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library
GSMGamma Shape Mixture
gsmoothrSmoothing tools
gssGeneral Smoothing Splines
gsscopuCopula Density and 2-D Hazard Estimation using Smoothing Splines
gstatSpatial and Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Modelling, Prediction and Simulation
gstudioAnalyses and functions related to the spatial analysis of genetic marker data
gsubfnUtilities for strings and function arguments
gswGibbs Sea Water Functions
gtableArrange grobs in tables
gtcorrCalculate efficiencies of group testing algorithms with correlated responses
gteGeneralized Turnbull's Estimator
gtoolsVarious R programming tools
gtopGame-Theoretically OPtimal (GTOP) Reconciliation Method
gtxGenetics ToolboX
GuardianRThe Guardian API Wrapper
GuerryMaps, data and methods related to Guerry (1833) "Moral Statistics of France"
GUIDEGUI for DErivatives in R
GUILDSImplementation of sampling formulas for the unified neutral model of biodiversity and biogeography, with or without guild structure
GUIProfilerProfiler Graphical User Interface
gumbelGumbel Copula
GUniFracGeneralized UniFrac distances
GUTSGUTS: Fast Calculation of the Likelihood of a Stochastic Survival Model
gvcm.catRegularized Categorical Effects/Categorical Effect Modifiers/Continuous/Smooth Effects in GLMs
gvlmaGlobal Validation of Linear Models Assumptions
GWAFGenome-Wide Association/Interaction Analysis and Rare Variant Analysis with Family Data
GWASExactHWExact Hardy-Weinburg testing for Genome Wide Association Studies
gwerAMControlling the genome-wide type I error rate in association mapping experiments
GWGCalculation of probabilities for inadequate and excessive gestational weight gain
gWidgetsgWidgets API for building toolkit-independent, interactive GUIs
gWidgets2Rewrite of gWidgets API for simplified GUI construction
gWidgets2RGtk2Implementation of gWidgets2 for the RGtk2 Package
gWidgets2tcltkToolkit Implementation of gWidgets2 for tcltk
gWidgetsRGtk2Toolkit implementation of gWidgets for RGtk2
gWidgetstcltkToolkit implementation of gWidgets for tcltk package
GWmodelGeographically-Weighted Models
gwrrFits geographically weighted regression models with diagnostic tools
GWsignifGenome-wide significance for whole genome sequencing studies
GxMMaximum Likelihood Estimation for Gene-by-Measured Environment Interaction Models
h2oH2O R Interface
haarfiszSoftware to perform Haar Fisz transforms
HACEstimation, Simulation and Visualization of Hierarchical Archimedean Copulae (HAC)
HadoopStreamingUtilities for using R scripts in Hadoop streaming
hamletHierarchical Optimal Matching and Machine Learning Toolbox
HandTill2001Multiple Class Area under ROC Curve
HankelUnivariate non-parametric two-sample test based on empirical Hankel transforms
hapassocInference of trait associations with SNP haplotypes and other attributes using the EM Algorithm
HapEstXXRMulti-locus stepwise regression (MSR)
HaplinAnalyzing case-parent triad and/or case-control data with SNP haplotypes
haplo.ccsEstimate Haplotype Relative Risks in Case-Control Data
HaploSimFunctions to simulate haplotypes
haplo.statsStatistical Analysis of Haplotypes with Traits and Covariates when Linkage Phase is Ambiguous
HAP.RORRecursive Organizer (ROR)
HardyWeinbergGraphical Tests for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
harvestrA Parallel Simulation Framework
hashFull feature implementation of hash/associated arrays/dictionaries
hashFunctionA collection of non-cryptographic hash functions
hasseDiagramDrawing Hasse diagram
havenImport SPSS, Stata and SAS Files
hawkesHawkes process simulation and calibration toolkit
hazusDamage functions from FEMA's HAZUS software for use in modeling financial losses from natural disasters
hbimHill/Bliss Independence Model for Combination Vaccines
hbmHierarchical Block Matrix Analysis
hbmemHierarchical Bayesian Analysis of Recognition Memory
hbsaeHierarchical Bayesian Small Area Estimation
HBSTMHierarchical Bayesian Space-Time models for Gaussian space-time data
hccHidden correlation check
hcciInterval estimation for the parameters of linear models with heteroskedasticity (Wild Bootstrap)
hcpChange Point Estimation for Regression with Heteroscedastic Data
hdaHeteroscedastic Discriminant Analysis
HDclassifHigh Dimensional Supervised Classification and Clustering
hddplotUse known groups in high-dimensional data to derive scores for plots
hddtoolsHydrological Data Discovery Tools
hdecoHierarchical DECOmposition of Entropy for Categorical Map Comparisons
hdiHigh-Dimensional Inference
hdlmFitting High Dimensional Linear Models
HDMDStatistical Analysis Tools for High Dimension Molecular Data (HDMD)
HDPenRegHigh-Dimensional Penalized Regression
hdrcdeHighest density regions and conditional density estimation
HDtweedieThe Lasso for the Tweedie's Compound Poisson Model Using an IRLS-BMD Algorithm
HEATHealth Effects of Air Pollution and Temperature (HEAT)
heatexHeat exchange calculations during physical activity
heatmap3A improved heatmap package
heatmapFitFit statistic for binary dependent variable models
heatmap.plusHeatmap with more sensible behavior
heavyPackage for robust estimation using heavy-tailed distributions
helloJavaWorldHello Java World
helsinkiHelsinki Open Data R Tools
heplotsVisualizing Hypothesis Tests in Multivariate Linear Models
hergmHierarchical Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
heritabilityMarker-Based Estimation of Heritability Using Individual Plant or Plot Data
hermiteGeneralized Hermite Distribution
hettHeteroscedastic t-regression
het.testWhite's Test for Heteroskedasticity
hexbinHexagonal Binning Routines
hexViewViewing Binary Files
hflightsFlights that departed Houston in 2011
hgamHigh-dimensional Additive Modelling
hglassoLearning graphical models with hubs
hglmHierarchical Generalized Linear Models
hglm.dataData for The hglm Package
HGNChelperHandy Functions for Working With HGNC Gene Symbols and Affymetrix Probeset Identifiers
HHStatistical Analysis and Data Display: Heiberger and Holland
HHGHeller-Heller-Gorfine Tests of Independence
hhtThe Hilbert-Huang Transform: Tools and Methods
HISimulation from distributions supported by nested hyperplanes
HiClimRHierarchical Climate Regionalization
HiCsegDetection of domains in HiC data
hiddenfThe all-Configurations, Maximum-Interaction F-Test for Hidden Additivity
HiddenMarkovHidden Markov Models
HiDimDAHigh Dimensional Discriminant Analysis
HiDimMaxStableInference on High Dimensional Max-Stable Distributions
hierarchicalDSFunctions For Performing Hierarchical Analysis of Distance Sampling Data
hierDiversityHierarchical Multiplicative Partitioning of Complex Phenotypes
hierfstatEstimation and tests of hierarchical F-statistics
hierNetA Lasso for Hierarchical Interactions
HierOA graphical user interface for calculating power and sample size for hierarchical data
hier.partHierarchical Partitioning
HIestHybrid index estimation
highD2popTwo-Sample Tests for Equality of Means in High Dimension
highfrequencyTools For Highfrequency Data Analysis
highlightSyntax highlighter
highrSyntax highlighting for R
highTtestSimultaneous Critical Values for t-Tests in Very High Dimensions
hillmakeRPerform occupancy analysis
HiLMMEstimation of heritability in high dimensional Linear Mixed Models
hintTools for hypothesis testing based on Hypergeometric Intersection distributions
HiPLARMHigh Performance Linear Algebra in R
hiPODhierarchical Pooled Optimal Design
hisemiHierarchical Semiparametric Regression of Test Statistics
hisseHidden State Speciation and Extinction
HistDataData sets from the history of statistics and data visualization
HistDAWassHistogram-Valued Data Analysis
histmdlA Most Informative Histogram-Like Model
histogramConstruction of regular and irregular histograms with different options for automatic choice of bins
HistogramToolsUtility Functions for R Histograms
historydataData Sets for Historians
hitandrun"Hit and Run" and "Shake and Bake" for Sampling Uniformly From Convex Shapes
hiveHadoop InteractiVE
HiveR2D and 3D Hive Plots for R
HIV.LifeTablesHIV calibrated model life tables for countries with generalized HIV epidemics
HK80Conversion Tools for HK80 Geographical Coordinate System
HLMdiagDiagnostic tools for hierarchical (multilevel) linear models
hlrHidden Logistic Regression
HLSMHierarchical latent space network model (HLSM)
hmeasureThe H-measure and other scalar classification performance metrics
HmiscHarrell Miscellaneous
HMMHMM - Hidden Markov Models
HMMContHidden Markov Model for Continuous Observations Processes
hmm.discnpHidden Markov models with discrete non-parametric observation distributions
hmmmhierarchical multinomial marginal models
HMMpaAnalysing accelerometer data using hidden Markov models
HMPHypothesis Testing and Power Calculations for Comparing Metagenomic Samples from HMP
HMPTreesStatistical Object Oriented Data Analysis of RDP-based Taxonomic trees from Human Microbiome Data: Modeling, Visualization, and Two-Group Comparison
HMRFlux Estimation with Static Chamber Data
hnpHalf-Normal Plots with Simulation Envelopes
hoardeRhoardeR package
holdemTexas Holdem simulator
HolidaysHoliday and Half-Day Data, for Use with the 'TimeWarp' Package
homalsGifi Methods for Optimal Scaling
homeRFunctions useful for building physics
HomoPolymerTheoretical Model to Simulate Radical Polymerization
homtestHomogeneity tests for Regional Frequency Analysis
hornpaHorn's (1965) Test to Determine the Number of Components/Factors
hot.deckMultiple Hot-deck Imputation
HotDeckImputationHot Deck Imputation Methods for Missing Data
HotellingHotelling's T-squared test and variants
hotspotsHot spots
howmanyA lower bound for the number of correct rejections
HPbayesHeligman Pollard mortality model parameter estimation using Bayesian Melding with Incremental Mixture Importance Sampling
hpcwldHigh Performance Cluster Models Based on Kiefer-Wolfowitz Recursion
hpoPlotFunctions for Plotting HPO Terms
hqmiscMiscellaneous convenience functions and dataset
hrrHorizontal rule for the R language
HSAURA Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (1st Edition)
HSAUR2A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (2nd Edition)
HSAUR3A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R (3rd Edition)
hsdarManage, Analyse and Simulate Hyperspectral Data in R
hSDMhierarchical Bayesian species distribution models
hsicCCACanonical Correlation Analysis based on Kernel Independence Measures
hsmmHidden Semi Markov Models
hsphasePhasing, Pedigree Reconstruction, Sire Imputation and Recombination Events Identification of Half-sib Families Using SNP Data
HSROCMeta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy when Reference Test is Imperfect
HSSVDBiclustering with Heterogeneous Variance
htmlTableAdvanced Tables for Markdown/HTML
htmltoolsTools for HTML
HTMLUtilsFacilitates Automated HTML Report Creation
htmlwidgetsHTML Widgets for R
htsHierarchical and grouped time series
HTSClusterClustering high throughput sequencing (HTS) data
httkHigh-Throughput Toxicokinetics
httpRequestBasic HTTP Request
httpuvHTTP and WebSocket server library
httrTools for Working with URLs and HTTP
hugeHigh-dimensional Undirected Graph Estimation
HUMcompute HUM value and visualize ROC curves
humanFormatHuman-friendly formatting functions
hwdeModels and tests for departure from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and independence between loci
HWEBayesBayesian investigation of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium via estimation and testing
HWEintrinsicObjective Bayesian Testing for the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Problem
HW.pvalTesting Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium for Multiallelic Genes
hwriterHTML Writer - Outputs R objects in HTML format
hwriterPlushwriterPlus: Extending the hwriter Package
hwwntestTests of White Noise using Wavelets
HWxtestExact Tests for Hardy-Weinberg Proportions
hybridEnsembleBuild, deploy and evaluate a Hybrid Ensemble
hybridHclustHybrid hierarchical clustering
HybridMCImplementation of the Hybrid Monte Carlo and Multipoint Hybrid Monte Carlo sampling techniques
hydroAppsTools and models for hydrological applications
hydrogeoGroundwater data presentation and interpretation
hydroGOFGoodness-of-fit functions for comparison of simulated and observed hydrological time series
HydroMeR codes for estimating water retention and infiltration model parameters using experimental data
hydroPSOParticle Swarm Optimisation, with focus on Environmental Models
hydrostatsHydrologic indices for daily time series data
hydroTSMTime series management, analysis and interpolation for hydrological modelling
HyperbolicDistThe hyperbolic distribution
hyperdirichletA generalization of the Dirichlet distribution
hypergeaHypergeometric tests
hypergeoThe Hypergeometric Function
hyperSpecWork with Hyperspectral Data, i.e. Spectra + Meta Information (Spatial, Time, Concentration, ...)
hypervolumeHigh-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation and Geometry Operations
HyPhyMacroevolutionary phylogentic analysis of species trees and gene trees
hypothesestestConfidence Intervals and Tests of Statistical Hypotheses
hypredSimulation of Genomic Data in Applied Genetics
hysteresisTools for Modeling Rate-Dependent Hysteretic Processes and Ellipses
hzarHybrid Zone Analysis using R
IASDModel selection for index of asymmetry distribution
IATFunctions to use with data from the Implicit Association Test
iBATCGHIntegrative Bayesian Analysis of Transcriptomic and CGH Data
IBDhaploRtoolsFunctions for the Analysis of IBD Haplo Output
IBDLabelsConvert Between Different IBD-State Labelling Schemes
ibdregRegression Methods for IBD Linkage With Covariates
IBDsimSimulation of chromosomal regions shared by family members
ibeemdIrregular-lattice based ensemble empirical mode decomposition
ibeliefAn R Package for Implementing Belief Functions
IBHMApproximation using the IBHM method
ibmdbRIBM in-Database Analytics for R
IbootIboot: iterated bootstrap tests and confidence sets
ibrIterative Bias Reduction
IBrokersR API to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation
iBUGSAn Interface to WinBUGS/OpenBUGS/JAGS by gWidgets
iC10A copy number and expression-based classifier for breast tumours
iC10TrainingDataTraining datasets for iC10 package
IC2Inequality and Concentration Indices and Curves
ic50Standardized high-throughput evaluation of cell-based compound screens
icaIndependent Component Analysis
ICAFFImperialist Competitive Algorithm
icamixEstimation of ICA Mixture Models
icaOcularCorrectionIndependent Components Analysis (ICA) based artifact correction
icapcaMixed ICA/PCA
ICCFunctions facilitating the estimation of the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient
iccbetaMultilevel model intraclass correlation for slope heterogeneity
icd9Tools for Working with ICD-9 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities
ICEIterated Conditional Expectation
ICEboxIndividual Conditional Expectation Plot Toolbox
ICEinferIncremental Cost-Effectiveness (ICE) Statistical Inference from Two Unbiased Samples
icensmisStudy Design and Data Analysis in the presence of error-prone diagnostic tests and self-reported outcomes
ICGEEstimation of number of clusters and identification of atypical units
ic.inferInequality constrained inference in linear normal situations
iClusterIntegrative clustering of multiple genomic data types
ICSTools for Exploring Multivariate Data via ICS/ICA
ICSNPTools for Multivariate Nonparametrics
ICsurvA package for semiparametric regression analysis of interval-censored data
idbgR debugger
identityJacquard Condensed Coefficients of Identity
IDPmiscUtilities of Institute of Data Analyses and Process Design (www.idp.zhaw.ch)
IDPSurvivalImprecise Dirichlet Process for Survival Analysis
idrIrreproducible discovery rate
iDynoRR Analysis package for iDynoMiCS Simulation Results
ieeeroundFunctions to set and get the IEEE rounding mode
ifaIndependent Factor Analysis
iFadAn integrative factor analysis model for drug-pathway association inference
iFesIncremental Feature Selection Algorithm accelerated by GPU
IFPIdentifying Functional Polymorphisms
ifsIterated Function Systems
ifultoolsInsightful Research Tools
iGassoGenetic association tests and utilities
IgorRRead binary files saved by Igor Pro (including Neuromatic data)
igraphNetwork analysis and visualization
igraphdataA collection of network data sets for the igraph package
igraphtosoniaConvert iGraph graps to SoNIA .son files
ihsInverse Hyperbolic Sine Distribution
iki.dataclimConsistency, Homogeneity and Summary Statistics of Climatological Data
ilcLee-Carter Mortality Models using Iterative Fitting Algorithms
IMOrthogonal Moment Analysis
ImapInteractive Mapping
imguRImgur API Client Package for R
IMISIncreamental Mixture Importance Sampling
ImpactIVIdentifying Causal Effect for Multi-Component Intervention Using Instrumental Variable Method
importAn Import Mechanism for R
imprProbEstMinimum distance estimation in an imprecise probability model
imputeLCMDA collection of methods for left-censored missing data imputation
imputeMDRThe Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MDR) Analysis for Incomplete Data
imputeRA General Imputation Framework in R
in2extRemesInto the extRemes Package
inarmixMixture models for longitudinal count data
incRegIncremental Multivariate Regression
IndependenceTestsNonparametric tests of independence between random vectors
indicoioA simple R Wrapper for the indico set of APIs - http://indico.io
indicspeciesRelationship between Species and Groups of Sites
ineqMeasuring Inequality, Concentration, and Poverty
InfDimInfine-dimensional model (IDM) to analyse phenotypic variation in growth trajectories
inferenceFunctions to extract inferential values of a fitted model object
InferenceSMRInference about the standardized mortality ratio when evaluating the effect of a screening program on survival
inferferenceMethods for Causal Inference with Interference
inflectionFinds the inflection point of a curve
influence.METools for Detecting Influential Data in Mixed Effects Models
influence.SEMCase Influence in Structural Equation Models
infoDecompuTEInformation Decomposition of Two-phase Experiments
informRSequence Statistics for Relational Event Models
infotheoInformation-Theoretic Measures
infraAn Infrastructure Proxy Function
infutilInformation Utility
INLABMABayesian Model Averaging with INLA
inlineInline C, C++, Fortran function calls from R
inlinedocsConvert inline comments to documentation
InPositionInference Tests for ExPosition
insideRODEinsideRODE includes buildin functions with deSolve solver and C/FORTRAN interfaces to nlme, together with compiled codes
insolSolar Radiation
installrUsing R to install stuff (such as: R, Rtools, RStudio, git, and more!)
insuranceDataA Collection of Insurance Datasets Useful in Risk Classification in Non-life Insurance
intamapprocedures for automated interpolation
intamapInteractiveprocedures for automated interpolation - methods only to be used interactively, not included in intamap package
intcoxIterated Convex Minorant Algorithm for interval censored event data
InteractTests for marginal interactions in a 2 class response model
InteractiveIGraphinteractive network analysis and visualization
InteratrixCompute Chi-Square Measures with Corrections
interferenceCIExact Confidence Intervals in the Presence of Interference
intergraphCoercion Routines for Network Data Objects
internetarchiveAn API Client for the Internet Archive
InterpolInterpolation of amino acid sequences
Interpol.THourly interpolation of multiple temperature daily series
interpretRBinary Classifier Interpretation Functions
InterVA4Replicate and analyse InterVA4
intervalWeighted Logrank Tests and NPMLE for interval censored data
intervalsTools for working with points and intervals
interventionalDBNInterventional Inference for Dynamic Bayesian Networks
IntLikNumerical Integration for Integrated Likelihood
intpointlinear programming solver by the interior point method and graphically (two dimensions)
inTreesInterpret Tree Ensembles
intRegInterval Regression
intRegGOFIntegrated Regression Goodness of Fit
introgressmethods for analyzing introgression between divergent lineages
intsvyInternational Assessment Data Manager
InvariantCausalPredictionInvariant Causal Prediction
investrInverse Estimation/Calibration Functions
invGaussThreshold regression that fits the (randomized drift) inverse Gaussian distribution to survival data
ioA Unified Framework for Input-Output Operations in R
ionflowsCalculate the Number of Required Flows for Semiconductor Sequencing
iosmoothFunctions for smoothing with infinite order flat-top kernels
ipdmetaTools for subgroup analyses with multiple trial data using aggregate statistics
ipdwSpatial Interpolation by Inverse Path Distance Weighting
ipfpFast implementation of the iterative proportional fitting procedure in C
iplotsiPlots - interactive graphics for R
IPMpackBuilds and analyses Integral Projection Models (IPMs)
ipredImproved Predictors
ipsInterfaces to Phylogenetic Software in R
IPSURIntroduction to Probability and Statistics Using R
IQCCImproved Quality Control Charts
iqLearnInteractive Q-Learning
iraceIterated Racing Procedures
iRefRiRefIndex Manager
iRegressionRegression methods for interval-valued variables
iReproReproducibility for Interval-Censored Data
irlbaFast partial SVD by implicitly-restarted Lanczos bidiagonalization
irrVarious Coefficients of Interrater Reliability and Agreement
irtoysSimple interface to the estimation and plotting of IRT models
irtProbUtilities and Probability Distributions Related to Multidimensional Person Item Response Models
irtreesEstimation of Tree-Based Item Response Models
IRTShinyItem Response Theory via Shiny
isa2The Iterative Signature Algorithm
ISBFIterative Selection of Blocks of Features - ISBF
isdalsProvides datasets for Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis for the Life Sciences
ISDA.Rinterval symbolic data analysis for R
IsingFitFitting Ising models using the eLasso method
isingLenzMCMonte Carlo for Classical Ising Model
IsingSamplerSampling Methods and Distribution Functions for the Ising Model
ISLRData for An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R
ismevAn Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values
IsoFunctions to perform isotonic regression
IsoCIConfidence intervals for current status data based on transformations and bootstrap
isocirIsotonic Inference for Circular data
ISOcodesSelected ISO codes
IsoGeneOrder-Restricted Inference for Microarray Experiments
isopamIsopam (Clustering)
isopatCalculation of isotopic pattern for a given molecular formula
ISOpureRDeconvolution of Tumour Profiles
isotoneActive set and generalized PAVA for isotone optimization
isotonic.penPenalized Isotonic Regression in one and two dimensions
IsotopeRStable isotope analysis
ISOweekWeek of the year and weekday according to ISO 8601
isvaIndependent Surrogate Variable Analysis
ISwRIntroductory Statistics with R
iteRatesParametric rate comparison
iteratorsIterator construct for R
iterLapApproximate probability densities by iterated Laplace Approximations
iterpcEfficient Iterator for Permutations and Combinations
itertoolsIterator Tools
itertools2itertools2: Functions creating iterators for efficient looping
itreeTools for classification and regression trees, with an emphasis on interpretability
itsIrregular Time Series
itsadugInterpreting Time Series and Autocorrelated Data Using GAMMs
itsmrTime series analysis package for students
IUPSIncorporating Uncertainties in Propensity Scores
ivbmaBayesian Instrumental Variable Estimation and Model Determination via Conditional Bayes Factors
ivfixedInstrumental fixed effect panel data model
ivivcA Data Analysis Tool for In Vitro-In Vivo Correlation (IVIVC)
ivlewbelUses heteroscedasticity to estimate mismeasured and endogenous regressor models
ivpackInstrumental Variable Estimation
ivpanelInstrumental Panel Data Models
ivprobitInstrumental variables probit model
iWeigRegImproved methods for causal inference and missing data problems
jaathaA Fast Parameter Estimation Method for Evolutionary Biology
jackstrawNon-parametric Jackstraw for Principal Component Analysis
JADEJADE and other BSS methods as well as some BSS performance criteria
jagsUIA Wrapper Around rjags to Streamline JAGS Analyses
JAGUARJoint Analysis of Genotype and Group-Specific Variability Using a Novel Score Test Approach to Map eQTL
james.analysisAnalysis Tools for the 'JAMES' Framework
JASPARR modules for JASPAR databases: a collection of transcription factor DNA-binding preferences, modeled as matrices
JavaGDJava Graphics Device
JBToolsJBs tools and helper functions
JGLPerforms the Joint Graphical Lasso for sparse inverse covariance estimation on multiple classes
JGRJGR - Java GUI for R
jiebaRChinese Text Segmentation
jiebaRDChinese Text Segmentation Data for jiebaR Package
JMJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
JMbayesJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data under a Bayesian Approach
JMdesignJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data - Power Calculation
jmetrikTools for Interacting with 'jMetrik'
JmiscJulian Miscellaneous Function
JohnsonJohnson Transformation
JohnsonDistributionJohnson Distribution
joineRJoint modelling of repeated measurements and time-to-event data
joint.CoxPenalized Likelihood Estimation under the Joint Cox Models Between TTP and OS for Meta-Analysis
jointDiagJoint Approximate Diagonalization of a set of square matrices
jointPmRisk estimation using the joint probability method
JointRegBCJoint Modelling of Mixed Correlated Binary and Continuous Responses : A Latent Variable Approach
jomoMultilevel Joint Modelling Multiple Imputation
JOPJoint Optimization Plot
JoSAEFunctions for some unit-level small area estimators and their variances
jpegRead and write JPEG images
JPSurvMethods for population-based cancer survival analysis
jsTools for Working with JavaScript in R
jSonarRjSonar Analytics Platform API for R
jsonliteA Robust, High Performance JSON Parser and Generator for R
jtransJohnson Transformation for Normality
JuliaFractal Image Data Generator
KANTPackage to identify and sort genes overexpressed
KappaGUIGUI for Cohen's and Fleiss' Kappa
kappalabNon-additive measure and integral manipulation functions
kappaSizeSample Size Estimation Functions for Studies of Interobserver Agreement
KappaVCalculates "vectorial Kappa", an index of congruence between patchy mosaics
kapsK-Adaptive Partitioning for Survival data
KATforDCEMRIKinetic analysis and visualization of DCE-MRI data
kcirtk-Cube Thurstonian IRT Models
kdetreesNonparametric method for identifying discordant phylogenetic trees
keddKernel Estimator and Bandwidth Selection for Density and its Derivatives
kelvinCalculate solutions to the Kelvin differential equation using Bessel functions
KendallKendall rank correlation and Mann-Kendall trend test
kequateThe kernel method of test equating
kerdiestNonparametric kernel estimation of the distribution function. Bandwidth selection and estimation of related functions
kernelFactoryKernel Factory: An ensemble of kernel Machines
KernelheapingKernel Density Estimation for Heaped Data
kernlabKernel-based Machine Learning Lab
KernSmoothFunctions for Kernel Smoothing Supporting Wand & Jones (1995)
KernSmoothIRTNonparametric Item Response Theory
KFASKalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models
kfigrIntegrated Code Chunk Anchoring and Referencing for R Markdown Documents
KFKSDSKalman Filter, Smoother and Disturbance Smoother
kimiscKirill's miscellaneous functions
kin.cohortAnalysis of kin-cohort studies
kinfitRoutines for fitting kinetic models to chemical degradation data
kinship2Pedigree functions
kintonekintone REST client package for R
kissmiga Keep It Simple Species Migration Model
kitagawaSpectral response of water wells to harmonic strain and pressure
kknnWeighted k-Nearest Neighbors
klaRClassification and visualization
klausuRMultiple Choice Test Evaluation
klinLinear equations with Kronecker structure
kmcKaplan - Meier estimator with constraints for right censored data – a recursive computational algorithm
km.ciConfidence intervals for the Kaplan-Meier estimator
kmconfbandKaplan-Meier Simultaneous Confidence Band for the Survivor Function
kmiKaplan-Meier multiple imputation for the analysis of cumulative incidence functions in the competing risks setting
KmiscKevin Miscellaneous
kmlK-means for Longitudinal data
kml3dK-means for joint Longitudinal data
kmlcovClustering longitudinal data using the likelihood as a metric of distance
kmodRK-Means with Simultaneous Outlier Detection
KMsurvData sets from Klein and Moeschberger (1997), Survival Analysis
knitcitationsCitations for knitr markdown files
knitrA General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in R
knitrBootstrapKnitr Bootstrap framework
knncatNearest-neighbor Classification with Categorical Variables
knnGardenMulti-distance based k-Nearest Neighbors
knnIndepIndependence tests and benchmarks
knockoffKnockoff Filter
kobeTools for the provision of scientific fisheries management advice
KODAMAKnowledge discovery by accuracy maximization
kofnGAA Genetic Algorithm for Fixed-Size Subset Selection
KOGMWUFunctional Summary and Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression Data
kohonenSupervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps
kolmimAn improved evaluation of Kolmogorov's distribution
KoNLPKorean NLP Package
koRpusAn R Package for Text Analysis
KpartSpline Fitting
kpodclustrMethod for Clustering Partially Observed Data
krigingOrdinary Kriging
KrigInvKriging-based Inversion for Deterministic and Noisy Computer Experiments
KRLSKernel-based Regularized Least squares (KRLS)
krmKernel Based Regression Models
ksKernel Smoothing
kSamplesK-Sample Rank Tests and their Combinations
kselectionSelection of K in K-Means Clustering
kstKnowledge Space Theory
ktsolveConfigurable function for solving families of nonlinear equations
ktspairk-Top Scoring Pairs for Microarray Classification
kulifeDatasets and functions from the (now non-existing) Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen
kyotilUtility Functions by Youyi, Krisz and Others
kzaKolmogorov-Zurbenko Adaptive Filters
kzftKolmogorov-Zurbenko Fourier Transform and Applications
kzsKolmogorov-Zurbenko Spatial Smoothing and Applications
l2boostl2boost - Friedman's boosting algorithm for regularized linear regression
labdsvOrdination and Multivariate Analysis for Ecology
labeledLoopLabeled Loop
labelingAxis Labeling
label.switchingRelabelling MCMC outputs of mixture models
labeltodendroConvert labels or tables to a dendrogram
labstatRLibreria del Laboratorio di Statistica con R
laekenEstimation of indicators on social exclusion and poverty
laercioDuncan test, Tukey test and Scott-Knott test
LaFFast access to large ASCII files
laGPLocal Approximate Gaussian Process Regression
LahmanSean Lahman's Baseball Database
LakeMetabolizerTools for the analysis of ecosystem metabolism
lakemorphoLake morphometry in R
laketempsLake Temperatures Collected by Situ and Satellite Methods from 1985-2009
Lambda4Collection of Internal Consistency Reliability Coefficients
lambda.rModeling Data with Functional Programming
lambda.toolsTools for Modeling Data with Functional Programming
LambertWAnalyze and Gaussianize heavy-tailed, skewed data
landpredLandmark Prediction of a Survival Outcome
landsatRadiometric and topographic correction of satellite imagery
languageRData sets and functions with "Analyzing Linguistic Data: A practical introduction to statistics"
larHistory of labour relations package
LARFLocal Average Response Functions for Instrumental Variable Estimation of Treatment Effects
larsLeast Angle Regression, Lasso and Forward Stagewise
laserLikelihood Analysis of Speciation/Extinction Rates from Phylogenies
lasso2L1 constrained estimation aka ‘lasso’
lassoscoreHigh-Dimensional Inference with the Penalized Score Test
lassoshootingL1 regularized regression (Lasso) solver using the Cyclic Coordinate Descent algorithm aka Lasso Shooting
latdiagDraws diagrams useful for checking latent scales
latentnetLatent Position and Cluster Models for Statistical Networks
LateralityFunctions to calculate common laterality statistics in primatology
latticeLattice Graphics
latticeDensityDensity estimation and nonparametric regression on irregular regions
latticeExtraExtra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice
LatticeKrigMultiresolution Kriging based on Markov random fields
lavaLatent Variable Models
lavaanLatent Variable Analysis
lavaan.surveyComplex survey Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
lava.tobitLVM with censored and binary outcomes
lawstatTools for Biostatistics, Public Policy, and Law
lazyLazy Learning for Local Regression
lazyDataA LazyData Facility
lazyevalLazy (Non-Standard) Evaluation
lazyWeaveLaTeX Wrappers for R Users
lbaLatent Budget Analysis for Compositional Data
lbfgsLimited-memory BFGS Optimization
lbfgsb3Limited Memory BFGS Minimizer with Bounds on Parameters
lbiassurvLength-biased correction to survival curve estimation
LCALocalised Co-Dependency Analysis
LCAextendLatent Class Analysis (LCA) with familial dependence in extended pedigrees
lcdLearn Chain graphs via Decomposition
lcdaLatent Class Discriminant Analysis
LCFdataData sets for package “LMERConvenienceFunctions”
lcmmExtended Mixed Models Using Latent Classes and Latent Processes
lctoolsLocal Correlation, Spatial Inequalities and other tools
ldaCollapsed Gibbs sampling methods for topic models
LDAvisInteractive Visualization of Topic Models
ldboundsLan-DeMets Method for Group Sequential Boundaries
LDcorSVLinkage disequilibrium corrected by the structure and the relatedness
LDheatmapGraphical display of pairwise linkage disequilibria between SNPs
ldlassoLD LASSO Regression for SNP Association Study
LDODFinding Locally D-optimal optimal designs for some nonlinear and generalized linear models
LDPDProbability of Default Calibration
ldrMethods for likelihood-based dimension reduction in regression
LDRToolsTools for Linear Dimension Reduction
LDtestsExact tests for Linkage Disequilibrium and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
leaderClusterLeader Clustering Algorithm
LeafAngleAnalysis and Visualization of Plant Leaf Angle Distributions
LeafAreaA Rapid Digital Image Analysis for Leaf Area
leafletRInteractive Web-Maps Based on the Leaflet JavaScript Library
LEAPFrOGLikelihood Estimation of Admixture in Parents From Offspring Genotypes
leapplatent effect adjustment after primary projection
leapsregression subset selection
LearnBayesFunctions for Learning Bayesian Inference
learningrData and functions to accompany the book "Learning R"
lefsePhylogenetic and Functional Analyses for Ecology
leivBivariate Linear Errors-In-Variables Estimation
LeLogicielRFunctions and datasets to accompany the book "Le logiciel R: Maitriser le langage, Effectuer des analyses statistiques" (french)
lessRLess Code, More Results
lestatA package for LEarning STATistics
letsRTools for Data Handling and Analysis in Macroecology
lfeLinear Group Fixed Effects
lflLinguistic Fuzzy Logic
lfstatCalculation of Low Flow Statistics for daily stream flow data
lgaTools for linear grouping analysis (LGA)
lgarchSimulation and estimation of log-GARCH models
lgcpLog-Gaussian Cox Process
LGSsimulating Linkage Group Selection (LGS)
lgtdlA set of methods for longitudinal data objects
lhsLatin Hypercube Samples
libamtrackComputational routines for proton and ion radiotherapy
LiblineaRLinear Predictive Models Based on the LIBLINEAR C/C++ Library
LICORSLight Cone Reconstruction of States - Predictive State Estimation From Spatio-Temporal Data
LICurvatureSensitivity Analysis for Case Weight in Normal Linear Regression
lifecontingenciesFinancial and Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingencies
LifeTablesA package to implement HMD model life table system
LIHNPSDPoisson Subordinated Distribution
likelihoodMethods for Maximum Likelihood Estimation
likeLTDTools to Determine DNA Profile Evidence
likertFunctions to analyze and visualize likert type items
LIMLinear Inverse Model examples and solution methods
limitplotJitter/CI Plot with Ordered Points Below the Limit of Detection
limSolveSolving Linear Inverse Models
linbinBinning and Plotting of Linearly Referenced Data
LinCalStatic Univariate Frequentist and Bayesian Linear Calibration
LindenmayeRFunctions to Explore L-Systems (Lindenmayer Systems)
LinearizedSVRLinearized Support Vector Regression
lineupLining up two sets of measurements
linkcommTools for Generating, Visualizing, and Analysing Link Communities in Networks
linkimLinkage information based genotype imputation method
linkR3D Lever and Linkage Mechanism Modeling
linLIRlinear Likelihood-based Imprecise Regression
linprogLinear Programming / Optimization
LinRegInteractiveInteractive Interpretation of Linear Regression Models
LINselectSelection of linear estimators
lintTools to check R code style
lintrStatic R Code Analysis
lisoFitting lasso penalised additive isotone models
lispList-processing à la SRFI-1
lisrelToRImport output from LISREL into R
listStatistical Methods for the Item Count Technique and List Experiment
LIStestTests of independence based on the Longest Increasing Subsequence
llamaLeveraging Learning to Automatically Manage Algorithms
lleLocally linear embedding
lllcrcLocal Log-linear Models for Capture-Recapture
LLSRData Analysis of Liquid-Liquid Systems
lm.betaAdd Standardized Regression Coefficients to lm-Objects
lm.brLinear Model with Breakpoint
lme4Linear mixed-effects models using Eigen and S4
lmecLinear Mixed-Effects Models with Censored Responses
lmeNBCompute the Personalized Activity Index Based on a Negative Binomial Model
lmeNBBayesCompute the Personalized Activity Index Based on a Flexible Bayesian Negative Binomial Model
lmensspLinear Mixed Effects Models with Non-stationary Stochastic Processes
LMERConvenienceFunctionsModel Selection and Post-hoc Analysis for (G)LMER Models
lmerTestTests in Linear Mixed Effects Models
lmeSplinesAdd smoothing spline modelling capability to nlme
LMestLatent Markov Models with and without Covariates
lmeVarCompTesting for a subset of variance components in linear mixed models
lmfFunctions for estimation and inference of selection in age-structured populations
lmforFunctions for Forest Biometrics
lmmLinear Mixed Models
lmmfitGoodness-of-fit-measures for linear mixed models with one-level-grouping
lmmlassoLinear mixed-effects models with Lasso
lmmotMultiple Ordinal Tobit (MOT) model
lmmsLinear mixed effect model splines for modelling and analysis of time course data
lmodel2Model II Regression
lmomcoL-moments, Censored L-moments, Trimmed L-moments, L-comoments, and Many Distributions
LmomentsL-moments and quantile mixtures
lmomRFARegional frequency analysis using L-moments
lmSupportSupport for Linear Models
lmtestTesting Linear Regression Models
loaVarious Options and Add-ins for Lattice
localdepthLocal Depth
localgaussEstimating Local Gaussian Parameters
localsolverR API to LocalSolver
locfitLocal Regression, Likelihood and Density Estimation
locitsTest of stationarity and localized autocovariance
Lock5DataDatasets for "Statistics: UnLocking the Power of Data"
locpolKernel local polynomial regression
lodGWASGenome-Wide Association Analysis of a Biomarker Accounting for Limit of Detection
loeLocal Ordinal Embedding
log4rA simple logging system for R, based on log4j
logbinRelative Risk Regression Using the Log Binomial Model
LogConcDEADLog-concave Density Estimation in Arbitrary Dimensions
logconcensMaximum likelihood estimation of a log-concave density based on censored data
logcondensEstimate a Log-Concave Probability Density from iid Observations
logcondens.modeCompute MLE of Log-Concave Density on R with Fixed Mode, and Perform Inference for the Mode
logcondiscrEstimate a Log-Concave Probability Mass function from Discrete i.i.d. Observations
logconPHCoxPH Model with Log Concave Baseline Distribution
loggingR logging package
LogicForestLogic Forest
LOGICOILLOGICOIL: multi-state prediction of coiled-coil oligomeric state
LogicRegLogic Regression
logistfFirth's bias reduced logistic regression
LogisticDxDiagnostic tests for logistic regression models
logitchoiceFitting l2-regularized logit choice models via generalized gradient descent
LogitNetInfer network based on binary arrays using regularized logistic regression
logitnormFunctions for the logitnormal distribution
loglognormDouble log normal distribution functions
logmultLog-Multiplicative Models, Including Association Models
LogrankALogrank Test for Aggregated Survival Data
logsplineLogspline density estimation routines
lokernKernel Regression Smoothing with Local or Global Plug-in Bandwidth
lombLomb-Scargle Periodogram
longCatEDAPackage for Plotting Categorical Longitudinal and Time-Series Data
longitudinalAnalysis of Multiple Time Course Data
longitudinalDataLongitudinal Data
longmemoStatistics for Long-Memory Processes (Jan Beran) – Data and Functions
longpowerSample size calculations for longitudinal data
looploop decomposition of weighted directed graphs for life cycle analysis, providing flexbile network plotting methods, and analyzing food chain properties in ecology
LoopAnalystA collection of tools to conduct Levins' Loop Analysis
lordifLogistic Regression Differential Item Functioning using IRT
lorecLOw Rand and sparsE Covariance matrix estimation
LOSTMissing morphometric data simulation and estimation
LowRankQPLow Rank Quadratic Programming
lpcLassoed principal components for testing significance of features
LPCMLocal principal curve methods
lpintLocal polynomial estimators of intensity function or its derivatives
lpmeLocal Polynomial Estimator in Measurement Error Models
LPmergeMerging linkage maps by linear programming
lpmodelerModeler for linear programs (LP) and mixed integer linear programs (MILP)
lpridgeLocal Polynomial (Ridge) Regression
LPSLinear Predictor Score, for Binary Inference from Multiple Continuous Variables
lpSolveInterface to Lp_solve v. 5.5 to solve linear/integer programs
lpSolveAPIR Interface for lp_solve version
LPStimeSeriesLearned Pattern Similarity and Representation for Time Series
LPTimeLP Nonparametric Approach to Non-Gaussian Non-Linear Time Series Modelling
lqaPenalized Likelihood Inference for GLMs
lqmmLinear Quantile Mixed Models
lrmestDifferent types of estimators to deal with multicollinearity
LS2WLocally stationary two-dimensional wavelet process estimation scheme
LS2WstatA Multiscale Test of Spatial Stationarity for LS2W processes
lsaLatent Semantic Analysis
LSAfunApplied Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) functions
lsbclustLeast-Squares Bilinear Clustering for Three-Way Data
LSCLocal Statistical Complexity - Automatic Pattern Discovery in Spatio-Temporal Data
LSDLots of Superior Depictions
lsdvLeast square dummy variable regression
lsglLinear Sparse Group Lasso
lshorthThe Length of the Shorth
lsmeansLeast-Squares Means
LSMonteCarloAmerican options pricing with Least Squares Monte Carlo method
lsplsLS-PLS Models
lsrCompanion to "Learning Statistics with R"
lssthe accelerated failure time model to right censored data based on least-squares principle
ltbayesSimulation-Based Bayesian Inference for Latent Traits of Item Response Models
ltmLatent Trait Models under IRT
ltmleLongitudinal Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
LTPDvarLTPD and AOQL plans for acceptance sampling inspection by variables
LTRPerform LTR analysis on microarray data
ltsaLinear time series analysis
ltsbaseRidge and Liu Estimates based on LTS (Least Trimmed Squares) Method
ltskLocal Time Space Kriging
lubridateMake dealing with dates a little easier
lucaLikelihood inference from case-control data Under Covariate Assumptions (LUCA)
lucidLucid Printing of Floating Point Numbers
LuminescenceComprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis
lunarLunar Phase & Distance, Seasons and Other Environmental Factors
lvm4netLatent Variable Models for Networks
LVMMCORA Latent Variable Model for Mixed Continuous and Ordinal Responses
LVQToolsLearning Vector Quantization Tools
lxbFast LXB file reader
lymphclonAccurate Estimation of Clonal Coincidences and Abundances from Biological Replicates
M3Reading M3 files
m4feModels for Financial Economics
maboostBinary and Multiclass Boosting Algorithms
MAcMeta-Analysis with Correlations
MAclinicalClass prediction based on microarray data and clinical parameters
MAdMeta-Analysis with Mean Differences
madaMeta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy
MADAMThis package provides some basic methods for meta-analysis
madsMulti-Analysis Distance Sampling
madsimA Flexible Microarray Data Simulation Model
MaeswrapWrapper functions for MAESTRA/MAESPA
magiccreate and investigate magic squares
magicaxisPretty scientific plotting with minor-tick and log minor-tick support
magmaMatrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures
magrittrA Forward-Pipe Operator for R
mailSending Email Notifications from R
mailRA Utility to Send Emails from R
MAINT.DataModel and Analyse Interval Data
makeProjectCreates an empty package framework for the LCFD format
MALDIquantQuantitative Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data
MALDIquantForeignImport/Export routines for MALDIquant
malletA wrapper around the Java machine learning tool MALLET
MAMAMeta-Analysis of MicroArray
MAMSDesigning Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
MAMSECalculation of Minimum Averaged Mean Squared Error (MAMSE) weights
managelocalrepoManage a CRAN-style Local Repository
manipulateInteractive Plots for RStudio
ManyTestsMultiple testing procedures of Cox (2011) and Wang and Cox (2007)
Map2NCBIMapping Markers to the Nearest Genomic Feature
MAPAMultiple Aggregation Prediction Algorithm
mapdataExtra Map Databases
mapDKMaps of Denmark
mapfitA Tool for PH/MAP Parameter Estimation
MapGAMMapping Smoothed Effect Estimates from Individual-Level Data
MAPLESSmoothed age profile estimation
mapmiscUtilities for Producing Maps
mapplotsData Visualisation on Maps
mapprojMap Projections
mapsDraw Geographical Maps
mapStatsGeographic Display of Survey Data Statistics
maptoolsTools for Reading and Handling Spatial Objects
maptpxMAP estimation of topic models
maptreeMapping, pruning, and graphing tree models
mArMultivariate AutoRegressive analysis
MAR1Multivariate Autoregressive Modeling for Analysis of Community Time-Series Data
mar1sMultiplicative AR(1) with Seasonal Processes
marelacTools for Aquatic Sciences
MareyMapEstimation of meiotic recombination rates using marey maps
margApproximate marginal inference for regression-scale models
markdownMarkdown rendering for R
markedMark-Recapture Analysis for Survival and Abundance Estimation
maRketSimMarket simulator for R
markovchainEasy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains
MarkowitzRStatistical Significance of the Markowitz Portfolio
marmapImport, Plot and Analyze Bathymetric and Topographic Data
marqLevAlgAn algorithm for least-squares curve fitting
MARSSMultivariate Autoregressive State-Space Modeling
maSAEMandallaz' model-assisted small area estimators
MASSSupport Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley's MASS
MASSTIMATEBody Mass Estimation Equations for Vertebrates
MasterBayesML and MCMC Methods for Pedigree Reconstruction and Analysis
MATMultidimensional Adaptive Testing
MATAModel-Averaged Tail Area Wald (MATA-Wald) Confidence Interval
MatchingMultivariate and Propensity Score Matching with Balance Optimization
MatchingFrontierComputation of the Balance - Sample Size Frontier in Matching Methods for Causal Inference
matchingMarketsAn R package for the analysis of stable matchings
MatchItMatchIt: Nonparametric Preprocessing for Parametric Casual Inference
mathgraphDirected and undirected graphs
matieMeasuring Association and Testing Independence Efficiently
matlabMATLAB emulation package
matpowmatrix powers
matRMetagenomics Analysis Tools for R
MatrixSparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
matrixcalcCollection of functions for matrix calculations
MatrixEQTLMatrix eQTL: Ultra fast eQTL analysis via large matrix operations
MatrixModelsModelling with Sparse And Dense Matrices
matrixplsMatrix-based Partial Least Squares estimation
matrixStatsMethods that Apply to Rows and Columns of a Matrix
MATTOOLSModern Calibration Functions for the Modern Analog Technique (MAT)
MAVISMeta Analysis via Shiny
MAVTgsaThree methods to identify differentially expressed gene sets, ordinary least square test, Multivariate Analysis Of Variance test with n contrasts and Random forest
MaXactExact max-type Cochran-Armitage trend test(CATT)
maxentLow-memory Multinomial Logistic Regression with Support for Text Classification
maxLikMaximum Likelihood Estimation
maxlikeModel species distributions by estimating the probability of occurrence using presence-only data
MaxProMaximum Projection Designs
maxstatMaximally Selected Rank Statistics
MazamaSpatialUtilsMazama Science Spatial Data Download and Utility Functions
MBAMultilevel B-spline Approximation
mbbefdMaxwell Bolzano Bose Einstein Fermi Dirac Distribution and Exposure Curve
MBCluster.SeqModel-Based Clustering for RNA-seq Data
mbestMoment-Based Estimation for Hierarchical Models
MBI(M)ultiple-site (B)iodiversity (I)ndices Calculator
mblmMedian-Based Linear Models
MBmcaNucleic Acid Melting Curve Analysis on Microbead Surfaces with R
mbmdrModel Based Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction
mboostModel-Based Boosting
mc2dTools for Two-Dimensional Monte-Carlo Simulations
MC2toPathTranslates information from netcdf files with MC2 output into inter-PVT transitions
MCAPSMCAPS data and results
MCAvariantsMultiple Correspondence Analysis Variants
mcbiopiMatrix Computation Based Identification Of Prime Implicants
mccMoment Corrected Correlation
mcclustProcess an MCMC Sample of Clusterings
MCDAFunctions to support the Multicriteria Decision Aiding process
mcgaMachine coded genetic algorithms for real-valued optimization problems
mcgibbsitWarnes and Raftery's MCGibbsit MCMC diagnostic
mcGlobaloptimGlobal optimization using Monte Carlo and Quasi Monte Carlo simulation
mcheatmapsMultiple matrices heatmap visualization
MChtestMonte Carlo hypothesis tests with Sequential Stopping
mcIRTIRT models for multiple choice items (mcIRT)
MCLMarkov Cluster Algorithm
mcllMonte Carlo Local Likelihood Estimation
mclogitMixed Conditional Logit
mclustNormal Mixture Modeling for Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Density Estimation
mcmcMarkov Chain Monte Carlo
MCMCglmmMCMC Generalised Linear Mixed Models
MCMC.OTUBayesian analysis of multivariate counts data
MCMCpackMarkov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Package
mcmcplotsCreate Plots from MCMC Output
MCMC.qpcrBayesian analysis of qRT-PCR data
mcmcseMonte Carlo Standard Errors for MCMC
mcoMultiple Criteria Optimization Algorithms and Related Functions
McompData from the M-competitions
MConjointConjoint Analysis through Averaging of Multiple Analyses
MCPANMultiple comparisons using normal approximation
McParreRun a Regenerative Markov chain in Parallel on a Cluster
MCPermA Monte Carlo permutation method for multiple test correlation
MCPModDesign and Analysis of Dose-Finding Studies (see also DoseFinding package)
mcprofileMultiple Contrast Profiles
mcrMethod Comparison Regression
MCSModel Confidence Set Procedure
mcsmFunctions for Monte Carlo Methods with R
McSpatialNonparametric spatial data analysis
mdaMixture and flexible discriminant analysis
mdatoolsMultivariate Data Analysis for Chemometrics
mdedMeasuring the difference between two empirical distributions
MDMMultinomial Diversity Model
MDPtoolboxMarkov Decision Processes toolbox
MDRDetect gene-gene interactions using multifactor dimensionality reduction
mdscoreImproved Score Tests for Generalized Linear Models
mdsdtFunctions for Analysis of Data with General Recognition Theory
MDSGUIA GUI for interactive MDS in R
measuRingDetection and Control of Tree-Ring Widths on Scanned Image Sections
mebootMaximum Entropy Bootstrap for Time Series
mederrRankBayesian Methods for Identifying the Most Harmful Medication Errors
medflexFlexible Mediation Analysis using Natural Effect Models
mediationCausal Mediation Analysis
medicalriskMedical Risk and Comorbidity Tools for ICD-9-CM Data
MedOrMedian Ordering Statistical R package
medSTCA max-margin supervised Sparse Topical Coding Model
MEETMEET: Motif Elements Estimation Toolkit
mefaMultivariate Data Handling in Ecology and Biogeography
mefa4Multivariate Data Handling with S4 Classes and Sparse Matrices
megapteraMEGAPhylogeny Techniques in R
meiflyInteractive model exploration using GGobi
memMoving Epidemic Method R Package
memgeneSpatial pattern detection in genetic distance data using Moran's Eigenvector Maps
memiscTools for Management of Survey Data, Graphics, Programming, Statistics, and Simulation
memoiseMemoise functions
MEMSSData sets from Mixed-effects Models in S
memuseEstimate the memory usage of dense, in-core, numeric objects
MenuCollectionCollection of Configurable GTK+ Menus
MergeGUIA GUI for Merging Datasets in R
merrorAccuracy and Precision of Measurements
MESSMiscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts
metaGeneral Package for Meta-Analysis
MetABELMeta-analysis of genome-wide SNP association results
MetabolAnalyzeProbabilistic latent variable models for metabolomic data
metabolomicsAnalysis of Metabolomics Data
metacomAnalysis of the 'Elements of Metacommunity Structure'
metacorMeta-analysis of correlation coefficients
MetaDEMetaDE: Microarray meta-analysis for differentially expressed gene detection
metafolioMetapopulation simulations for conserving salmon through portfolio optimization
metaforMeta-Analysis Package for R
metagenInference in Meta Analysis and Meta Regression
MetaLandSimMetapopulation and Landscape Simulation
metaLikLikelihood inference in meta-analysis and meta-regression models
metaMAMeta-analysis for MicroArrays
metamiscDiagnostic and prognostic meta analysis (metamisc)
metaMixBayesian Mixture Analysis for Metagenomic Community Profiling
metapMeta-analysis of significance values
MetaPCAMetaPCA: Meta-analysis in the Dimension Reduction of Genomic data
metaplusRobust Meta-analysis and Meta-regression
MetaQCMetaQC: Objective Quality Control and Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for Genomic Meta-Analysis
metaRNASeqMeta-analysis of RNA-seq data
metasensAdvanced Statistical Methods to Model and Adjust for Bias in Meta-Analysis
MetaSKATMeta analysis for SNP-set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test
metatestFit and test metaregression models
MetatronMeta-analysis for Classification Data and Correction to Imperfect Reference
meteoForecastNumerical Weather Predictions
meteogRamTools for plotting meteograms
MetFnsAnalysis of Visual Meteor Data
Meth27QCMeth27QC: sample quality analysis, and sample control analysis
MethCompFunctions for Analysis of Agreement in Method Comparison Studies
MethplotVisualize the methylation patterns
MetNormStatistical Methods for Normalizing Metabolomics Data
MetricsEvaluation metrics for machine learning
metRologySupport for metrological applications
metsAnalysis of Multivariate Event Times
MetSizeRGUI Tool for Estimating Sample Sizes for Metabolomic Experiments
MetStaTStatistical metabolomics tools
mewAvgA Fixed Memeory Moving Expanding Window Average
MExPositionMulti-table ExPosition
MFMitigated Fraction
MFDAModel Based Functional Data Analysis
MFHDMultivariate Functional Halfspace Depth
mFilterMiscellaneous time series filters
mfpMultivariable Fractional Polynomials
MfUSamplerMultivariate-from-Univariate (MfU) MCMC Sampler
mfxMarginal Effects, Odds Ratios and Incidence Rate Ratios for GLMs
mgcvMixed GAM Computation Vehicle with GCV/AIC/REML Smoothness Estimation
MGLModule Graphical Lasso
mgpdmgpd: Functions for multivariate generalized Pareto distribution (MGPD of Type II)
mgraphGraphing map attributes and non-map variables in R
MGRASTerAPI Client for the MG-RAST Server of the US DOE KBase
MGSDAMulti-Group Sparse Discriminant Analysis
mGSZGene set analysis based on GSZ-scoring function and asymptotic p-value
MHadaptiveGeneral Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Bayesian Inference using adaptive Metropolis-Hastings sampling
mhsmmInference for Hidden Markov and Semi-Markov Models
mhtMultiple Hypothesis Testing for Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Linear Models
mhurdleMultiple hurdle Tobit models
miMissing Data Imputation and Model Checking
miceMultivariate Imputation by Chained Equations
miceaddsSome Additional Multiple Imputation Functions, Especially for 'mice'
micEconMicroeconomic Analysis and Modelling
micEconAidsDemand Analysis with the Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS)
micEconCESAnalysis with the Constant Elasticity of Substitution (CES) function
micEconSNQPSymmetric Normalized Quadratic Profit Function
microbenchmarkAccurate Timing Functions
MicroDatosEsUtilities for Official Spanish Microdata
micromapLinked Micromap Plots
micromapSTLinked Micromap Plots for U. S. States
micropanMicrobial Pan-genome Analysis
MicroStrategyRMicroStrategyR Package
MicSimPerforming Continuous-Time Microsimulation
midasrMixed Data Sampling Regression
MigClimImplementing dispersal into species distribution models
migestUseful R code for the Estimation of Migration
migration.indicesMigration indices
miguiGraphical User Interface of the mi Package
MIICDData Augmentation and Multiple Imputation for Interval Censored Data
MILCMIcrosimulation Lung Cancer (MILC) model
mimeMap filenames to MIME types
MImixMixture summary method for multiple imputation
MindOnStatsData sets included in Utts and Heckard's Mind on Statistics
minervaminerva: Maximal Information-Based Nonparametric Exploration R package for Variable Analysis
MineyImplementation of the Well-Known Game to Clear Bombs from a Given Field (Matrix)
miniCRANCreate a Mini Version of CRAN Containing Only Selected Packages
miniGUItktcl quick and simple function GUI
minimaxMinimax distribution family
minimistParse Argument Options
minpack.lmR interface to the Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least-squares algorithm found in MINPACK, plus support for bounds
minPtestGene region-level testing procedure for SNP data, using the min P test resampling approach
minqaDerivative-free optimization algorithms by quadratic approximation
minqueAn R Package for Linear Mixed Model Analyses
minxentEntropy Optimization Distributions
mipfpMultidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting
MIPHENOMutant Identification through Probabilistic High throughput Enabled NOrmalization
miRadaMicroRNA Microarray Data Analysis
mirtMultidimensional Item Response Theory
mirtCATComputerized Adaptive Testing with Multidimensional Item Response Theory
miRtestcombined miRNA- and mRNA-testing
misc3dMiscellaneous 3D Plots
miscFMiscellaneous Functions
miscFuncsMiscellaneous Useful Functions
miscsetMiscellaneous Tools Set
miscToolsMiscellaneous Tools and Utilities
missForestNonparametric Missing Value Imputation using Random Forest
MissingDataGUIA GUI for Missing Data Exploration
missMDAHandling missing values with/in multivariate data analysis (principal component methods)
MissMechTesting Homoscedasticity, Multivariate Normality, and Missing Completely at Random
MiSTMixed effects Score Test for continuous outcomes
mistatData sets, functions and examples from the book:"Modern Industrial Statistics" by Kenett, Zacks and Amberti
mistralMethods in Structural Reliability
MitISEMMixture of Student t Distributions using Importance Sampling and Expectation Maximization
mitoolsTools for multiple imputation of missing data
mixEstimation/Multiple Imputation for Mixed Categorical and Continuous Data
mixAKMultivariate Normal Mixture Models and Mixtures of Generalized Linear Mixed Models Including Model Based Clustering
MixAllClustering using Mixture Models
mixcatMixed effects cumulative link and logistic regression models
mixdistFinite Mixture Distribution Models
MixedTSMixed Tempered Stable Distribution
mixerRandom graph clustering
mixexpDesign and Analysis of Mixture Experiments
MixGHDModel Based Clustering, Classification and Discriminant Analysis Using the Mixture of Generalized Hyperbolic Distributions
mixlmMixed Model ANOVA and Statistics for Education
mixlowmixlow method for assessing drug synergism
MixMAPImplements the MixMAP algorithm
mixOmicsOmics Data Integration Project
mixorMixed-Effects Ordinal Regression Analysis
mixPHMMixtures of proportional hazard models
mixRaschMixture Rasch Models with JMLE
mixregFunctions to fit mixtures of regressions
mixsepForensic Genetics DNA Mixture Separation
MixSimSimulating Data to Study Performance of Clustering Algorithms
mixsmsnFitting finite mixture of scale mixture of skew-normal distributions
mixtoolsTools for analyzing finite mixture models
mixtureMixture Models for Clustering and Classification
MixtureInfInference for Finite Mixture Models
mizerMulti-species sIZE spectrum modelling in R
mkde2D and 3D movement-based kernel density estimates (MKDEs)
mkinRoutines for Fitting Kinetic Models with One or More State Variables to Chemical Degradation Data
MKLEMaximum kernel likelihood estimation
MKmiscMiscellaneous Functions from M. Kohl
mkssdEfficient multi-level k-circulant supersaturated designs
mlbenchMachine Learning Benchmark Problems
MLCMMaximum Likelihood Conjoint Measurement
mlDNAMachine Learning-based Differential Network Analysis of Transcriptome Data
mldrExploratory Data Analysis and Manipulation of Multi-Label Data Sets
MLDSMaximum Likelihood Difference Scaling
mlearningMachine learning algorithms with unified interface and confusion matrices
MLEcensComputation of the MLE for bivariate (interval) censored data
mlegpMaximum Likelihood Estimates of Gaussian Processes
mleurMaximum likelihood unit root test
mlgtMulti-Locus Geno-Typing
mlica2Independent Component Analysis using Maximum Likelihood
mlmmmML estimation under multivariate linear mixed models with missing values
mlmRevExamples from Multilevel Modelling Software Review
mlogitmultinomial logit model
mlogitBMABayesian Model Averaging for Multinomial Logit Models
mlPhaserMulti-Locus Haplotype Phasing
mlrMachine Learning in R
MLRMPAA package for Multilinear Regression Model Population Analysis
mlxRSimulation of Longitudinal Data
MMThe multiplicative multinomial distribution
mmaMultiple Mediation Analysis
mmandMathematical morphology in any number of dimensions
mmapMap Pages of Memory
mmcmModified Maximum Contrast Method
mmdsMixture Model Distance Sampling (mmds)
mmeMultinomial Mixed Effects Models
mmelnMMELN : Estimation of multinormal mixture distribution
mmetaMultivariate Meta-Analysis
MMIXModel selection uncertainty and model mixing
mmman R package for analyzing multivariate longitudinal data with multivariate marginal models
mmm2Multivariate marginal models with shared regression parameters
MMMSMulti-Marker Molecular Signature for Treatment-specific Subgroup Identification
mmodModern measures of population differentiation
mmppVarious Similarity and Distance Metrics for Marked Point Processes
MMSFixed effects Selection in Linear Mixed Models
mnlogitMultinomial Logit Model
MNMMultivariate Nonparametric Methods. An Approach Based on Spatial Signs and Ranks
mnormpowMultivariate Normal Distributions with Power Integrand
mnormtThe multivariate normal and t distributions
MNPR Package for Fitting the Multinomial Probit Model
MobilizeMobilize plots and functions
MOCCAMulti-objective optimization for collecting cluster alternatives
ModalclustHierarchical Modal Clustering
modeestMode Estimation
modehuntMultiscale Analysis for Density Functions
modelfreeModel-free estimation of a psychometric function
ModelGoodValidation of risk prediction models
ModelMapCreates Random Forest and Stochastic Gradient Boosting Models, and applies them to GIS .img files to build detailed prediction maps
modeltoolsTools and Classes for Statistical Models
modiscloudR tools for processing Level 2 Cloud Mask products from MODIS
MODISToolsMODIS Subsetting Tools
modMaxCommunity Structure Detection via Modularity Maximization
modTempEffModelling temperature effects using time series data
moduleColorBasic Module Functions
MOJOVMojo Variants: Rare Variants analysis
mokkenMokken Scale Analysis in R
mombfMoment and Inverse Moment Bayes factors
momentchi2Moment-Matching Methods for Weighted Sums of Chi-Squared Random Variables
momentsMoments, cumulants, skewness, kurtosis and related tests
MomocsShape Analysis of Outlines
mondateKeep track of dates in terms of months
MonetDB.RConnect MonetDB to R
monitoRAcoustic template detection in R
monmlpMonotone multi-layer perceptron neural network
monomvnEstimation for multivariate normal and Student-t data with monotone missingness
MonoPolyFunctions to fit monotone polynomials
monregNonparametric Monotone Regression
moonBookFunctions and Datasets for the Book by Keon-Woong Moon
moonsunBasic astronomical calculations with R
mopsocdMOPSOCD: Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization with Crowding Distance
MOrderCheck Time Homogeneity and Markov Chain Order
morgenstemningColor schemes compatible with red-green color perception difficulties
MorphoCalculations and visualisations related to Geometric Morphometrics
morseMOdelling tools for Reproduction and Survival data in Ecotoxicology
MorseGenSimple raw data generator based on user-specified summary statistics
MortalitySmoothSmoothing and Forecasting Poisson Counts with P-Splines
mosaicProject MOSAIC (mosaic-web.org) statistics and mathematics teaching utilities
mosaicDataProject MOSAIC (mosaic-web.org) data sets
moultModels for analysing moult in birds
mountainplotMountain Plots, Folded Empirical Cumulative Distribution Plots
mousetrackMouse-Tracking Measures from Trajectory Data
moveVisualizing and Analyzing Animal Track Data
movMFMixtures of von Mises-Fisher Distributions
mpMultidimensional Projection Techniques
mpaCoWords Method
MPAgenomicsMulti-Patient Analysis of Genomic Markers
mpathRegularized Linear Models
mpcvMultivariate Process Capability Vector
MPDiRData sets and scripts for Modeling Psychophysical Data in R
mphMultiscale persistent homology
MPINetThe package can implement the network-based metabolite pathway identification of pathways
MplusAutomationAutomating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation
mpmMultivariate Projection Methods
mpMapMulti-parent RIL genetic analysis
mpmcorrelogramMultivariate Partial Mantel Correlogram
mpmiMixed-pair mutual information estimators
mpolySymbolic computation and more with multivariate polynomials
MposteriorMposterior: R package for Robust and Scalable Bayes via a Median of Subset Posterior Measures
mppaStatistics for analysing multiple simultaneous point processes on the real line
MPSEMModeling Phylogenetic Signals using Eigenvector Maps
mptMultinomial Processing Tree (MPT) Models
MPTinRAnalyze Multinomial Processing Tree Models
MPVData Sets from Montgomery, Peck and Vining's Book
mQTLMetabolomic Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping
mratiosInferences for ratios of coefficients in the general linear model
MRCEMultivariate regression with covariance estimation
MRCVMethods for Analyzing Multiple Response Categorical Variables (MRCVs)
mrdsMark-Recapture Distance Sampling
mregFits regression models when the outcome is partially missing
MRHMulti-Resolution Estimation of the Hazard Rate
MRIaggrManagement, Display, and Processing of Medical Imaging Data
mritcMRI Tissue Classification
mRmAn R package for conditional maximum likelihood estimation in mixed Rasch models
MRMRMultivariate Regression Models for Reserving
mRMReR package for parallelized mRMR ensemble feature selection
MRSPMultinomial Response Models with Structured Penalties
MRsurvA multiplicative-regression model for relative survival
MRwarpingMultiresolution time warping for functional data
msapStatistical analysis for Methylation-sensitive Amplification Polymorphism data
msarcDraw Diagrams (mis)Representing the Results of Mass Spec Experiments
msBPMultiscale Bernstein Polynomials for Densities
MSBVARMarkov-Switching, Bayesian, Vector Autoregression Models
msdaMulti-Class Sparse Discriminant Analysis
mseapcaMetabolite set enrichment analysis for factor loading in principal component analysis
MSeasyPreprocessing of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) data
MSeasyTkGUIMSeasy Tcl/Tk Graphical User Interface
MSGData and functions for the book Modern Statistical Graphics
msglHigh Dimensional Multiclass Classification Using Sparse Group Lasso
msgpackRA library to serialize or unserialize data in MessagePack format
msgpsDegrees of freedom of elastic net, adaptive lasso and generalized elastic net
msirModel-based Sliced Inverse Regression
MSIseqAssess Tumor Microsatellite Instability with a Decision Tree Classifier from Exome Somatic Mutations
msmMulti-state Markov and Hidden Markov Models in Continuous Time
msmeFunctions and Datasets for "Methods of Statistical Model Estimation"
msosDatasets and Functions used in Multivariate Statistics: Old School by John Marden
MSQCMultivariate Statistical Quality Control
msrMorse-Smale approximation, regression and visualization
msSurvNonparametric Estimation for Multistate Models
MSTMultivariate Survival Trees
mstateData preparation, estimation and prediction in multi-state models
MSwMFitting Markov Switching Models
mtkMexico ToolKit library (MTK)
MTSAll-Purpose Toolkit for Analyzing Multivariate Time Series (MTS) and Estimating Multivariate Volatility Models
mtsdiMultivariate time series data imputation
MTurkRR Client for the MTurk Requester API
MUCflightsMunich Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport Pattern Analysis
MuFiCokrigingMulti-Fidelity Cokriging models
muhazHazard Function Estimation in Survival Analysis
multcompSimultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models
multcompViewVisualizations of Paired Comparisons
MultEqMultiple Equivalence Tests and Simultaneous Confidence Intervals
multgeeGEE Solver for Correlated Nominal or Ordinal Multinomial Responses
multiAssetOptionsFinite Difference Method for Multi-Asset Option Valuation
multibandPeriod Estimation for Multiple Bands
multibiplotGUIMultibiplot Analysis in R
multicQuantitative linkage analysis tools using the variance components approach
MulticlasstestingPerformance of N-ary classification testing
MultiCNVDetectMultiple Copy Number Variation Detection
multiconMultivariate Constructs
multicoolPermutations of Multisets in Cool-Lex Order
multiDimBioMultivariate Analysis and Visualization for Biological Data
multigroupMultigroup Data Analysis
MultiLCIRTMultidimensional Latent Class Item Response Theory Models
multilevelMultilevel Functions
multilevelPSAMultilevel Propensity Score Analysis
MultiMetaMeta-analysis of Multivariate Genome Wide Association Studies
multinbmodRegression analysis of overdispersed correlated count data
MultinomialCISimultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportions according to the method by Sison and Glaz
multinomRobRobust Estimation of Overdispersed Multinomial Regression Models
MultiOrdGeneration of multivariate ordinal variates
MultiPhenMultiPhen, a package for the genetic association testing of multiple phenotypes
multiPIMVariable Importance Analysis with Population Intervention Models
multipleNCCWeighted Cox-regression for nested case-control data
multiplexAnalysis of Multiple Social Networks with Algebra
multipolmultivariate polynomials
multirichCalculate Multivariate Richness via UTC and sUTC
multisensiMultivariate Sensitivity Analysis
multispatialCCMMultispatial Convergent Cross Mapping
MultiSVMultiSV: an R package for identification of structural variations in multiple populations based on whole genome resequencing
multitableSimultaneous manipulation of multiple arrays of data, with data.list objects
multitaperMultitaper Spectral Analysis Tools
multivatorA multivariate emulator
multiwayvcovMulti-way Standard Error Clustering
MultNonParamMultivariate Nonparametric Methods
multxpertCommon Multiple Testing Procedures and Gatekeeping Procedures
mumaMetabolomics Univariate and Multivariate Analysis
MuMInMulti-Model Inference
munfoldMetric Unfolding
munsellMunsell colour system
muscleMultiple Sequence Alignment
musicNMRConversion of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrum in audio file
muStatPrentice Rank Sum Test and McNemar Test
mutossUnified Multiple Testing Procedures
mutossGUIA graphical user interface for the MuToss Project
MVAAn Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis with R
mvabundStatistical Methods for Analysing Multivariate Abundance Data
MVar.ptAnalise Multivariada (Brazilian Portuguese)
MVBMutivariate Bernoulli log-linear model
mvbutilsWorkspace organization, code and documentation editing, package prep and editing, etc
mvcMulti-View Clustering
mvctmMultivariate Variance Components Tests for Multilevel Data
mvcwtWavelet analysis of multiple time series
mvglmmRankMultivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Ranking Sports Teams
mvinfluenceInfluence Measures and Diagnostic Plots for Multivariate Linear Models
mvmetaMultivariate and Univariate Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression
mvMORPHMultivariate Comparative Tools for Fitting Evolutionary Models to Morphometric Data
MVNMultivariate Normality Tests
mvnaNelson-Aalen estimator of the cumulative hazard in multistate models
mvnfastFast multivariate normal methods
mvngGrAdMoving Grid Adjustment in Plant Breeding Field Trials
mvnmleML estimation for multivariate normal data with missing values
mvnormtestNormality test for multivariate variables
mvnpermuteGenerate New Multivariate Normal Samples from Permutations
mvoutlierMultivariate outlier detection based on robust methods
mvProbitMultivariate Probit Models
mvprpbOrthant Probability of the Multivariate Normal Distribution
MVRMean-Variance Regularization
mvrtnMean and Variance of Truncated Normal Distribution
mvsfShapiro-Francia Multivariate Normality Test
mvShapiroTestGeneralized Shapiro-Wilk test for multivariate normality
mvSLOUCHMultivariate Stochastic Linear Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Phylogenetic Comparative Hypotheses
mvtmetaMultivariate meta-analysis
mvtnormMultivariate Normal and t Distributions
mvtsplotMultivariate Time Series Plot
mwaCausal Inference in Spatiotemporal Event Data
mwavedMultichannel Wavelet Deconvolution with Additive Long Memory Noise
mxkssdEfficient mixed-level k-circulant supersaturated designs
MXMDiscovering Multiple, Statistically-Equivalent Signatures
mycobacrvRIntegrative immunoinformatics for Mycobacterial diseases in R platform
mycorAutomatic Correlation and Regression Test in a Data Frame
myepisodesMyEpisodes RSS/API functions
MyrrixInterface to Myrrix. Myrrix is a complete, real-time, scalable clustering and recommender system, evolved from Apache Mahout
MyrrixjarsExternal jars required for package Myrrix
myTAIA Framework to Perform Phylotranscriptomics Analyses for Evolutionary Developmental Biology Research
mztwinregRegression Models for Monozygotic Twin Data
naborWraps libnabo, a fast K Nearest Neighbour library for low dimensions
NADANondetects And Data Analysis for environmental data
nadivFunctions to construct (non)additive genetic relatedness matrices and facilitate animal model analyses
NAMNested Association Mapping Analysis
namespaceProvide namespace managment functions not (yet) present in base R
nanopTools for Nanoparticle Simulation and Calculation of PDF and Total Scattering Structure Function
NanoStringNormNormalize NanoString miRNA and mRNA Data
NAPPAPerforms the Processing and Normalisation of Nanostring miRNA and mRNA Data
nasaweatherCollection of datasets from the ASA 2006 data expo
natNeuroAnatomy Toolbox for Analysis of 3D Image Data
nat.nblastNeuroAnatomy Toolbox (nat) Extension for Assessing Neuron Similarity and Clustering
nat.templatebrainsNeuroAnatomy Toolbox (nat) Extension for Handling Template Brains
naturalsortNatural Ordering
nat.utilsFile System Utility Functions for NeuroAnatomy Toolbox
NBMaximum Likelihood method in estimating effective population size from genetic data
NbClustDetermining the Best Number of Clusters in a Data Set
NBDdirichletNBD-Dirichlet model of consumer buying behavior for marketing research
nbpMatchingFunctions for Optimal Non-bipartite Matching
NBPSeqNegative Binomial Models for RNA-Sequencing Data
nCalNonlinear Calibration
ncappcNCA Calculation and Population PK Model Diagnosis
ncbitretrieve and build NBCI taxonomic data
ncdfInterface to Unidata netCDF Data Files
ncdf4Interface to Unidata netCDF (version 4 or earlier) format data files
ncdf4.helpersHelper functions for use with the ncdf4 package
ncdf.toolsEasier ncdf file handling
nCDunnettNoncentral Dunnett's test distribution
ncfspatial nonparametric covariance functions
ncgComputes the noncentral gamma function
NCmiscMiscellaneous general purpose functions
ncvregRegularization Paths for SCAD and MCP Penalized Regression Models
ndlNaive Discriminative Learning
ndtvNetwork Dynamic Temporal Visualizations
nearisoNear-Isotonic Regression
NeatMapNon-clustered heatmap alternatives
NEffCalculating effective sizes based on known demographic parameters of a population
negenesEstimating the number of essential genes in a genome
neldermeadR port of the Scilab neldermead module
nephroBiostatistics Utilities for Nephrology
NestedCohortSurvival Analysis for Cohorts with Missing Covariate Information
nestedRanksTestMann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Test for Nested Ranks
netassocInference of Species Associations from Co-Occurrence Data
netClassnetClass: An R Package for Network-Based Biomarker Discovery
NetClusterClustering for networks
NetCompNetwork Generation and Comparison
NetDataNetwork Data for McFarland's SNA R labs
netgenNetwork Generator for Combinatorial Graph Problems
netgsaNetwork-Based Gene Set Analysis
NetIndicesEstimating network indices, including trophic structure of foodwebs in R
netmetaNetwork Meta-Analysis using Frequentist Methods
netsNetwork Estimation for Time Series
NetSimA Social Networks Simulation Tool in R
nettoolsA Network Comparison Framework
netweaversNetWeAvers: Weighted Averages for Networks
networkClasses for Relational Data
networkD3Tools for Creating D3 JavaScript Network Graphs from R
networkDynamicDynamic Extensions for Network Objects
networkDynamicDatadynamic network datasets
networkreportingTools for using network reporting estimators
networksisSimulate bipartite graphs with fixed marginals through sequential importance sampling
networkTomographyTools for network tomography
neuralNeural Networks
neuralnetTraining of neural networks
NeuralNetToolsVisualization and Analysis Tools for Neural Networks
neuroblastomaNeuroblastoma copy number profiles
neuroimneuroim: R software for reading, writing and representing brain imaging data
neuRosimFunctions to Generate fMRI Data Including Activated Data, Noise Data and Resting State Data
NewdistnsComputes Pdf, Cdf, Quantile and Random Numbers, Measures of Inference for 19 General Families of Distributions
nFactorsParallel Analysis and Non Graphical Solutions to the Cattell Scree Test
nFCANumerical Formal Concept Analysis for Systematic Clustering
ngramAn n-gram Babbler
ngramrRetrieve and plot Google n-gram data
ngspatialFitting the centered autologistic and sparse spatial generalized linear mixed models for areal data
NHEMOtreeNon-hierarchical evolutionary multi-objective tree learner to perform cost-sensitive classification
nhlscraprCompiling the NHL Real Time Scoring System Database for easy use in R
NHMMBayesian NHMM Modeling (Multiple Time Series)
NHPoissonModelling and Validation of Non Homogeneous Poisson Processes
niceGet or Set UNIX Niceness
nicheROVER(Niche) (R)egion and Niche (Over)lap Metrics for Multidimensional Ecological Niches
NightDayNight and Day Boundary Plot Funtion
NipponJapanese utility functions and data
NISTnlsNonlinear least squares examples from NIST
NISTunitsFundamental Physical Constants and Unit Conversions from NIST
nlADGRegression in the Normal Linear ADG Model
nleqslvSolve Systems of Nonlinear Equations
nlmeLinear and Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
nlmeODENon-linear mixed-effects modelling in nlme using differential equations
nlmeUDatasets and utility functions enhancing functionality of nlme package
nlmrtFunctions for Nonlinear Least Squares Solutions
nloptrR interface to NLopt
NLPNatural Language Processing Infrastructure
NLPutilsNatural Language Processing Utilities
nlregHigher Order Inference for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models
NLRootsearching for the root of equation
nls2Non-linear regression with brute force
nlsemFitting Structural Equation Mixture Models
nlsMicrobioNonlinear regression in predictive microbiology
nlsmsnFitting nonlinear models with scale mixture of skew-normal distributions
nlstoolsTools for Nonlinear Regression Analysis
NlsyLinksUtilities and kinship information for behavior genetics and developmental research using the NLSY
nltA nondecimated lifting transform for signal denoising
nlts(non)linear time series analysis
nLTTCalculate The NLTT Statistic
nlWaldTestWald Test of nonlinear restrictions for regression parameters
nmcdrNon-parametric Multiple Change-points Detection
NMFAlgorithms and framework for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF)
NMFNNon-negative Matrix Factorization
NMOFNumerical Methods and Optimization in Finance
nnetFeed-Forward Neural Networks and Multinomial Log-Linear Models
nnlassoNon-Negative Lasso and Elastic Net Penalized Generalized Linear Models
nnlsThe Lawson-Hanson algorithm for non-negative least squares (NNLS)
nodeHarvestNode Harvest for regression and classification
nodivCompares the Distribution of Sister Clades Through a Phylogeny
noiaImplementation of the Natural and Orthogonal InterAction (NOIA) model
NominalLogisticBiplotBiplot representations of categorical data
noncensusU.S. Census Regional and Demographic Data
nonlinearTseriesR package for nonlinear time series analysis
nonnest2Tests of Non-nested Models
nonparaeffNonparametric Methods for Measuring Efficiency and Productivity
NonpModelCheckModel Checking and Variable Selection in Nonparametric Regression
nonrandomStratification and matching by the propensity score
nontargetDetecting, Combining and Filtering Isotope, Adduct and Homologue Series Relations in High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) Data
nontargetDataQuantized simulation data of isotope pattern centroids
noppNash Optimal Party Positions
nor1mixNormal (1-d) Mixture Models (S3 Classes and Methods)
normAnalysis of multivariate normal datasets with missing values
NormalGammaNormal-gamma convolution model
NormalLaplaceThe Normal Laplace Distribution
normalpRoutines for Exponential Power Distribution
NormPsyNormalisation of Psychometric Tests
NORMT3Evaluates complex erf, erfc, Faddeeva, and density of sum of Gaussian and Student's t
normtestTests for Normality
normwhn.testNormality and White Noise Testing
NORRRMGeochemical Toolkit for R
NORTARAGeneration of Multivariate Data with Arbitrary Marginals
nortestTests for Normality
nosenose Package for R
notifyRSend push notifications to your smartphone via pushover.net (ACCOUNT REQUIRED!)
nowebNoweb system for R
Nozzle.R1Nozzle Reports
npNonparametric kernel smoothing methods for mixed data types
nparcompMultiple Comparisons and Simultaneous Confidence Intervals
nparLDNonparametric Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Factorial Experiments
NPBayesImputeNon-Parametric Bayesian Multiple Imputation for Categorical Data
npbrNonparametric boundary regression
NPCDNonparametric Methods for Cognitive Diagnosis
NPCircNonparametric Circular Methods
npcpSome nonparametric tests for change-point detection in (multivariate) observations
npdeNormalised prediction distribution errors for nonlinear mixed-effect models
NPHMCSample Size Calculation for the Proportional Hazards Mixture Cure Model
npIntFactRepNonparametric Interaction Tests for Factorial Designs with Repeated Measures
nplplotPlotting linkage and association results
nplrN-Parameter Logistic Regression
NPMLEcmprskType-specific Failure Rate and Hazard Rate on Competing Risks Data
npmlregNonparametric maximum likelihood estimation for random effect models
NPMPMtertiary probabilistic model in predictive microbiology for use in food manufacture
npmvNonparametric Comparison of Multivariate Samples
NPMVCPNonparametric Multivariate Change Point Model
nppbibNonparametric Partially-Balanced Incomplete Block Design Analysis
NPSConvenience Functions and Tests for Working With the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
NPsimexNonparametric Smoothing for contaminated data using Simulation-Extrapolation
npsmPackage for Nonparametric Statistical Methods using R
npspNonparametric spatial (geo)statistics
npstGeneralization of Hewitt's Seasonality Test
NSAPost-normalization of total copy numbers
nscancorNon-Negative and Sparse CCA
NSclusterSimulation and Estimation of the Neyman-Scott Type Spatial Cluster Models
nsga2RElitist Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm based on R
nsgpNon-Stationary Gaussian Process Regression
NSM3Functions and Datasets to Accompany Hollander, Wolfe, and Chicken - Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Third Edition
nsprcompNon-Negative and Sparse PCA
nsRFANon-supervised Regional Frequency Analysis
NSUMNetwork Scale Up Method
nullaborTools for Graphical Inference
numbersNumber-Theoretic Functions
numDerivAccurate Numerical Derivatives
numOSLNumeric routines for optically stimulated luminescence dating
nutshellData for "R in a Nutshell"
nutshell.audioscrobblerAudioscrobbler data for "R in a Nutshell"
nutshell.bbdbBaseball Database for "R in a Nutshell"
nwsR functions for NetWorkSpaces and Sleigh
nycflights13Data about flights departing NYC in 2013
OAIHarvesterHarvest Metadata Using OAI-PMH v2.0
OarrayArrays with arbitrary offsets
oaxacaBlinder-Oaxaca Decomposition
objectPropertiesA factory of self-describing properties
obliclusCluster-based factor rotation
obliqueRFOblique Random Forests from Recursive Linear Model Splits
oblique.treeOblique Trees for Classification Data
obs.agreeAn R package to assess agreement between observers
obsSensSensitivity analysis for Observational studies
ocOC Roll Call Analysis Software
occEstimates PET neuroreceptor occupancies
oceAnalysis of Oceanographic data
oceanBiophysical Oceanography Tools
OceanViewVisualisation of Oceanographic Data and Model Output
ocedataOceanographic datasets for Oce
ODBOpen Document Databases (.odb) management
odfWeaveSweave processing of Open Document Format (ODF) files
odfWeave.surveySupport for odfWeave on the survey package
ODMconvertertools to convert ODM files
oemOrthogonalizing Expectation maximization
OhmageR Client for Ohmage 2 server
OIdataData sets and supplements (OpenIntro)
OIsurvSurvival analysis supplement to OpenIntro guide
OjaNPMultivariate Methods Based on the Oja Median and Related Concepts
okmesonetRetrieve Oklahoma Mesonet climatological data
OligoSpecificitySystemOligo Specificity System
OLScurveOLS growth curve trajectories
omdfilter the molecular descriptors for QSAR
OmicKrigingOmicKriging for Phenotypic Prediction
oncomodelMaximum likelihood tree models for oncogenesis
OncotreeEstimating oncogenetic trees
onemapSoftware for constructing genetic maps in experimental crosses: full-sib, RILs, F2 and backcrosses
ONETrEfficient authenticated interaction with the O*NET API
OneTwoSamplesDeal with one and two (normal) samples
onionoctonions and quaternions
onlinePCAOnline Principal Component Analysis
onlsOrthogonal Nonlinear Least-Squares Regression
OOmiscOzgur-Ozlem Miscellaneous
OpasnetUtilsUtility functions for dealing with data in Opasnet (www.opasnet.org) environment
OPDOEOPtimal Design Of Experiments
OPEOuter-product emulator
opefimorOption Pricing and Estimation of Financial Models in R
openairTools for the Analysis of Air Pollution Data
OpenCLInterface allowing R to use OpenCL
opencpuA System for Embedded Scientific Computing and Reproducible Research with R
openintroOpenIntro data sets and supplemental functions
OpenMPControllerControl number of OpenMP threads dynamically
openNLPApache OpenNLP Tools Interface
openNLPdataApache OpenNLP Jars and Basic English Language Models
OpenRepGridTools to analyse repertory grid data
opensslBindings to OpenSSL
OpenStreetMapAccess to open street map raster images
opentrajTools for Creating and Analysing Air Trajectory Data
openxlsxRead, Write and Edit XLSX Files
operatorsAdditional binary operators for the R language
operator.toolsUtilities for working with R's operators
OPIOpen Perimetry Interface
opsOptimal Power Space Transformation
optAUCOptimal Combinations of Diagnostic Tests Based on AUC
optBiomarkerEstimation of optimal number of biomarkers for two-group microarray based classifications at a given error tolerance level for various classification rules
optextrasTools to Support Optimization Methods
OptHedgingEstimation of value and hedging strategy of call and put options
OptimalCutpointsComputing optimal cutpoints in diagnostic tests
optimbaseR port of the Scilab optimbase module
optimsimplexR port of the Scilab optimsimplex module
optimxA Replacement and Extension of the optim() Function
OptInterimOptimal Two and Three Stage Designs for Single-Arm and Two-Arm Randomized Controlled Trials with a Long-Term Binary Endpoint
OptionPricingOption Pricing with Efficient Simulation Algorithms
optiRumMiscellaneous functions for (primarily) finance / credit risk analysts
optiscaleOptimal scaling
optmatchFunctions for optimal matching
optparseCommand line option parser
optpartOptimal partitioning of similarity relations
optROptimization Toolbox for solving linear systems
optreesOptimal Trees in Weighted Graphs
oraConvenient Tools for Working with Oracle Databases
orcaComputation of Graphlet Orbit Counts in Sparse Graphs
ORCISeveral confidence intervals for the odds ratio
orclusORCLUS subspace clustering
ORCMEOrder Restricted Clustering for Microarray Experiments
orcuttEstimate procedure in case of first order autocorrelation
ordBTLModelling comparison data with ordinal response
orddomOrdinal Dominance Statistics
ORDER2PARENTEstimate parent distributions with data of several order statistics
orderbookOrderbook visualization/Charting software
orderedLassoOrdered Lasso and Time-lag Sparse Regression
OrdFacRegLeast Squares, Logistic, and Cox-Regression with Ordered Predictors
ordinalRegression Models for Ordinal Data
ordinalgmifsOrdinal Regression for High-dimensional Data
OrdinalLogisticBiplotBiplot representations of ordinal variables
OrdLogRegOrdinal Logic Regression
OrdMonRegCompute least squares estimates of one bounded or two ordered isotonic regression curves
OrdNorConcurrent generation of ordinal and normal data with given correlation matrix and marginal distributions
ordPensSelection and/or Smoothing of Ordinal Predictors
oreAn R Interface to the Oniguruma Regular Expression Library
OrgMassSpecROrganic Mass Spectrometry
orgRAnalyse Text Files Created by Emacs' Org mode
ORIClustOrder-restricted Information Criterion-based Clustering Algorithm
orientlibSupport for orientation data
orlocaThe package deals with Operations Research LOCational Analysis models
orloca.esSpanish version of orloca package
oro.dicomRigorous - DICOM Input / Output
oro.niftiRigorous - NIfTI+ANALYZE+AFNI Input / Output
oro.petRigorous - Positron Emission Tomography
orQAOrder Restricted Assessment Of Microarray Titration Experiments
orskConverting Odds Ratio to Relative Risk in Cohort Studies with Partial Data Information
orthopolynomCollection of functions for orthogonal and orthonormal polynomials
osDesignDesign and analysis of observational studies
osmarOpenStreetMap and R
ouchOrnstein-Uhlenbeck models for phylogenetic comparative hypotheses
outbreakerBayesian Reconstruction of Disease Outbreaks by Combining Epidemiologic and Genomic Data
OutbreakToolsBasic Tools for the Analysis of Disease Outbreaks
OutlierDCOutlier Detection using quantile regression for Censored Data
OutlierDMOutlier Detection for Multi-replicated High-throughput Data
outliersTests for outliers
OutrankingToolsFunctions for Solving Multiple-criteria Decision-making Problems
OUwieAnalysis of Evolutionary Rates in an OU Framework
overlapEstimates of coefficient of overlapping for animal activity patterns
ozPlot the Australian coastline and states
P2C2MPosterior Predictive Checks of Coalescent Models
p2distanceWelfare's Synthetic Indicator
p3state.msmAnalyzing survival data
paPerformance Attribution for Equity Portfolios
pacbpredPAC-Bayesian Estimation and Prediction in Sparse Additive Models
packConvert values to/from raw vectors
packClassicToy example of Pack Classic
packdepMapping dependencies among R packages
packHVA few useful functions for statisticians
packratA Dependency Management System for Projects and their R Package Dependencies
packS4Toy example of S4 package
pacmanPackage Management Tool
pafAttributable Fraction Function for Censored Survival Data
PAFitNonparametric Estimation of Preferential Attachment and Node Fitness in Temporal Complex Networks
PAGIThe package can identify the dysregulated KEGG pathways based on global influence from the internal effect of pathways and crosstalk between pathways
PAGWASPathway analysis methods for genomewide association data
pairedCIConfidence intervals for the ratio of locations and for the ratio of scales of two paired samples
PairedDataPaired Data Analysis
pairheatmapA tool for comparing heatmaps
PairVizVisualization using Eulerian tours and Hamiltonian decompositions
pairwiseRasch Model Parameters by Pairwise Algorithm
pairwiseCIConfidence intervals for two sample comparisons
palaeoSigSignificance Tests for Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions
paleobioDBDownload and Process Data from the Paleobiology Database
paleofireAnalysis of Charcoal Records from the Global Charcoal Database
paleoMASPaleoecological Analysis
paleotreePaleontological and Phylogenetic Analyses of Evolution
paleoTSAnalyze paleontological time-series
palinsolInsolation for palaeoclimate studies
pamctdpPrincipal Axes Methods for Contingency Tables with Partition Structures on Rows and Columns
pammPower analysis for random effects in mixed models
pampeImplementation of the Panel Data Approach Method for Program Evaluation
pamrPam: prediction analysis for microarrays
panMultiple Imputation for Multivariate Panel or Clustered Data
PANDAPreferential Attachment Based Common Neighbor Distribution Derived Functional Associations
panderAn R Pandoc Writer
panelaggregationAggregate Longitudinal Survey Data
panelAREstimation of Linear AR(1) Panel Data Models with Cross-Sectional Heteroskedasticity and/or Correlation
PaneldataLinear models for panel data
PANICrPANIC Tests of Nonstationarity
ParallelForestRandom Forest Classification with Parallel Computing
parallelize.dynamicAutomate parallelization of function calls by means of dynamic code analysis
parallelMapUnified interface to Some Popular Parallelization Back-ends for Interactive Usage and Package Development
parallelMCMCcombineMethods for combining independent subset Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) posterior samples to estimate a posterior density given the full data set
ParamHelpersHelpers for Parameters in Black-Box Optimization, Tuning and Machine Learning
paramlinkParametric linkage analysis in R
paranHorn's Test of Principal Components/Factors
parboostDistributed Model-Based Boosting
parcorRegularized estimation of partial correlation matrices
ParDNAcopyParallel implementation of the "segment" function of package "DNAcopy"
ParentOffspringConduct the Parent-Offspring Test Using Monomorphic SNP Markers
ParetoPosStableComputing, fitting and validating the PPS distribution
parfossilParallelized functions for palaeoecological and palaeogeographical analysis
parmaPortfolio Allocation and Risk Management Applications
parmigeneParallel Mutual Information estimation for Gene Network reconstruction
parsedateRecognize and Parse Dates in Various Formats, Including All ISO 8601 Formats
partDSAPartitioning Using Deletion, Substitution, and Addition Moves
partialARPartial Autoregression
partialORPartial Odds Ratio
partitionMapPartition Maps
partitionMetricCompute a distance metric between two partitions of a set
partitionsAdditive partitions of integers
partoolsTools for the 'Parallel' Package
partsmPeriodic Autoregressive Time Series Models
partyA Laboratory for Recursive Partytioning
partykitA Toolkit for Recursive Partytioning
PASPolygenic Analysis System (PAS)
passPrediction and Stability Selection of Tuning Parameters
pastecsPackage for Analysis of Space-Time Ecological Series
pastisPhylogenetic Assembly with Soft Taxonomic Inferences
PASWR2Probability and Statistics with R, Second Edition
patchDVIPackage to patch .dvi files
patchPlotScatterplots of image patches
patchSynctexCommunication between Editor and Viewer for Literate Programs
pathClassClassification using biological pathways as prior knowledge
pathdiagramBasic functions for drawing path diagrams
pathmoxPathmox Approach of Segmentation Trees in Partial Least Squares Path Modeling
pathologicalPath Manipulation Utilities
PatternClassClass-focused pattern metric comparisons using simulation
pauwels2014Bayesian Experimental Design for Systems Biology
pavoPerceptual analysis, visualization and organization of spectral color data in R
pawaccPhysical activity with accelerometers
PAWLImplementation of the PAWL algorithm
pbapplyAdding Progress Bar to '*apply' Functions
PBCProduct of Bivariate Copulas (PBC)
PBDProtracted birth-death model of diversification
pbdBASEProgramming with Big Data – Base Wrappers for Distributed Matrices
pbdDEMOProgramming with Big Data – Demonstrations of pbd Packages
pbdDMATProgramming with Big Data – Distributed Matrix Methods
pbdMPIProgramming with Big Data – Interface to MPI
pbdNCDF4Programming with Big Data – Interface to Parallel Unidata NetCDF4 Format Data Files
pbdPROFProgramming with Big Data — MPI Profiling Tools
pbdSLAPProgramming with Big Data – Scalable Linear Algebra Packages
PBImiscA set of datasets used in my classes or in the book ,,Modele liniowe i mieszane w R, wraz z przykladami w analizie danych”
pbivnormVectorized Bivariate Normal CDF
pbkrtestParametric bootstrap and Kenward-Roger-based methods for mixed model comparison
pboProbability of Backtest Overfitting
pBracketsPlot Brackets
pbsPeriodic B Splines
PBSadmbADMB for R Using Scripts or GUI
PBSddesolveSolver for Delay Differential Equations
PBSmappingMapping Fisheries Data and Spatial Analysis Tools
PBSmodellingGUI Tools Made Easy: Interact with Models and Explore Data
pca3dThree dimensional PCA plots
pcaL1Three L1-Norm PCA Methods
pcalgMethods for Graphical Models and Causal Inference
PCAmixdataMultivariate Analysis of Mixed Data
pcaPPRobust PCA by Projection Pursuit
PCDSplineSemiparametric regression analysis of panel count data using monotone splines
pcgPreconditioned Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for solving Ax=b
PCGSEPrincipal Component Gene Set Enrichment
PCICtImplementation of POSIXct work-alike for 365 and 360 day calendars
pcIRTIRT models for polytomous and continuous item responses
PCITPartial Correlation Coefficient with Information Theory
pcnetmetaMethods for Patient-Centered Network Meta-Analysis
PCovRPrincipal Covariates Regression
PCPSPrincipal Coordinates of Phylogenetic Structure
pcrcoalA package implementing the coalescent approach to PCR simulation developed by Weiss and von Haeseler (NAR, 1997)
PCSCalculate the probability of correct selection (PCS)
pcsePanel-Corrected Standard Error Estimation in R
pdcPermutation Distribution Clustering
pdfClusterCluster analysis via nonparametric density estimation
pdfetchFetch economic and financial time series data from public sources
pdistPartitioned Distance Function
pdmodProximal/distal modeling framework for Pavlovian conditioning phenomena
PDQutilsPDQ Functions via Gram Charlier, Edgeworth, and Cornish Fisher Approximations
pdRthreshold regression and unit root test in panel data
PDSCEPositive definite sparse covariance estimators
peacotsPeriodogram Peaks in Correlated Time Series
pearPackage for Periodic Autoregression Analysis
pearson7Maximum Likelihood Inference for the Pearson VII Distribution with Shape Parameter 3/2
PearsonDSPearson Distribution System
PearsonICAIndependent component analysis using score functions from the Pearson system
pecPrediction Error Curves for risk prediction models in survival analysis
pedanticsFunctions to facilitate power and sensitivity analyses for genetic studies of natural populations
PedCNVAn implementation for association analysis with CNV data
pedgeneGene-level statistics for Pedigree Data
pedigreePedigree functions
pedigreemmPedigree-based mixed-effects models
pedometricsPedometric Tools and Techniques
pegasPopulation and Evolutionary Genetics Analysis System
PEIPFunctions for Aster Book on Inverse Theory
PEMMA Penalized EM algorithm incorporating missing-data mechanism
penalizedL1 (lasso and fused lasso) and L2 (ridge) penalized estimation in GLMs and in the Cox model
penalizedLDAPenalized classification using Fisher's linear discriminant
penalizedSVMFeature Selection SVM using penalty functions
pencopulaFlexible Copula Density Estimation with Penalized Hierarchical B-Splines
pendensityDensity Estimation with a Penalized Mixture Approach
penDvineFlexible Pair-Copula Estimation in D-vines using Bivariate Penalized Splines
penMSMEstimating Regularized Multi-state Models Using L1 Penalties
pensimSimulation of high-dimensional data and parallelized repeated penalized regression
peperrParallelised Estimation of Prediction Error
peplibPeptide Library Analysis Methods
PepPrepInsilico peptide mutation, digestion and homologous comparison
peptiderEvaluation of Diversity in Nucleotide Libraries
PeptidesCalculate Indices and Theoretical Properties of Protein Sequences
pequodModerated regression package
perARMAPackage for Periodic Time Series Analysis
PerFitPerson Fit
PerfMeasPerfMeas: Performance Measures for ranking and classification tasks
PerformanceAnalyticsEconometric tools for performance and risk analysis
performanceEstimationAn Infra-Structure for Performance Estimation of Predictive Models
permExact or Asymptotic permutation tests
PermAlgoPermutational algorithm to simulate survival data
PerMallowsPermutations and Mallows Distributions
permGPUpermPGU: Using GPUs in Statistical Genomics
permtestPermutation test to compare variability within and distance between two groups
permuteFunctions for generating restricted permutations of data
PERregressRegression Functions and Datasets
perryResampling-based prediction error estimation for regression models
persiandictionaryEnglish to Persian dictionary
perturbTools for evaluating collinearity
pesticidesAnalysis of single serving and composite pesticide residue measurements
PETSimulation and Reconstruction of PET Images
pezPhylogenetics for the Environmental Sciences
PFPrevented fraction
pgamPoisson-Gamma Additive Models
PGICAParallel Group ICA Algorithm
pgirmessData analysis in ecology
pglmpanel generalized linear model
pGLSGeneralized Least Square in comparative Phylogenetics
PGM2Recursive method for construction of nested resolvable designs and uniform designs associated
pgmmParsimonious Gaussian mixture models
pgsPrecision of Geometric Sampling
phalenPhalen Algorithms and Functions
phangornPhylogenetic Analysis in R
PharmPowPharmacometric Power calculations for mixed study designs
phaseRPhase Plane Analysis of One and Two Dimensional Autonomous ODE Systems
PhaseTypeInference for Phase-type Distributions
phcfMModelling anthropogenic deforestation
pheatmapPretty Heatmaps
phenabilityNonparametric Stability Analysis
phenexAuxiliary functions for phenological data analysis
PHENIXPhenotypic Integration Index
phenmodAuxiliary functions for phenological data processing, modelling and result handling
phenoAuxiliary functions for phenological data analysis
pheno2genoHigh-Throughput Generation of Genetic Markers and Maps from Molecular Phenotypes for Crosses Between Inbred Strains
PHevalEvaluation of the proportional hazards assumption with a standardized score process
phiaPost-Hoc Interaction Analysis
phmmProportional Hazards Mixed-effects Model (PHMM)
phomPersistent Homology in R
phonRTools for Phoneticians and Phonologists
phonToolsFunctions for phonetics in R
phreeqcR interface to Geochemical Modeling Software
phttPanel Data Analysis with Heterogeneous Time Trends
PhViDPhViD: an R package for PharmacoVigilance signal Detection
PhyActBedRestMarks periods of sleep in Actigraph accelerometer data
phyclustPhylogenetic Clustering (Phyloclustering)
phylinSpatial interpolation of genetic data
phylobaseBase package for phylogenetic structures and comparative data
phyloclimIntegrating Phylogenetics and Climatic Niche Modeling
phylocurvePhylogenetic Comparative Methods for Function-Valued and Other High-Dimensional Traits
PHYLOGRFunctions for Phylogenetically Based Statistical Analyses
phylolandModelling Competitive Exclusion and Limited Dispersal in a Statistical Phylogeographic Framework
phylolmPhylogenetic Linear Regression
phylosimR package for simulating biological sequence evolution
phylotoolsPhylogenetic tools for Eco-phylogenetics
phyloTopPhylogenetic Tree Topological Properties Evaluator
phyregImplements the Phylogenetic Regression of Grafen (1989)
PhysicalActivityProcess Physical Activity Accelerometer Data
physiologyCalculate Physiological Characteristics of Adults and Children
phytoolsPhylogenetic Tools for comparative biology (and other things)
phytotoolsPhytoplankton Production Tools
pi0Estimating the proportion of true null hypotheses for FDR
picanteR tools for integrating phylogenies and ecology
picassoPathwise Calibrated Sparse Shooting Algorithm
PIGESelf contained gene set analysis for gene- and pathway-environment interaction analysis
PIGShiftPolygenic Inverse Gamma rate Shifts
pingrCheck If a Remote Computer is Up
pipe.designDual-Agent Dose Escalation for Phase I Trials using the PIPE Design
pipeRMulti-paradigm Pipeline Implementation
PIPSPredicted Interval Plots
pitchRxTools for Harnessing MLBAM Gameday data and Visualizing PITCHf/x
PivotalRA Fast, Easy-to-use Tool for Manipulating Tables in Databases and A Wrapper of MADlib
pixmapBitmap Images (“Pixel Maps”)
PKBasic Non-Compartmental Pharmacokinetics
PKfitData Analysis Tool for Pharmacokinetics
pkgKittenCreate Simple Packages Which Do Not Upset R CMD check
pkgmakerPackage development utilities
PKgraphModel diagnostics for population pharmacokinetic models
PKIPublic Key Infrastucture for R based on the X.509 standard
PKPDmodelsPharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic models
PKreportA reporting pipeline for checking population pharmacokinetic model assumption
pksProbabilistic Knowledge Structures
planTools for project planning
planarMultilayer optics
planorGeneration of Regular Factorial Designs
PlayerRatingsDynamic Updating Methods For Player Ratings Estimation
playwithA GUI for interactive plots using GTK+
plfmProbabilistic Feature Analysis of Two-Way Two-Mode Frequencies
plgpParticle Learning of Gaussian Processes
PLISMultiplicity control using Pooled LIS statistic
plmLinear Models for Panel Data
plmDEAdditive partially linear models for differential gene expression analysis
plmmPartially Linear Mixed Effects Model
plnPolytomous logit-normit (graded logistic) model estimation
PLordprobMultivariate Ordered Probit Model via Pairwise Likelihood
plot2groupsPlot scatter points for two groups of values
plot3DPlotting multi-dimensional data
plot3DrglPlotting multi-dimensional data - using rgl
plotGoogleMapsPlot Spatial or Spatio-Temporal Data Over Google Maps
plotKMLVisualization of Spatial and Spatio-temporal Objects in Google Earth
plotMCMCMCMC Diagnostic Plots
plotmoPlot a Model's Response While Varying the Values of the Predictors
plotpcPlot principal component histograms around a scatter plot
PlotRegionHighlighterCreates an envelope that surrounds a set of points plotted in a two dimensional space
plotrixVarious plotting functions
plotROCGenerate Useful ROC Curve Charts for Print and Interactive Use
plotSEMMGraphing nonlinear latent variable interactions in SEMM
plRaschLog Linear by Linear Association models and Rasch family models by pseudolikelihood estimation
PLRModelsStatistical inference in partial linear regression models
plsPartial Least Squares and Principal Component regression
PLSbiplot1The Partial Least Squares (PLS) Biplot
plsdepotPartial Least Squares (PLS) Data Analysis Methods
plsdofDegrees of Freedom and Statistical Inference for Partial Least Squares Regression
plsgenomicsPLS analyses for genomics
plspmTools for Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM)
plsRbetaPartial Least Squares Regression for Beta Regression Models
plsRcoxPartial Least Squares Regression for Cox Models and Related Techniques
plsRglmPartial Least Squares Regression for Generalized Linear Models
plugdensityPlug-in Kernel Density Estimation
plumbrMutable and dynamic data models
plusPenalized Linear Unbiased Selection
plusserA Google+ Interface for R
plyrTools for splitting, applying and combining data
PMAPenalized Multivariate Analysis
pmclustParallel Model-Based Clustering
PMCMRCalculate Pairwise Multiple Comparisons of Mean Rank Sums
pmgPoor Man's GUI
pmlrPenalized Multinomial Logistic Regression
pmmlGenerate PMML for various models
pmmlTransformationsTransforms input data from a PMML perspective
pmrProbability Models for Ranking Data
pngRead and write PNG images
pnmtremProbit-Normal Marginalized Transition Random Effects Models
pnnProbabilistic neural networks
pocrmDose-finding in drug combination Phase I trials using the partial order continual reassessment method (PO-CRM)
PogromcyDanychPogromcyDanych / DataCrunchers is the Masive Online Open Course that Brings R and Statistics to the People
poibinThe Poisson Binomial Distribution
PoiClaCluClassification and clustering of sequencing data based on a Poisson model
poilogPoisson lognormal and bivariate Poisson lognormal distribution
pointdensityPPoint density for geospatial data
pointResAnalyzing Pointer Years and Components of Resilience
PoisBinNonNorData Generation with Poisson, Binary and Continuous Components
PoisBinOrdData Generation with Poisson, Binary and Ordinal Components
poisDoubleSampConfidence Intervals with Poisson Double Sampling
PoisNonNorSimultaneous Generation of Count and Continuous Data
PoisNorSimultaneous generation of multivariate data with Poisson and normal marginals
poisson.glm.mixFit high dimensional mixtures of Poisson GLMs
PoissonSeqSignificance analysis of sequencing data based on a Poisson log linear model
poistweediePoisson-Tweedie exponential family models
poLCAPolytomous variable Latent Class Analysis
polidataPolitical Data Interface in R
pollstRClient for the HuffPost Pollster API
polsplinePolynomial spline routines
polyaAeppliImplementation of the Polya-Aeppli distribution
polyapostSimulating from the Polya posterior
polyclipPolygon Clipping
polycorPolychoric and Polyserial Correlations
polyCubCubature over Polygonal Domains
polynomA collection of functions to implement a class for univariate polynomial manipulations
PolynomFPolynomials in R
PolyPatExPaternity exclusion in autopolyploid species
polysatTools for Polyploid Microsatellite Analysis
polySegratioSimulate and test marker dosage for dominant markers in autopolyploids
polySegratioMMBayesian mixture models for marker dosage in autopolyploids
polytomousPolytomous logistic regression for fixed and mixed effects
polywogBootstrapped Basis Regression with Oracle Model Selection
pomPOM - Patch Occupancy Models
pompStatistical inference for partially observed Markov processes
poohPartial Orders and Relations
popbioConstruction and analysis of matrix population models
popdemoProvides Tools For Demographic Modelling Using Projection Matrices
PopEDPopulation (and Individual) Optimal Experimental Design
popgenStatistical and Population Genetics
PopGenKitUseful functions for (batch) file conversion and data resampling in microsatellite datasets
PopGenomeAn Efficient Swiss Army Knife for Population Genomic Analyses
PopGenReportPopGenReport: A simple way to analyse and visualize population genetic data
popgraphThis is an R package that constructs and manipulates population graphs
popKornFor interval estimation of mean of selected populations
popliteTools for Simplifying the Population and Querying of SQLite Databases
popprGenetic Analysis of Populations With Mixed Reproduction
popRangepopRange: A spatially and temporally explicit forward genetic simulator
popReconstructReconstruct Human Populations of the Recent Past
popsomSelf-Organizing Maps With Population Based Convergence Criterion
portesPortmanteau Tests for Univariate and Multivariate Time Series Models
portfolioAnalysing equity portfolios
portfolioSimFramework for simulating equity portfolio strategies
PortRiskPortfolio Risk Analysis
pottsMarkov Chain Monte Carlo for Potts Models
PottsUtilsUtility Functions of the Potts Models
powellPowell's UObyQA algorithm
PoweRComputation of Power and Level Tables for Hypothesis Tests
Power2StagePower and Sample-size Distribution of 2-stage Bioequivalence Studies
powerAnalysisPower analysis in experimental design
powerGWASinteractionPower Calculations for GxE and GxG Interactions for GWAS
poweRlawAnalysis of Heavy Tailed Distributions
powerMediationPower/Sample Size Calculation for Mediation Analysis
powerpkgPower analyses for the affected sib pair and the TDT design
powerSurvEpiPower and sample size calculation for survival analysis of epidemiological studies
PowerTOSTPower and Sample Size Based on Two One-sided t-Tests (TOST) for (Bio)Equivalence Studies
PPPerson Parameter estimation
ppcorPartial and Semi-partial (Part) correlation
ppiPrePredict Protein-Protein Interactions Based on Functional and Topological Similarities
pplsPenalized Partial Least Squares
ppmlassoPoint Process Models with LASSO Penalties
ppsFunctions for PPS sampling
PPtreeProjection pursuit classification tree
pqantimalarialsweb tool for estimating under-five deaths caused by poor-quality antimalarials in sub-Saharan Africa
prabclusFunctions for Clustering of Presence-Absence, Abundance and Multilocus Genetic Data
pracmaPractical Numerical Math Functions
PracToolsTools for Designing and Weighting Survey Samples
pragmaProvides a pragma / directive / keyword syntax for R
praisPrais-Winsten Estimation Procedure for AR(1) Serial Correlation
praktikumKvantitatiivsete meetodite praktikumi asjad / Functions used in the course "Quantitative methods in behavioural sciences" (SHPH.00.004), University of Tartu
prcPaired Response Curve
precintconPrecipitation Intensity, Concentration and Anomaly Analysis
predfinitepopPredictive Inference on Totals and Averages of Finite Populations Segmented in Planned and Unplanned Domains
PredictABELAssessment of Risk Prediction Models
PredictiveRegressionPrediction Intervals for Three Basic Statistical Models
predictmeansCalculate Predicted Means for Linear Models
predmixcorClassification rule based on Bayesian mixture models with feature selection bias corrected
prefmodUtilities to fit paired comparison models for preferences
PReMiuMDirichlet Process Bayesian Clustering, Profile Regression
PresenceAbsencePresence-Absence Model Evaluation
presensR Interface for PreSens Fiber Optic Data
preseqRPredicting Species Accumulation Curves
PResidualsProbability-Scale Residuals and Residual Correlations
prettyGraphspublication-quality graphics
prettyRPretty Descriptive Stats
prettyunitsPretty, Human Readable Formatting of Quantities
prevalenceThe prevalence package
PrevMapGeostatistical Modelling of Spatially Referenced Prevalence Data
prevREstimating regional trends of a prevalence from a DHS
pRFPermutation Significance for Random Forests
primPatient Rule Induction Method (PRIM)
primerFunctions and data for A Primer of Ecology with R
princurveFits a Principal Curve in Arbitrary Dimension
prinsimpFinding and plotting simple basis vectors for multivariate data
PRISMAProtocol Inspection and State Machine Analysis
PrivateLRDifferentially Private Regularized Logistic Regression
prLogisticEstimation of Prevalence Ratios using Logistic Models
probElementary Probability on Finite Sample Spaces
probemodStatistical Tools for Probing Moderation Effects
probFDAProbabilistic Fisher Discriminant Analysis
ProbForecastGOPProbabilistic weather forecast using the GOP method
probsvmprobsvm: Class probability estimation for Support Vector Machines
pROCdisplay and analyze ROC curves
ProDenICAProduct Density Estimation for ICA using tilted Gaussian density estimates
prodlimProduct-limit estimation for censored event history analysis
PROFANCYThe package can prioritize candidate disease metabolites based on global functional relationships between metabolites in the context of metabolic pathways
profdpmProfile Dirichlet Process Mixtures
ProfessRGrades Setting and Exam Maker
ProfileLikelihoodProfile Likelihood for a Parameter in Commonly Used Statistical Models
profileModelTools for profiling inference functions for various model classes
profileRProfile Analysis of Multivariate Data in R
profrAn alternative display for profiling information
proftoolsProfile Output Processing Tools for R
ProgGUIinRsupport package for "Programming Graphical User Interfaces in R"
prognosticROCPrognostic ROC curves for evaluating the predictive capacity of a binary test
proj4A simple interface to the PROJ.4 cartographic projections library
ProjectTemplateAutomates the creation of new statistical analysis projects
propagatePropagation of Uncertainty
PropCIsVarious confidence interval methods for proportions
PropClustPropensity Clustering and Decomposition
propOverlapFeature (gene) selection based on the Proportional Overlapping Scores
PropScrRandPropensity score methods for assigning treatment in randomized trials
prospectrMiscellaneous functions for processing and sample selection of vis-NIR diffuse reflectance data
proteomicdesignOptimization of a multi-stage proteomic study
proteomicsStatistical Analysis of High Throughput Proteomics Data
protiqProtein (identification and) quantification based on peptide evidence
protoPrototype object-based programming
protoclassInterpretable classification with prototypes
protoclustHierarchical Clustering with Prototypes
PROTOLIDARPRocess TOol LIdar DAta in R
protrGenerating Various Numerical Representation Schemes of Protein Sequence
protVizVisualizing and Analyzing Mass Spectrometry Related Data in Proteomics
proxyDistance and Similarity Measures
PRROCPrecision-Recall and ROC Curves for Weighted and Unweighted Data
pRSRTest of periodicity using response surface regression
pryrTools for computing on the language
PSAbootBootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis
PSAgraphicsPropensity Score Analysis Graphics
psbcGroupPenalized Semiparametric Bayesian Cox Models with Shrinkage and Grouping Priors
PSCBSAnalysis of Parent-Specific DNA Copy Numbers
psclPolitical Science Computational Laboratory, Stanford University
psdAdaptive, Sine-Multitaper Power Spectral Density Estimation
psDataA package to download regularly maintained political science data sets and make commonly used, but infrequently updated variables based on this data
pseParameter space exploration with Latin Hypercubes
pseudoPseudo - observations
psgpProjected Spatial Gaussian Process (psgp) methods
pSISpecificity Index Statistic
psidRBuild panel data sets from PSID raw data
PSMNon-Linear Mixed-Effects modelling using Stochastic Differential Equations
psoParticle Swarm Optimization
pspearmanSpearman's rank correlation test
psplinePenalized Smoothing Splines
PSTProbabilistic Suffix Trees and Variable Length Markov Chains
PsumtSimSimulations of grouped responses relative to baseline
psyVarious procedures used in psychometry
psychProcedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research
psychometricApplied Psychometric Theory
psychomixPsychometric Mixture Models
psychotoolsInfrastructure for Psychometric Modeling
psychotreeRecursive Partitioning Based on Psychometric Models
psyphyFunctions for analyzing psychophysical data in R
psytabsProduce well-formatted tables for psychological research
ptComputational models for prospect theory and other theories of risky decision making
PTAkPrincipal Tensor Analysis on k modes
PTEPersonalized Treatment Evaluator
ptinpolyPoint-In-Polyhedron Test (2D and 3D)
PtProcessTime Dependent Point Process Modelling
ptwParametric Time Warping
PubBiasPerforms simulation study to look for publication bias, using a technique described by Ioannidis and Trikalinos; Clin Trials. 2007;4(3):245-53
pubmed.mineRText mining of PubMed Abstracts
PubMedWordcloudPubMed Word Clouds
pullwordR Interface to Pullword Service
pumilioRPumilio in R
PurBayesBayesian Estimation of Tumor Purity and Clonality
pushoverrSend push notifications using Pushover
PVAClonePopulation Viability Analysis with Data Cloning
pvarCalculation and Application of p-variation
pvclassP-values for Classification
pvclustHierarchical Clustering with P-Values via Multiscale Bootstrap Resampling
PVRComputes phylogenetic eigenvectors regression (PVR) and phylogenetic signal-representation curve (PSR) (with null and Brownian expectations)
pvrankRank Correlations
pvsRAn R package to interact with the Project Vote Smart API for scientific research
pwrBasic Functions for Power Analysis
PwrGSDPower in a Group Sequential Design
pwtPenn World Table (Versions 5.6, 6.x, 7.x)
pwt8Penn World Table (Version 8.0)
pxRPC-Axis with R
pxwebR Interface to the PX-Web/PC-Axis API
pycnoPycnophylactic Interpolation
pyramidFunctions to draw population pyramid
qatQuality Assurance Toolkit
QCAQualitative Comparative Analysis
QCA3Yet another package for Qualitative Comparative Analysis
QCAGUIQCA Graphical User Interface
QCAtoolsHelper functions for QCA in R
qccQuality Control Charts
QCGWASQuality Control of Genome Wide Association Study results
qcrQuality control and reliability
qdapBridging the Gap Between Qualitative Data and Quantitative Analysis
qdapDictionariesDictionaries and word lists for the qdap package
qdapRegexRegular Expression Removal, Extraction, and Replacement Tools
qdapToolsTools for the qdap Package
qdmFitting a Quadrilateral Dissimilarity Model to Same-Different Judgments
qgraphGraph Plotting Methods, Psychometric Data Visualization and Graphical Model Estimation
qgtoolsTools for Quantitative Genetics Data Analyses
qichartsQuality Improvement Charts
qiimerWork with QIIME Output Files in R
qlcMatrixUtility sparse matrix functions for Quantitative Language Comparison
qLearnEstimation and inference for Q-learning
qlspackQuasi Least Square Package
qmapStatistical transformations for post-processing climate model output
qmethodAnalysis of Subjective Perspectives Using Q Methodology
qmrparserParser combinator in R
QoLRAnalysis of Health-Related Quality of Life in oncology
qpcRModelling and analysis of real-time PCR data
qPCR.CTqPCR data analysis and plot package
qqmanQ-Q and manhattan plots for GWAS data
qqtestQuantile Quantile Plots Self Calibrating For Visual Testing
qrfactorSimultaneous simulation of Q and R mode factor analyses with Spatial data
qrLMMQuantile Regression for Linear Mixed-Effects Models
QRMProvides R-language Code to Examine Quantitative Risk Management Concepts
qrNLMMQuantile Regression for Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models
qrnnQuantile regression neural network
QSARdataQuantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) Data Sets
qtbaseInterface between R and Qt
qtlTools for Analyzing QTL Experiments
qtlbimQTL Bayesian Interval Mapping
qtlbookDatasets for the R/qtl book
qtlDesignDesign of QTL experiments
qtlhotInference for QTL Hotspots
qtlmtTools for mapping multiple complex traits
qtlnetCausal Inference of QTL Networks
QTLRelTools for mapping of quantitative traits of genetically related individuals and calculating identity coefficients from a pedigree
qtpaintQt-based painting infrastructure
qtutilsMiscellaneous Qt-based utilities
QuACNQuACN: Quantitative Analysis of Complex Networks
quadExact permutation moments of quadratic form statistics
quadprogFunctions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems
quadrupenSparsity by Worst-Case Quadratic Penalties
qualCICausal Inference with Qualitative and Ordinal Information on Outcomes
QualIntTest for Qualitative Interactions
qualityToolsStatistical Methods for Quality Science
qualVQualitative Validation Methods
QuandlQuandl Data Connection
quantchemQuantitative chemical analysis: calibration and evaluation of results
quantificationQuantification of Qualitative Survey Data
QuantifQuantileEstimation of conditional quantiles using optimal quantization
quantmodQuantitative Financial Modelling Framework
QuantPsycQuantitative Psychology Tools
quantregQuantile Regression
quantregForestQuantile Regression Forests
quantregGrowthGrowth charts via regression quantiles
quantspecQuantile-Based Spectral Analysis of Time Series
QuasiSeqAnalyzing RNA Sequence Count Tables Using Quasi-likelihood
questionrFunctions to make surveys processing easier
queueingAnalysis of Queueing Networks and Models
QUICRegularized sparse inverse covariance matrix estimation
quintQualitative Interaction Trees
quipuSummary charts of micro satellite profiles for a set of biological samples
QuorQuantile Ordering
qVarSelVariables Selection for Clustering and Classification
qvcalcQuasi Variances for Factor Effects in Statistical Models
QZGeneralized Eigenvalues and QZ Decomposition
R0Estimation of R0 and real-time reproduction number from epidemics
R1magicCompressive Sampling: Sparse signal recovery utilities
R2admbADMB to R interface functions
R2BayesXEstimate Structured Additive Regression Models with BayesX
R2CubaMultidimensional Numerical Integration
r2d2Bivariate (Two-Dimensional) Confidence Region and Frequency Distribution
r2dRue2d Rain Use Efficience model
R2G2Converting R CRAN outputs into Google Earth
R2GUESSWrapper functions for GUESS
R2HTMLHTML exportation for R objects
R2jagsA Package for Running 'JAGS' from R
r2lhR to LaTeX and HTML
R2MLwiNRunning MLwiN from Within R
R2OpenBUGSRunning OpenBUGS from R
R2PPTSimple R Interface to Microsoft PowerPoint using rcom or RDCOMClient
R2STATSA GTK GUI for fitting and comparing GLM and GLMM in R
r2stlr2stl, R package for visualizing data using a 3D printer
R2SWFConvert R Graphics to Flash Animations
R2wdWrite MS-Word documents from R
R2WinBUGSRunning WinBUGS and OpenBUGS from R / S-PLUS
R330An R package for Stats 330
R4CDISCRead CDISC Data Files
R4CouchDBAn R Convenience Layer for CouchDB
R4dfp4dfp MRI Image Read and Write Routines
r4ssR code for Stock Synthesis
R6Classes with reference semantics
raceRacing methods for the selection of the best
RADFit RAD models to biological data
RADamiR Package for Phylogenetic Analysis of RADseq Data
radarFundamental Formulas for Radar
radiantBusiness Analytics using R and Shiny
RadioSondeTools for plotting skew-T diagrams and wind profiles
radirInverse-Regression Estimation of Radioactive Doses
RadOncAnalytical Tools for Radiation Oncology
RadTranRadon and Soil Gas Transport in 2D Porous Medium
RAdwordsLoading Google Adwords Data into R
rags2ridgesRidge Estimation of Precision Matrices from High-Dimensional Data
rainbowRainbow plots, bagplots and boxplots for functional data
raincpcObtain and Analyze Rainfall Data from the Climate Prediction Center
rainfreqRainfall Frequency (Design Storm) Estimates from the US National Weather Service
rAltmetricRetrieves Altmerics Data For Any Published Paper From Altmetric.com
RAMR for Amplicon-based Metagenomics
RamboThe Random Subgraph Model
RamdTools For Managing File/function Dependencies In R
ramifyAdditional Matrix Functionality
RAMPRegularized Generalized Linear Models with Interaction Effects
RAMpathStructural Equation Modeling using the reticular action model (RAM) Notation
rampsBayesian Geostatistical Modeling with RAMPS
randaesRandom number generator based on AES cipher
randomTrue Random Numbers using random.org
RandomFieldsSimulation and Analysis of Random Fields
randomForestBreiman and Cutler's random forests for classification and regression
randomForestSRCRandom Forests for Survival, Regression and Classification (RF-SRC)
randomGLMRandom General Linear Model Prediction
randomizationInferenceFlexible Randomization-Based Inference
randomizeBEFunction to create a random list for crossover studies
randomizrEasy to Use Tools for Common Forms of Random Assignment
randomLCARandom Effects Latent Class Analysis
randomNamesRandom name generating function and data set
random.polychor.paA Parallel Analysis With Polychoric Correlation Matrices
randomUniformForestRandom Uniform Forests for Classification, Regression and Unsupervised Learning
randtestsTesting randomness in R
randtoolboxToolbox for Pseudo and Quasi Random Number Generation and RNG Tests
RandVarImplementation of random variables
rangeMapperA platform for the study of macroecology of life history traits
RankAggregWeighted rank aggregation
RankclusterModel-based clustering for multivariate partial ranking data
rankhazardRank-hazard plots
RankResponseRanking Responses in a Single Response Question or a Multiple Response Question
RANNFast Nearest Neighbour Search (wraps Arya and Mount's ANN library)
RAPReversal Association Pattern
RapidPolygonLookupPolygon lookup using kd trees
RAPIDRReliable Accurate Prenatal non-Invasive Diagnosis R package
RApiSerializeR API Serialization
RAppArmorInterfaces to Linux and AppArmor security methods
rappdirsApplication directories: determine where to save data, caches and logs
rapportA report templating system
rapportoolsMiscellaneous (stats) helper functions with sane defaults for reporting
RArcInfoFunctions to import data from Arc/Info V7.x binary coverages
rareGETesting Gene-Environment Interaction for Rare Genetic Variants
rareNMtestsEcological and biogeographical null model tests for comparing rarefaction curves
RarityCalculation of Rarity Indices for Species and Assemblages of Species
rARPACKR wrapper of ARPACK for large scale eigenvalue/vector problems, on both dense and sparse matrices
RaschSamplerRasch Sampler
rasclassSupervised Raster Image Classification
rasterGeographic Data Analysis and Modeling
rasterVisVisualization Methods for Raster Data
rateratio.testExact rate ratio test
ratersA Modification of Fleiss' Kappa in Case of Nominal and Ordinal Variables
rationalfunManipulation of Rational Functions
RAtmosphereStandard Atmospheric profiles
rattleGraphical user interface for data mining in R
rAverageParameter estimation for the averaging model of Information Integration Theory
rAvisInterface to the bird-watching datasets at proyectoavis.com
rawFastaMemory efficient handling of FASTA sequence files, a pure R implementation
rbamtoolsAn R package for reading and writing BAM (Binary alignment) files
rbefdataBEFdata R package
rbenchmarkBenchmarking routine for R
rBeta2009The Beta Random Number and Dirichlet Random Vector Generating Functions
rbhlR interface to the Biodiversity Heritage Library
RbioRXNProcess Rhea, KEGG, MetaCyc, Unipathway biochemical reaction data
rbioumlFunctions to Interact with BioUML Server
rbisonR Interface to the USGS BISON API
RbitcoinR & bitcoin integration
rbitcoinchartsapiR Package for the BitCoinCharts.com API
rbmnHandling Linear Gaussian Bayesian Networks
RboristExtensible, Parallelizable Implementation of the Random Forest Algorithm
rboundsPerform Rosenbaum bounds sensitivity tests for matched and unmatched data
RBPcurveThe Residual-based Predictiveness Curve
rbugsFusing R and OpenBugs and Beyond
rbundlerRbundler manages an application's dependencies systematically and repeatedly
RCARelational Class Analysis
R.cacheFast and light-weight caching (memoization) of objects and results to speed up computations
RCALICalculation of the Integrated Flow of Particles between Polygons
RcaptureLoglinear Models for Capture-Recapture Experiments
rCartoThis package builds maps with a full cartographic layout
RCassandraR/Cassandra interface
rcbalanceLarge, Sparse Optimal Matching with Refined Covariate Balance
rcddrcdd (Computational Geometry)
rcdkrcdk - Interface to the CDK Libraries
rcdklibsrcdklib - CDK libraries packaged for R
RCEIMRCEIM - R Cross Entropy Inspired Method for Optimization
RcgminConjugate Gradient Minimization of Nonlinear Functions
RchoiceDiscrete Choice (Binary, Poisson and Ordered) Models with Random Parameters
rChoiceDialogsrChoiceDialogs collection
rcicrReverse correlation image classification toolbox
RCircosCircos 2D Track Plot
RClimMAWGENRClimMAWGEN (R Climate Index Multi-site Auto-regressive Weather GENeretor): a package to generate time series of climate indices from RMAWGEN generations
rClinicalCodesR tools for integrating with the www.clinicalcodes.org repository
rclinicaltrialsDownload Aggregate Trial Information and Results from ClinicalTrials.gov
RclusterppLinkable C++ clustering
rCMACMA-ES R-to-Java interface
RcmdrR Commander
RcmdrMiscR Commander Miscellaneous Functions
RcmdrPlugin.BCARcmdr Plug-In for Business and Customer Analytics
RcmdrPlugin.coinRcmdr Coin Plug-In
RcmdrPlugin.depthToolsR commander Depth Tools Plug-In
RcmdrPlugin.DoER Commander Plugin for (industrial) Design of Experiments
RcmdrPlugin.doexRcmdr plugin for Stat 4309 course
RcmdrPlugin.EACSPIRPlugin de R-Commander para el Manual 'EACSPIR'
RcmdrPlugin.EBMRcmdr Evidence Based Medicine Plug-In package
RcmdrPlugin.EcoVirtualRcmdr EcoVirtual Plugin
RcmdrPlugin.epackRcmdr plugin for time series
RcmdrPlugin.EZRR Commander Plug-in for the EZR (Easy R) Package
RcmdrPlugin.FactoMineRGraphical User Interface for FactoMineR
RcmdrPlugin.HHRcmdr support for the HH package
RcmdrPlugin.IPSURAn IPSUR Plugin for the R Commander
RcmdrPlugin.KMggplot2An Rcmdr Plug-In for Kaplan-Meier Plots and Other Plots by Using the ggplot2 Package
RcmdrPlugin.lfstatRcmdr Plug-In for low flow analysis
RcmdrPlugin.MAGraphical User Interface for Conducting Meta-Analyses in R
RcmdrPlugin.mosaicAdds menu items to produce mosaic plots and assoc plots to Rcmdr
RcmdrPlugin.MPAStatsR Commander Plug-in for MPA Statistics
RcmdrPlugin.NMBUR Commander Plug-in for University Level Applied Statistics
RcmdrPlugin.orlocaorloca Rcmdr Plug-in
RcmdrPlugin.plotByGroupRcmdr plots by group using lattice
RcmdrPlugin.pointGGraphical POINT of view for questionnaire data Rcmdr Plug-In
RcmdrPlugin.qualRcmdr plugin for quality control course
RcmdrPlugin.RMTCJagsR MTC Jags Rcmdr Plugin
RcmdrPlugin.ROCRcmdr Receiver Operator Characteristic Plug-In PACKAGE
RcmdrPlugin.samplingTools for sampling in Official Statistical Surveys
RcmdrPlugin.SCDARcmdr Plugin for Designing and Analyzing Single-case Experiments
RcmdrPlugin.seegRcmdr Plugin for seeg
RcmdrPlugin.SLCSLC Rcmdr Plug-in
RcmdrPlugin.SMRcmdr Sport Management Plug-In
RcmdrPlugin.sosEfficiently search the R help pages
RcmdrPlugin.StatisticalURVStatistical URV Rcmdr Plug-In
RcmdrPlugin.steepnessSteepness Rcmdr Plug-in
RcmdrPlugin.survivalR Commander Plug-in for the survival Package
RcmdrPlugin.TeachingDemosRcmdr Teaching Demos Plug-In
RcmdrPlugin.temisGraphical Integrated Text Mining Solution
RcmdrPlugin.UCAUCA Rcmdr Plug-in
RCMIP5Tools for Manipulating and Summarizing CMIP5 Data
RcolombosInterface to Colombos Compendia using the Exposed REST API
RColorBrewerColorBrewer Palettes
RConicsComputations on Conics
RcplexR interface to CPLEX
RCPmodRegions of common profiles modelling with mixtures-of-experts
RcppSeamless R and C++ Integration
Rcpp11R and C++11
RcppAnnoyRcpp Bindings for Annoy, a Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
RcppAPTRcpp Interface to the APT Package Manager
RcppArmadilloRcpp Integration for the Armadillo Templated Linear Algebra Library
RcppBDTRcpp bindings for the Boost Date_Time library
rcppbugsR binding for cppbugs
RcppClassicDeprecated 'classic' Rcpp API
RcppClassicExamplesExamples using RcppClassic to interface R and C++
RcppCNPyRead-Write Support for NumPy Files via Rcpp
RcppDEGlobal optimization by differential evolution in C++
RcppDLDeep Learning Methods via Rcpp
RcppEigenRcpp Integration for the Eigen Templated Linear Algebra Library
RcppExamplesExamples using Rcpp to interface R and C++
RcppGSLRcpp Integration for GNU GSL Vectors and Matrices
RcppMLPACKRcpp Integration for MLPACK Library
RcppOctaveSeamless Interface to Octave – and Matlab
RcppParallelParallel Programming Tools for Rcpp
RcppProgressAn Interruptible Progress Bar with OpenMP Support for C++ in R Packages
RcppRedisRcpp bindings for Redis using the hiredis library
RcppRollFast rolling functions through Rcpp and RcppArmadillo
RcppSMCRcpp bindings for Sequential Monte Carlo
RcppStreamsRcpp Integration of the Streamulus DSEL for Stream Processing
RcppXtsInterface the xts API via Rcpp
RcppZigguratRcpp integration of different Ziggurat Normal RNG implementations
rcrossrefClient for Various CrossRef APIs
RCryptsyAccess to Cryptsy Crypto-Currency Exchange Public Information API via R
RcsdpR interface to the CSDP semidefinite programming library
rCURCUR decomposition package
RCurlGeneral network (HTTP/FTP/...) client interface for R
Rd2roxygenConvert Rd to roxygen documentation and utilities to improve documentation
rdaShrunken Centroids Regularized Discriminant Analysis
RDataCanvasBasic Runtime Support for Datacanvas.io
rdatamarketData access API for DataMarket.com
rddRegression Discontinuity Estimation
rDEARobust Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for R
rdetoolsRelevant Dimension Estimation (RDE) in Feature Spaces
R.devicesUnified Handling of Graphics Devices
RDIDQIt perform Quality check on data
RDieHarderR interface to the dieharder RNG test suite
RdistanceDistance sampling analyses
RDMLImporting real-time thermo cycler (qPCR) data from RDML format files
rDNAR Bindings for the Discourse Network Analyzer
RDotaData Analysis Toolbox for Dota2
RdpackUpdate and manipulate Rd documentation objects
rdrobustRobust Data-Driven Statistical Inference in Regression-Discontinuity Designs
rdryadDryad API interface
RDSRespondent-Driven Sampling
RdsdpR Interface to DSDP Semidefinite Programming Library
RdsmThreads Environment for R
RDSTKAn R wrapper for the Data Science Toolkit API
rDVRThe rDVR package allows you to start stop and save a video server from within R
ReacTranReactive transport modelling in 1D, 2D and 3D
readbitmapSimple Unified Interface to Read Bitmap Images (BMP,JPEG,PNG)
readBrukerFlexDataReads Mass Spectrometry Data in Bruker *flex Format
readerA suite of functions to flexibly read data from files
readGenalexRead and Manipulate GenAlEx-format Genotype Files
readMLDataReading Machine Learning Benchmark Data Sets in Different Formats
readMzXmlDataReads Mass Spectrometry Data in mzXML Format
readODSRead ODS files and puts them into data frames
readstata13Import Stata 13 Data Files
RealVAMSMultivariate VAM Fitting
reamsResampling-Based Adaptive Model Selection
REBayesEmpirical Bayes Estimation and Inference in R
rebirdInterface to eBird
rebmixRough - Enhanced - Bayesian Finite Mixture Modeling
rebusBuild Regular Expressions in a Human Readable Way
RECARelevant Component Analysis for Supervised Distance Metric Learning
recallsAccess U.S. Federal Government Recall Data
reccsimSimulation of Rare Events Case-Control Studies
ReCiPaRedundancy Control in Pathways databases
reclusterOrdination Methods for the Analysis of Beta-Diversity Indices
recommenderlabLab for Developing and Testing Recommender Algorithms
recommenderlabBXBook-Crossing Dataset (BX) for recommenderlab
recommenderlabJesterJester Dataset for recommenderlab
reconstructrSession Reconstruction and Analysis
RecordLinkageRecord Linkage in R
RecordsRecord Values and Record Times
recosystemRecommender System using Matrix Factorization
REdaSCompanion Package to the Book “R: Einführung durch angewandte Statistik”
redcapAPIR Interface to REDCap
REDCapRInteraction between R and REDCap
REEMtreeRegression Trees with Random Effects for Longitudinal (Panel) Data
refReferences for R
referenceIntervalsReference Intervals
RefFreeEWASEWAS using reference-Free DNA methylation mixture deconvolution
refGenomeGene And Splice Site Annotation Using Annotation Data From Ensembl And UCSC Genome Browsers
RefManageRStraightforward BibTeX and BibLaTeX Bibliography Management
refsetSubsets with Reference Semantics
refundRegression with Functional Data
refund.waveWavelet-Domain Regression with Functional Data
RegClustCluster analysis via regression coefficients
regexrReadable Regular Expressions
registryRegistry infrastructure
reglogitSimulation-based Regularized Logistic Regression
regproNonparametric Regression
regressGaussian linear models with linear covariance structure
RegressionFactoryExpander Functions for Generating Full Gradient and Hessian from Single- and Multi-Slot Base Distributions
regRSMRandom Subspace Method (RSM) for linear regression
regsubseqDetect and Test Regular Sequences and Subsequences
regtestRegression testing
rehhSearching for footprints of selection using Haplotype Homozygosity based tests
relaItem Analysis Package with Standard Errors
relaimpoRelative importance of regressors in linear models
relationsData Structures and Algorithms for Relations
relaxrelax – R Editor for Literate Analysis and lateX
relaxnetRelaxation of glmnet models (as in relaxed lasso, Meinshausen 2007)
relaxoRelaxed Lasso
reldistRelative Distribution Methods
releventRelational Event Models
ReliabilityFunctions for estimating parameters in software reliability models
ReliabilityTheoryTools for structural reliability analysis
reliaRPackage for some probability distributions
relimpRelative Contribution of Effects in a Regression Model
relSimRelative Simulator
relsurvRelative survival
RelValAnalysisRelative Value Analysis
remixRemix your data
rEMMExtensible Markov Model (EMM) for Data Stream Clustering in R
remMapRegularized Multivariate Regression for Identifying Master Predictors
remoteEmpirical Orthogonal Teleconnections in R
RenextRenewal method for extreme values extrapolation
RenextGUIGUI for Renext
rentrezEntrez in R
ReolR interface to the Encyclopedia of Life
ReorderClusterReordering the dendrogram according to the class labels
RepeatedHighDimGlobal tests for expression data of high-dimensional sets of molecular features
repfdrReplicability Analysis for Multiple Studies of High Dimension
replicationIntervalReplication Interval Functions
repmisMiscellaneous Tools for Reproducible Research
repolrRepeated measures proportional odds logistic regression
ReporteRsMicrosoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and HTML Documents Generation
ReporteRsjarsExternal jars required for package ReporteRs
reportrA general message and error reporting system
reportRxTools for automatically generating reproducible clinical report
reportsAssist the Workflow of Writing Academic Articles and Other Reports
reporttoolsGenerate LaTeX tables of descriptive statistics
REPPlabR Interface to EPP-lab, a Java Program for Exploratory Projection Pursuit
repraRenewable Energy Probability Resource Assessment Tool (REPRA)
representDetermine the representativity of two multidimensional data sets
reproducerReproduce Statistical Analyses and Meta-Analyses
REQSR/EQS Interface
resampleResampling functions
resembleRegression and similarity evaluation for memory-based learning in spectral chemometrics
reshapeFlexibly reshape data
reshape2Flexibly Reshape Data: A Reboot of the Reshape Package
reshapeGUIA GUI for the reshape2 and plyr packages
ResistorArrayelectrical properties of resistor networks
ResourceSelectionResource Selection (Probability) Functions for Use-Availability Data
RESSIntegrates R and Essentia
restlosRobust Estimation of Location and Scatter
restorepointDebugging with restore points
retimesReaction Time Analysis
retistructRetinal Reconstruction Program
reutilsTalk to the NCBI EUtils
revalRepeated Function Evaluation for Sensitivity Analysis
revealedPrefsRevealed Preferences and Microeconomic Rationality
reweightAdjustment of Survey Respondent Weights
rexFriendly Regular Expressions
rexpokitR wrappers for EXPOKIT; other matrix functions
RfacebookAccess to Facebook API via R
rFDSNGet Seismic Data from the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks
rFernsRandom ferns classifier
RFGLSRapid Feasible Generalized Least Squares
rfigsharean R interface to figshare.com
R.filesetsEasy Handling of and Access to Files Organized in Structured Directories
rfishbaseR Interface to FishBASE
rfisheriesR interface for fisheries data
RfitRank Estimation for Linear Models
RFLPtoolsTools to analyse RFLP data
RFmarkerDetectorMultivariate Analysis of Metabolomics Data using Random Forests
rfoaasR Interface to FOAAS
RFOCGraphics for Spherical Distributions and Earthquake Focal Mechanisms
RForcecomRForcecom provides the connection to Force.com and Salesforce.com from R
rfordummiesCode examples to accompany the book "R for Dummies"
rforensicbatwingBATWING for calculating forensic trace-suspect match probabilities
rfPermuteEstimate Permutation p-Values for Random Forest Importance Metrics
RFreakR/FrEAK interface
rfUtilitiesRandom Forests Model Selection and Performance Evaluation
RGAA Google Analytics API Client
rgabrielGabriel Multiple Comparison Test and Plot the Confidence Interval on Barplot
rgamRobust Generalized Additive Model
rGammaGammaGamma convolutions for methylation array background correction
rgaugesR wrapper to Gaug.es API
rgbifInterface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API
RGCCARGCCA and Sparse GCCA for multi-block data analysis
rgcvpackR Interface for GCVPACK Fortran Package
rgdalBindings for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
RGENERATETools To Generate Vector Time Series
RGENERATEPRECTools To Generate Daily-Precipitation Time Series
RGeneticsR packages for genetics research
rgenoudR version of GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives
rgeosInterface to Geometry Engine - Open Source (GEOS)
rgexfBuild, Import and Export GEXF Graph Files
rggobiInterface between R and GGobi
RGIFTCreate quizzes in GIFT Format
rgl3D visualization device system (OpenGL)
rglobiR Interface to Global Biotic Interactions
RglpkR/GNU Linear Programming Kit Interface
RGoogleAnalyticsR Wrapper for the Google Analytics API
RgoogleMapsOverlays on Google map tiles in R
rgpR genetic programming framework
rgpuiUI for the RGP genetic programming framework
rgrApplied Geochemistry EDA
RGraphicsData and Functions from the book R Graphics, Second Edition
rgrass7Interface Between GRASS 7 Geographical Information System and R
RGtk2R bindings for Gtk 2.8.0 and above
RGtk2ExtrasData frame editor and dialog making wrapper for RGtk2
RH2DBI/RJDBC interface to h2 Database
rHealthDataGovRetrieve data sets from the HealthData.gov data API
RhhCalculating multilocus heterozygosity and heterozygosity-heterozygosity correlation
RHiveR and Hive
rhospSide Effect Risks in Hospital : Simulation and Estimation
RhpcAn R package for High-Performance Computing
RhpcBLASctlControl the number of threads on BLAS for R
rHpccInterface between HPCC and R
RHRVHeart rate variability analysis of ECG data
RHTRegularized Hotelling's T-square Test for Pathway (Gene Set) Analysis
R.hugeMethods for Accessing Huge Amounts of Data [deprecated]
riri: R package for performing randomization-based inference for experiments
RI2by2Randomization inference for treatment effects on a binary outcome
richComputes and compares species richnesses
ridgeRidge Regression with automatic selection of the penalty parameter
RidgeFusionR Package for Ridge Fusion in Statistical Learning
RiditRidit Analysis (An extension of the Kruskal-Wallis Test.)
RIFSRandom Iterated Function System (RIFS)
RIGHTR Interactive Graphics via HTml
RImageJROIRead ImageJ Region of Interest (ROI) files
RImpalaR and Impala
rinatAccess iNaturalist data through APIs
rindexIndexing for R
ringbufferRing buffer (circular buffer) data structure
RInsideC++ Classes to Embed R in C++ Applications
RInSpR Individual Specialization (RInSp)
rioA Swiss-army knife for data file I/O
riojaAnalysis of Quaternary Science Data
ripaR Image Processing and Analysis
riskRegressionRisk regression models for survival analysis with competing risks
risksetROCRiskset ROC curve estimation from censored survival data
riskSimulRisk Quantification for Stock Portfolios under the T-Copula Model
RISmedDownload Content from NCBI Databases
RitcIsothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) Data Analysis
riteThe Right Editor to Write R
RItoolsRandomization inference tools
rivRobust instrumental variables estimator
rivernetRead, Analyze and Plot River Networks
riverplotSankey or ribbon plots
rivervisRiver Visualisation Tool
RivivcIn vitro in vivo correlation linear level A
rivrSteady and Unsteady Open-Channel Flow Computation
RJaCGHReversible Jump MCMC for the analysis of CGH arrays
rjadeA Clean, Whitespace-Sensitive Template Language for Writing HTML
rjagsBayesian graphical models using MCMC
rJavaLow-level R to Java interface
rJavaxrJava extensions
RJDBCProvides access to databases through the JDBC interface
rjeMiscellaneous useful functions
rJPSGCSR-interface to Gene Drop Simulation from JPSGCS
RjpstatdbR interface of the Gateway to Advanced and User-friendly Statistics Service
RJSDMXR Interface to SDMX Web Services
rjsonJSON for R
RJSONIOSerialize R objects to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
rjstatRead and write JSON-stat data sets
rJythonR interface to Python via Jython
RKEAR/KEA Interface
rktMann-Kendall Test, Seasonal and Regional Kendall Tests
rkvoRead Key/Value Pair Observations
RlabFunctions and Datasets Required for ST370 class
RlabkeyData Exchange Between R and LabKey Server
rLakeAnalyzerPackage for the analysis of lake physics
rlecuyerR interface to RNG with multiple streams
RlibeemdEnsemble Empirical Mode Decomposition (EEMD) and Its Complete Variant (CEEMDAN)
rLindoR Interface to LINDO API
rlistA Toolbox for Non-tabular Data Manipulation
rlmRobust Fitting of Linear Model
rlmeRank-based Estimation and Prediction in Random Effects Nested Models
RLRsimExact (Restricted) Likelihood Ratio tests for mixed and additive models
rLTPR interface to LTP-Cloud service
RM2Revenue Management and Pricing Package
rmafRefined Moving Average Filter
RMallowFit Multi-Modal Mallows' Models to ranking data
RmalschainsContinuous Optimization using Memetic Algorithms with Local Search Chains (MA-LS-Chains) in R
RMarkR Code for Mark Analysis
rmarkdownDynamic Documents for R
rmatioRead and Write Matlab Files
R.matlabRead and Write MAT Files and Call MATLAB from Within R
RMAWGENMulti-site Auto-regressive Weather GENerator
RMCFunctions for fitting Markov models
RMediationAn R Package for Mediation Analysis Confidence Intervals
rmetasimAn individual-based population genetic simulation environment
R.methodsS3S3 Methods Simplified
rmgarchMultivariate GARCH models
rminerData Mining Classification and Regression Methods
RmiscRmisc: Ryan Miscellaneous
RmixmodAn interface for MIXMOD
RmixmodCombiCombining Mixture Components for Clustering
RMKdiscreteSundry Discrete Probability Distributions
rmngbMiscellaneous Collection of Functions for Medical Data Analysis
RMOAConnect R with MOA for Massive Online Analysis
RMOAjarsExternal jars required for package RMOA
RMongoMongoDB Client for R
rmongodbR-MongoDB driver
RmosekThe R-to-MOSEK Optimization Interface
rmpRounded Mixture Package. Performs probability mass function estimation with Dirichlet process mixtures of rounded kernels
RmpfrR MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable
RmpiInterface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)
RMRAINGENRMRAINGEN (R Multi-site RAINfall GENeretor): a package to generate daily time series of rainfall from monthly mean values
rmsRegression Modeling Strategies
rms.gofRoot-mean-square goodness-of-fit test for simple null hypothesis
RMTstatDistributions, Statistics and Tests derived from Random Matrix Theory
RMySQLDatabase Interface and MySQL Driver for R
rnaseqWrapperWrapper for several R packages and scripts to automate RNA-seq analysis
RnavGraphUsing Graphs as a Navigational Infrastructure
RnavGraphImageDataSome image data used in the RnavGraph package demos
rnbnAccess NBN Data
RNCBIEUtilsLibsEUtils libraries for use in the R environment
RNCEPObtain, Organize, and Visualize NCEP Weather Data
rnclAn interface to the Nexus Class Library
RNDRisk Neutral Density Extraction Package
rneosrneos: XML-RPC Interface to NEOS
RNetCDFR Interface to NetCDF Datasets
RNetLogoProvides an Interface to the Agent-Based Modelling Platform NetLogo
RNeXMLImplement semantically rich I/O for the NeXML format
rngSetSeedSeeding the Default RNG with a Numeric Vector
rngtoolsUtility functions for working with Random Number Generators
rngWELLtoolbox for WELL random number generators
rngwell19937Random number generator WELL19937a with 53 or 32 bit output
RNiftyRegMedical Image Registration Using the NiftyReg Library
rNMFRobust Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
rnoaaNOAA Climate Data from R
rNOMADSAn Interface to the NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System
rnrfaUK National River Flow Archive data from R
ROAuthR Interface For OAuth
RobAStBaseRobust Asymptotic Statistics
robCompositionsRobust Estimation for Compositional Data
robcorRobust Correlations
robethR functions for robust statistics
robfilterRobust Time Series Filters
RobLoxOptimally robust influence curves and estimators for location and scale
RobLoxBioCInfinitesimally robust estimators for preprocessing omics data
RobPerRobust Periodogram and Periodicity Detection Methods
RobRexOptimally robust influence curves for regression and scale
RobRSVDRobust Regularized Singular Value Decomposition
RObsDatData Mangement for Hydrology and Beyond Using the Observations Data Model
robumetaRobust Variance Meta-Regression
robustRobust Library
RobustAFTTruncated Maximum Likelihood fit and Robust Accelerated Failure Time regression for Gaussian and logWeibull case
robustbaseBasic Robust Statistics
robustDARobust Mixture Discriminant Analysis
robustfaAn Object Oriented Solution for Robust Factor Analysis
robustgamRobust Estimation for Generalized Additive Models
robustHDRobust methods for high-dimensional data
robustlmmRobust Linear Mixed Effects Models
robustloggammaRobust estimation of the generalized log gamma model
RobustRankAggregMethods for robust rank aggregation
robustregRobust Regression Functions
robustvarCompRobust Estimation of Variance Component Models
robustXeXperimental Functionality for Robust Statistics
ROC632Construction of diagnostic or prognostic scoring system and internal validation of its discriminative capacities based on ROC curve and 0.633+ boostrap resampling
roccROC based classification
rockchalkRegression Estimation and Presentation
RockFabRock fabric and strain analysis tools
rococoRObust rank COrrelation COefficient and test
ROCRVisualizing the Performance of Scoring Classifiers
ROCSReceiver Operating Characteristics Surface
ROCtTime-dependent ROC curve estimation and adaptation to the relative survival context
ROCwoGSNon-parametric estimation of ROC curves without Gold Standard Test
RODBCODBC Database Access
RODBCextParameterized queries extension for RODBC
roddOptimal Discriminating Designs
RODMR interface to Oracle Data Mining
ROIR Optimization Infrastructure
ROI.plugin.glpkROI-plugin GLPK
ROI.plugin.quadprogROI-plugin quadprog
ROI.plugin.symphonyROI-plugin symphony
R.ooR Object-Oriented Programming with or without References
RookRook - a web server interface for R
RootsExtremaInflectionsFinds roots, extrema and inflection points of a curve
rootSolveNonlinear root finding, equilibrium and steady-state analysis of ordinary differential equations
ropensecretsapiR Package for the OpenSecrets.org API
ROptEstOptimally robust estimation
ROptEstOldOptimally robust estimation - old version
ROptRegTSOptimally robust estimation for regression-type models
rorRobust Ordinal Regression MCDA library
ROracleOCI based Oracle database interface for R
rorutadisRobust Ordinal Regression UTADIS
ROSEROSE: Random Over-Sampling Examples
rotationsTools for Working with Rotation Data
RothermelRothermel fire spread model for R
roughrfRoughened Random Forests for Binary Classification
RoughSetKnowledgeReductionSimplification of Decision Tables using Rough Sets
RoughSetsData Analysis Using Rough Set and Fuzzy Rough Set Theories
rowrRow-based functions for R objects
roxygen2In-source Documentation for R
roystonRoyston's H Test: Multivariate Normality Test
RPANDAPhylogenetic ANalyses of DiversificAtion
rpanelSimple interactive controls for R using the tcltk library
rpartRecursive Partitioning and Regression Trees
rpartitionsCode for integer partitioning
rpart.plotPlot rpart Models. An Enhanced Version of plot.rpart
rpartScoreClassification trees for ordinal responses
rpart.utilsTools for parsing and manipulating rpart objects, including generating machine readable rules
RPCLRRPCLR (Random-Penalized Conditional Logistic Regression)
RpdbRead, write, visualize and manipulate PDB files
rpfResponse Probability Functions
rpgEasy Interface to Advanced PostgreSQL Features
rphastInterface to PHAST Software for Comparative Genomics
RphylipAn R interface for PHYLIP
rPlantR interface to the iPlant Discovery Environment
rplexosRead and Analyze PLEXOS Solutions
rplosInterface to PLoS Journals Search API
rplotengineR as a plotting engine
RPMGGraphical User Interface (GUI) for interactive R analysis sessions
RPMMRecursively Partitioned Mixture Model
RpopplerPDF tools based on Poppler
rportfoliosRandom portfolio generation
RPostgreSQLR interface to the PostgreSQL database system
RPPairwiseDesignResolvable partially pairwise balanced design and Space-filling design via association scheme
rPrefDatabase Preferences and Skyline Computation
rprintfAdaptive builder for formatted strings
RProtoBufR Interface to the Protocol Buffers API
rpsychiStatistics for psychiatric research
rpubchemrpubchem - Interface to the PubChem Collection
RPublicaProPublica API Client
rpudR functions for computation on GPU
RPushbulletR Interface to the Pushbullet Messaging Service
RPyGeoArcGIS Geoprocessing in R via Python
rPythonPackage allowing R to call Python
RQDAR-based Qualitative Data Analysis
rqPenPenalized Quantile Regression
RquakeSeismic Hypocenter Determination
RQuantLibR Interface to the QuantLib Library
rrStatistical Methods for the Randomized Response Technique
RramasMatrix population models
rrBLUPRidge regression and other kernels for genomic selection
rrBlupMethod6Re-parametrization of RR-BLUP to allow for a fixed residual variance
rrcovScalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
rrcovHDRobust multivariate Methods for High Dimensional Data
rrcovNAScalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point for Incomplete Data
RrdrandGenerate Physical Random Numbers on Intel CPUs with the RdRand instruction
rredisRedis client for R
RRFRegularized Random Forest
rrldaRobust Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis
RRregCorrelation and Regression Analyses for Randomized Response Data
R.rspDynamic Generation of Scientific Reports
rrulesGeneric rule engine for R
RSAResponse Surface Analysis
RSADBEData related to the book "R Statistical Application Development by Example"
rsaeRobust Small Area Estimation
RSAGASAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis in R
RsampletreesSampletrees Input/Output Processing
RSAPSAP Netweaver RFC connector for R
rsatscanTools, Classes, and Methods for Interfacing with SaTScan Stand-Alone Software
rSCAAn R Package for Stepwise Cluster Analysis
rscalaBi-Directional Interface Between R and Scala with Callbacks
RSclientClient for Rserve
rscproxystatconn: provides portable C-style interface to R (StatConnector)
RSDARSDA - R to Symbolic Data Analysis
rsdepthRay Shooting Depth (i.e. RS Depth) functions for bivariate analysis
rsdmxTools for Reading SDMX Data and Metadata
RSeedborenstein analysis
rseedcalcEstimating the proportion of genetically modified stacked seeds in seedlots via multinomial group testing
RSEISSeismic Time Series Analysis Tools
RSeleniumR bindings for Selenium WebDriver
rsemRobust Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data and Auxiliary Variables
RserveBinary R server
rSFASlow Feature Analysis in R
rsgccGini methodology-based correlation and clustering analysis of microarray and RNA-Seq gene expression data
RSGHBFunctions for Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation: A Flexible Approach
RSienaSiena - Simulation Investigation for Empirical Network Analysis
rsigRobust Signature Selection for Survival Outcomes
RsimMosaicR Simple IMage Mosaic creation library
RSiteCatalystR Client for Adobe Analytics API v1.4
RSKCRobust sparse K-means
rsmResponse-surface analysis
rsmlPlant Root System Markup Language (RSML) File Processing
RSNNSNeural Networks in R using the Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS)
rsnpsGet SNP (Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism) Data on the Web
RSNPsetEfficient Score Statistics For Genome-Wide SNP Set Analysis
RSofiaPort of sofia-ml (http://code.google.com/p/sofia-ml/) to R
RsolnpGeneral Non-linear Optimization
RsomocluR package for somoclu
rspaAdapt Numerical Records To Fit (In)Equality Restrictions
rSPACESpatially-Explicit Power Analysis for Conservation and Ecology
rspearCalculate SPEARpesticide in R (http://www.systemecology.eu/SPEAR/index.php)
RSQLiteSQLite Interface for R
RSQLServerSQL Server R Database Interface (DBI)
RssaA Collection of Methods for Singular Spectrum Analysis
rstackdequePersistent Fast Amortized Stack and Queue Data Structures
RStarsAccess to the Digital Universe Data set API
rstiefelRandom orthonormal matrix generation on the Stiefel manifold
RStormSimulate and Develop Streaming Processing in [R]
rstreamStreams of random numbers
rstudioapiSafely access the RStudio API
rsubgroupSubgroup Discovery and Analytics
RsundialsSuite of Nonlinear Differential Algebraic Equations Solvers in R
rsunlightInterface to Sunlight Foundation APIs
RSurveillanceDesign and Analysis of Disease Surveillance Activities
RSurveyAnalysis of Spatially Distributed Data
RSvgDeviceAn R SVG graphics device
RSVGTipsDeviceAn R SVG graphics device with dynamic tips and hyperlinks
RsymphonySYMPHONY in R
rSymPyR interface to SymPy computer algebra system
rtableTabular Reporting Functions
rTableICCRandom Generation of Contingency Tables
rtapeManage and manipulate large collections of R objects stored as tape-like files
RTConnectTools for analyzing sales report files of iTunes Connect
RTDERobust Tail Dependence Estimation
rtdistsResponse time distributions
rtematresThe rtematres API package
rTensorTools for tensor analysis and decomposition
RTextToolsAutomatic Text Classification via Supervised Learning
RTextureMetricsFunctions for calculation of texture metrics for Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrices
rtfRich Text Format (RTF) Output
rtfbsTranscription Factor Binding Site Identification Tool
rtiffA tiff reader for R
rtkppSTK++ Integration to R Using Rcpp
RTOMOVisualization for seismic tomography
rtopInterpolation of data with variable spatial support
RTriangleTriangle - A 2D Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator
rtsRaster time series analysis
RtsneT-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding using Barnes-Hut implementation
Rttf2pt1Package for ttf2pt1 program
rtypeA strong type system for R
RuchardetR package to detect character encoding
rucmImplementation of Unobserved Components Model (UCM) in R
rugarchUnivariate GARCH models
rUnemploymentDataData and Functions for USA State and County Unemployment Data
RUnitR Unit Test Framework
RuniversalRuniversal - Package for converting R objects to Java variables and XML
runjagsInterface utilities, parallel computing methods and additional distributions for MCMC models in JAGS
RunuranR interface to the UNU.RAN random variate generators
RunuranGUIA GUI for the UNU.RAN random variate generators
R.utilsVarious Programming Utilities
ruvDetect and Remove Unwanted Variation using Negative Controls
rvSimulation-based random variable objects
RVAideMemoireDiverse Basic Statistical and Graphical Functions
rvaluesR-values for Ranking in High-Dimensional Settings
RvcgManipulations of Triangular Meshes Based on the VCGLIB API
rvertnetSearch VertNet, a Database of Vertebrate Specimen Records
rvestEasily Harvest (Scrape) Web Pages
RVFamRare Variants Association Analyses with Family Data
rvgtestTools for Analyzing Non-Uniform Pseudo-Random Variate Generators
rvHPDTCalling haplotype-based and variant-based pedigree disequilibrium test for rare variants in pedigrees
RVideoPokerPlay Video Poker with R
RvmminVariable Metric Nonlinear Function Minimization
RVowpalWabbitR interface to the Vowpal Wabbit
rvTDTpopulation control weighted rare-variants TDT
RVtestsRare Variant Tests
RwaveTime-Frequency analysis of 1-D signals
rWBclimateA package for accessing World Bank climate data
RWBPDetects spatial outliers using a Random Walk on Bipartite Graph
RWeatherR wrapper around the Yahoo! Weather, Google Weather and NOAA APIs
RWebLogoplotting custom sequence logos
RWekaR/Weka interface
RWekajarsR/Weka interface jars
RWienerWiener process distribution functions
RWinEdtR Interface to WinEdt
RwinstepsRunning Winsteps in R
rworldmapMapping global data, vector and raster
rworldxtraCountry boundaries at high resolution
rwtRice Wavelet Toolbox wrapper
RxCEcolInfR x C Ecological Inference With Optional Incorporation of Survey Information
RXKCDGet XKCD comic from R
RXMCDAAn XMCDA parser for R
RxnSimFunctions to Compute Chemical Reaction Similarity
RXshrinkMaximum Likelihood Shrinkage via Generalized Ridge or Least Angle Regression
RyacasR interface to the yacas computer algebra system
RYoudaoTranslateR package provide functions to translate English words into Chinese
ryoureadyCompanion to the 'R your ready?' book
rYoutheriaAccess to the YouTheria mammal trait database
rysgranGrain size analysis, textural classifications and distribution of unconsolidated sediments
RzGUI Tool for Data Management like SPSS or Stata
rzmqR Bindings for ZeroMQ
s20xFunctions for University of Auckland Course STATS 201/208 Data Analysis
s2dverificationSet of common tools for model diagnostics
s4vdBiclustering via sparse singular value decomposition incorporating stability selection
SabermetricsSabermetrics Functions For Baseball Analytics
sacSemiparametric Analysis of Changepoint
saccadesDetection of Fixations in Eye-Tracking Data
sadistsSome Additional Distributions
sadsMaximum Likelihood Models for Species Abundance Distributions
saeSmall Area Estimation
sae2Small Area Estimation: Time-series Models
saemixStochastic Approximation Expectation Maximization (SAEM) algorithm
SAENETA Stacked Autoencoder Implementation with Interface to 'neuralnet'
saerySmall Area Estimation for Rao and Yu Model
saeSimSimulation Tools for Small Area Estimation
SAFDStatistical Analysis of Fuzzy Data
safeBinaryRegressionSafe Binary Regression
safiSensitivity Analysis for Functional Input
SAMSparse Additive Modelling
SamplerCompareA Framework for Comparing the Performance of MCMC Samplers
sampleSelectionSample Selection Models
Sample.SizeSample size calculation
samplesize4surveysSample size calculations for complex surveys
SampleSizeMeansSample size calculations for normal means
SampleSizeProportionsCalculating sample size requirements when estimating the difference between two binomial proportions
samplingSurvey Sampling
samplingbookSurvey Sampling Procedures
samplingEstimatesSampling Estimates
SamplingStrataOptimal stratification of sampling frames for multipurpose sampling surveys
samplingVarEstSampling Variance Estimation
sampSurfSampling Surface Simulation for Areal Sampling Methods
samrSAM: Significance Analysis of Microarrays
SAMURStochastic Augmentation of Matched Data Using Restriction Methods
SAMURAISensitivity Analysis of a Meta-analysis with Unpublished but Registered Analytical Investigations
sandStatistical Analysis of Network Data with R
sandwichRobust Covariance Matrix Estimators
sanitizersC/C++ source code to trigger Address and Undefined Behaviour Sanitizers
sanonStratified Analysis with Nonparametric covariable adjustment
sapaSpectral Analysis for Physical Applications
SAPPStatistical Analysis of Point Processes
sapsSignificance Analysis of Prognostic Signatures
sas7bdatSAS Database Reader (experimental)
SASciiImport ASCII files directly into R using only a SAS input script
SASmixedData sets from "SAS System for Mixed Models"
SASPECTSignificant AnalysiS of PEptide CounTs
SASxportRead and Write SAS XPORT Files
SAVEBayesian Emulation, Calibration and Validation of Computer Models
savesFast load variables
sawsSmall-Sample Adjustments for Wald tests Using Sandwich Estimators
sBFSmooth Backfitting
sbgcopSemiparametric Bayesian Gaussian copula estimation and imputation
sbioPNsbioPN: Simulation of deterministic and stochastic spatial biochemical reaction networks using Petri Nets
SBRectDetecting structural breaks using rectangle covering (non-parametric method)
SBSASimplified Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis
scaSimple Component Analysis
scagnosticsCompute scagnostics - scatterplot diagnostics
scalesScale functions for graphics
scalregScaled sparse linear regression
scamShape constrained additive models
scapeStatistical Catch-at-Age Plotting Environment
scarShape-Constrained Additive Regression: a Maximum Likelihood Approach
scaRabeeOptimization Toolkit for Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Models
scatterplot3d3D Scatter Plot
SCBmeanfdSimultaneous Confidence Bands for the Mean of Functional Data
SCEPtERStellar CharactEristics Pisa Estimation gRid
SCEPtERbinaryStellar CharactEristics Pisa Estimation gRid for Binary Systems
SCGLRSupervised Component Generalized Linear Regression
scholarAnalyse citation data from Google Scholar
schoolmathFunctions and datasets for math used in school
schoRschTools for analyzing factorial experiments
schwartz97A package on the Schwartz two-factor commodity model
SCIStandardized Climate Indices such as SPI, SRI or SPEI
scidbAn R interface to SciDB
SciencesPoA Tool Set for Analyzing Political Behavior Data
scioSparse Column-wise Inverse Operator
sciplotScientific Graphing Functions for Factorial Designs
SciViewsSciViews GUI API - Main package
SCMASingle-Case Meta-Analysis
ScoreGGUMScore Persons Using the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model
SCORER2SCORER 2.0: an algorithm for distinguishing parallel dimeric and trimeric coiled-coil sequences
scoringProper scoring rules
ScottKnottThe ScottKnott Clustering Algorithm
scoutImplements the Scout method for Covariance-Regularized Regression
SCperfSupply Chain Perform
ScrabbleScoreCalculates Scrabble score for strings
scrapeRTools for Scraping Data from HTML and XML Documents
ScreenCleanScreen and clean variable selection procedures
scrimeAnalysis of High-Dimensional Categorical Data such as SNP Data
scriptestsTranscript-Based Unit Tests that are Easy to Create and Maintain
scrmSimulating the Evolution of Biological Sequences
SCRTSingle-Case Randomization Tests
scryptscrypt key derivation functions for R
scubaScuba diving calculations and decompression models
SCVASingle-Case Visual Analysis
sdaShrinkage Discriminant Analysis and CAT Score Variable Selection
SDaASampling: Design and Analysis
sdcMicroStatistical Disclosure Control methods for anonymization of microdata and risk estimation
sdcMicroGUIGraphical user interface for package sdcMicro
sdcTableMethods for statistical disclosure control in tabular data
sdcTargetStatistical Disclosure Control Substitution Matrix Calculator
SDDSerial Dependence Diagrams
SDDEShortcuts, Detours and Dead Ends (SDDE) Path Types in Genome Similarity Networks
sddpackSemidiscrete Decomposition
sdeSimulation and Inference for Stochastic Differential Equations
sdefSynthesizing List of Differentially Expressed Features
SDMToolsSpecies Distribution Modelling Tools: Tools for processing data associated with species distribution modelling exercises
sdmvspeciesCreate virtual species for species distribution modelling
sdnetSoft Discretization-based Bayesian Network Inference
sdpriskMeasures of Risk for the Compound Poisson Risk Process with Diffusion
sdtoolkitScenario Discovery Tools to Support Robust Decision Making
sdwdSparse Distance Weighted Discrimination
seacarbSeawater Carbonate Chemistry
sealassoStandard Error Adjusted Adaptive Lasso
searchableMake R Objects Searchable by Matching Names Based on Case (in)Sensitivity, Regular Expressions, ..
SearchTreesSpatial Search Trees
seasSeasonal analysis and graphics, especially for climatology
SEAsicScore Equity Assessment- summary index computation
seasonSeasonal analysis of health data
seasonalR interface to X-13ARIMA-SEATS
seawaveQU.S. Geological Survey seawaveQ model
SECPStatistical Estimation of Cluster Parameters (SECP)
secrSpatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
secrdesignSampling Design for Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
secrlinearSpatially Explicit Capture-Recapture for Linear Habitats
seedySimulation of Evolutionary and Epidemiological Dynamics
seegStatistics for Environmental Sciences, Engineering, and Geography
seemSimulation of Ecological and Environmental Models
SEER2Rreading and writing SEER*STAT data files
SEERaBombSEER Setup and Use with A-Bomb Data
seewaveSound analysis and synthesis
segA set of tools for measuring spatial segregation
SegCorrDetecting Correlated Genomic Regions
segmagDetermine Event Boundaries in Event Segmentation Experiments
segmentedRegression Models with Breakpoints/Changepoints Estimation
Segmentor3IsBackA Fast Segmentation Algorithm
SE.IGEStandard errors of estimated genetic parametes
seismicRollFast Rolling Functions for Seismology using Rcpp
SejongKoNLP static dictionaries and Sejong project resources
SELSemiparametric elicitation
selectiongainA tool for calculation and optimization of the expected gain from multi-stage selection
selectMetaEstimation of Weight Functions in Meta Analysis
selectrTranslate CSS Selectors to XPath Expressions
selectspmSelect point patterns models based on minimum contrast and AIC
SeleMixSelective Editing via Mixture models
selfingTreeGenotype Probabilities in Intermediate Generations of Inbreeding Through Selfing
SelvarMixRegularization for variable selection in model-based clustering and discriminant analysis
semStructural Equation Models
semdiagStructural equation modeling diagnostics
semGOFGoodness-of-fit indexes for structural equation models
semiArtificialGenerator of semi-artificial data
SemiCompRisksParametric and semi-parametric analysis of semi-competing risks data
SEMIDIdentifiability of linear structural equation models
SemiMarkovMulti-States Semi-Markov Models
SemiParSemiparametic Regression
SemiParBIVProbitSemiparametric Bivariate Probit Modelling
SemiParSampleSelSemiparametric Sample Selection Modelling with Continuous or Discrete Response
semisupKernelPCAKernel PCA projection, and semi-supervised variant
SEMModCompModel Comparisons for SEM
semPlotPath diagrams and visual analysis of various SEM packages' output
semPLSStructural Equation Modeling Using Partial Least Squares
semsfaSemiparametric Estimation of Stochastic Frontier Models
semToolsUseful tools for structural equation modeling
sendmailRsend email using R
sendplotTool for sending interactive plots with tool-tip content
sensitivitySensitivity Analysis
SensitivityCaseControlSensitivity Analysis for Case-Control Studies
sensitivitymvSensitivity Analysis in Observational Studies
sensitivitymwSensitivity analysis using weighted M-statistics
sensitivityPStratPrincipal Stratification Sensitivity Analysis Functions
SensoMineRSensory data analysis with R
sensorySimultaneous Model-Based Clustering and Imputation via a Progressive Expectation-Maximization (PEM) algorithm
sensRThurstonian Models for Sensory Discrimination
SenSrivastavaDatasets from Sen & Srivastava
SensusRSensus Analytics
separationplotSeparation Plots
seqCBSCN Profiling using Sequencing and CBS
seqDesignSimulation and group sequential monitoring of randomized multi-arm two-stage Phase IIb/III treatment efficacy trials with time-to-event endpoints
SeqFeatRA Tool to Associate FASTA Sequences and Features
SeqGrapheRSimple GUI for graph based visualization of cluster of DNA sequence reads
seqinrBiological Sequences Retrieval and Analysis
seqMetaMeta-Analysis of Region-Based Tests of Rare DNA Variants
seqminerEfficiently Read Sequence Data (VCF format, BCF format and METAL format) into R
seqmonSequential Monitoring of Clinical Trials
seqPERMGenerates a permutation matrix based upon a sequence
seqRFLPSimulation and visualization of restriction enzyme cutting pattern from DNA sequences
sequencesGeneric and Biological Sequences
SequentialExact Sequential Analysis for Poisson Data
sequenzaCopy Number Estimation from Tumor Genome Sequencing Data
seriationInfrastructure for seriation
servrA simple HTTP server in R
sesemSpatially explicit structural equation modeling
sessionFunctions for interacting with, saving and restoring R sessions
SetMethodsSetMethods: A Package Companion to "Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences"
SETPathSpiked Eigenvalue Test for Pathway data
setRNGSet (Normal) Random Number Generator and Seed
setsSets, Generalized Sets, Customizable Sets and Intervals
settingsSoftware Option Settings Manager for R
setwidthSet the value of options("width") on terminal emulators
severityMayo's Post-data Severity Evaluation
sExtinctCalculates the historic date of extinction given a series of sighting events
sfaStochastic Frontier Analysis
sfsmiscUtilities from Seminar fuer Statistik ETH Zurich
sftFunctions for Systems Factorial Technology Analysis of Data
SGCSSpatial Graph Based Clustering Summaries for Spatial Point Patterns
sgeostatAn Object-oriented Framework for Geostatistical Modeling in S+
SGLFit a GLM (or cox model) with a combination of lasso and group lasso regularization
sglassoLasso method for RCON(V,E) models
sglOptimSparse group lasso generic optimizer
sglrAn R package for power and boundary calculations in pre-licensure vaccine trials using a sequential generalized likelihood ratio test
sgofMultiple Hypothesis Testing
SGPAn R Package for the Calculation and Visualization of Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth Trajectories
sGPCASparse Generalized Principal Component Analysis
SGPdataExemplar data sets for SGP analyses
sgPLSSparse Group Partial Least Square Methods
sgrSample Generation by Replacement
sgtSkewed Generalized T Distribution
shapeFunctions for plotting graphical shapes, colors
shapefilesRead and Write ESRI Shapefiles
shapesStatistical shape analysis
SharpeRStatistical Significance of the Sharpe Ratio
sharpshootRA Soil Survey Toolkit
sharxModels and Data Sets for the Study of Species-Area Relationships
shinyWeb Application Framework for R
shinyAceAce editor bindings for Shiny
shinybootstrap2Bootstrap 2 Web Components for Use with Shiny
shinyBSTwitter Bootstrap Components for Shiny
shinyFilesA Server-Side File System Viewer For Shiny
shinyRGLShiny Wrappers for RGL
shinythemesThemes for Shiny
shinyTreejsTree Bindings for Shiny
SHIPSHrinkage covariance Incorporating Prior knowledge
shopifyrAn R Interface to the Shopify API
shotGroupsAnalyze shot group data
showtextUsing Fonts More Easily in R Graphs
showtextdbFont Files for the 'showtext' Package
shp2graphConvert a SpatialLinesDataFrame object to a "igraph-class" object
shrinkGlobal, Parameterwise and Joint Post-Estimation Shrinkage
ShrinkCovMatShrinkage Covariance Matrix Estimators
shuffleThe shuffle estimator for explainable variance
siarStable Isotope Analysis in R
SIDStructural Intervention Distance
sideChannelAttackSide Channel Attack
sidierSubstitution and Indel Distances to Infer Evolutionary Relationships
sievetestSieve test reporting functions
sigPrint Function Signatures
sigclustStatistical Significance of Clustering
SightabilityModelWildlife Sightability Modeling
siglocSignal Location Estimation
signalSignal processing
signal.hsmmPredict Presence of Signal Peptides
SIICalculate ANSI S3.5-1997 Speech Intelligibility Index
simbaA Collection of functions for similarity analysis of vegetation data
simbootSimultaneous inference for diversity indices
SimCompSimultaneous Comparisons for Multiple Endpoints
SimCorMultResSimulates Correlated Multinomial Responses
simctestSafe Implementation of Monte Carlo Tests
Sim.DiffProcSimulation of Diffusion Processes
simecolSimulation of Ecological (and Other) Dynamic Systems
simexSIMEX- and MCSIMEX-Algorithm for measurement error models
simFrameSimulation framework
SimilarityMeasuresTrajectory Similarity Measures
SimileInteract with Simile Models
SIMMSSubnetwork Integration for Multi-Modal Signatures
simMSMSimulation of Event Histories for Multi-State Models
simoneStatistical Inference for MOdular NEtworks (SIMoNe)
simPHTools for Simulating and Plotting Quantities of Interest Estimated From Cox Proportional Hazards Models
simplebootSimple Bootstrap Routines
SimpleTableBayesian Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects from 2 x 2 and 2 x 2 x K Tables in the Presence of Unmeasured Confounding
simplexregRegression Analysis of Proportional Data Using Simplex Distribution
SimplicialCubatureNumerical integration of functions over simplices
simPopSimulation of Synthetic Populations for Survey Data Considering Auxiliary Information
SimpsonsDetecting Simpson's Paradox
SimRADSimulations to predict the number of loci expected in RAD and GBS approaches
simrelLinear Model Data Simulation and Design of Computer Experiments
simsalaparTools for Simulation Studies in Parallel with R
simsemSIMulated Structural Equation Modeling
SimSeqNonparametric Simulation of RNA-Seq Data
simSummarySimulation summary
simToolConduct Simulation Studies with a Minimal Amount of Source Code
SimuChemPCSimulation process of 4 selection methods in predicting chemical potent compounds
SimultAnRCorrespondence and Simultaneous Analysis
SINA SINful Approach to Selection of Gaussian Graphical Markov Models
SINGLEEstimate sparse dynamic graphs using the Smooth Incremental Graphical Lasso Estimation (SINGLE) algorithm
siplabSpatial individual-plant modelling
siradFunctions for calculating daily solar radiation and evapotranspiration
siRSMSingle-Index Response Surface Models
sirtSupplementary Item Response Theory Models
SISSure Independence Screening
sisusSISUS: Stable Isotope Sourcing using Sampling
sisVIVESome Invalid Some Valid Instrumental Variables Estimator
sitarSITAR growth curve analysis
sitoolsFormat a number to a string with SI prefix
SixSigmaSix Sigma Tools for Quality and Process Improvement
SiZerSiZer: Significant Zero Crossings
sjdbcJDBC Driver Interface
sjmiscMiscellaneous Data Management Tools
sjPlotData Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
SKATSNP-set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test
skatMetaEfficient meta analysis for the SKAT test
skdaSparse (Multicategory) Kernel Discriminant Analysis
SkewHyperbolicThe Skew Hyperbolic Student t-Distribution
skewtThe Skewed Student-t Distribution
Skillings.MackThe Skillings-Mack test Statistic for block designs with missing observations
skmeansSpherical k-Means Clustering
slaTwo-Group Straight Line ANCOVA
slackrSend messages, images, R objects and files to Slack.com channels/users
slamSparse Lightweight Arrays and Matrices
SLCSlope and level change
sldEstimation and Use of the Quantile-Based Skew Logistic Distribution
Sleuth2Data sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (2nd ed)"
Sleuth3Data Sets from Ramsey and Schafer's "Statistical Sleuth (3rd Ed)"
slfmTools for fitting sparse latent factor model
SLHDMaximin-Distance (Sliced) Latin Hypercube Designs
slpDiscrete Prolate Spheroidal (Slepian) Sequence Regression Smoothers
smSmoothing methods for nonparametric regression and density estimation
smaaStochastic Multi-criteria Acceptability Analysis
smacSparse Multi-category Angle-Based Large-Margin Classifiers
smacofMultidimensional Scaling in R: SMACOF
smacpodStatistical Methods for the Analysis of Case-Control Point Data
smamStatistical Modeling of Animal Movements
smartSparse Multivariate Analysis via Rank Transformation
SmarterPolandTools for Accessing Various Datasets Developed by the Foundation SmarterPoland.pl
smatr(Standardised) Major Axis Estimation and Testing Routines
smbinningOptimal Binning for Scoring Modeling
SMCSequential Monte Carlo (SMC) Algorithm
smcoA simple Monte Carlo optimizer using adaptive coordinate sampling
SMCPSmoothed minimax concave penalization (SMCP) method for genome-wide association studies
SMCRMData Sets for Statistical Methods in Customer Relationship Management by Kumar and Petersen (2012)
smcureFit Semiparametric Mixture Cure Models
smcUtilsUtility functions for sequential Monte Carlo
smdataData to accompany Smithson & Merkle, 2013
smdcDocument Similarity
smeSmoothing-splines Mixed-effects Models
SMFI5R functions and data from Chapter 5 of 'Statistical Methods for Financial Engineering'
smfsbSMfSB 2e: Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, second edition
SMIRCompanion to Statistical Modelling in R
smirnovProvides two taxonomic coefficients from E. S. Smirnov "Taxonomic analysis" (1969) book
SmithWilsonYieldCurveSmith-Wilson Yield Curve Construction
SMLStatistical Machine Learning
SMNCensRegFitting Univariate Censored Regression Model Under the Family of Scale Mixture of Normal Distributions
smnetSmoothing For Stream Network Data
SmoothHazardFitting illness-death model for interval-censored data
smoothHRSmooth Hazard Ratio Curves taking a Reference Value
smoothieTwo-dimensional Field Smoothing
smoothmestSmoothed M-estimators for 1-dimensional location
smoothSurvSurvival Regression with Smoothed Error Distribution
smoothtailSmooth Estimation of GPD Shape Parameter
SMPracticalsPracticals for use with Davison (2003) Statistical Models
SMRExternally Studentized Midrange Distribution
smsSpatial Microsimulation
smssDatasets for Agresti and Finlay's "Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences"
SMVarStructural Model for variances
snThe Skew-Normal and Skew-t Distributions
snaTools for Social Network Analysis
snapshotGadget N-body cosmological simulation code snapshot I/O utilities
SNFtoolSimilarity Network Fusion
snhtStandard Normal Homogeneity Test
snipEMSnipping methods for robust estimation and clustering
snowSimple Network of Workstations
SnowballCSnowball stemmers based on the C libstemmer UTF-8 library
snowfallEasier cluster computing (based on snow)
snowFTFault Tolerant Simple Network of Workstations
snparSupplementary Non-parametric Statistics Methods
SNPassocSNPs-based whole genome association studies
snpEnrichmentSNPs Enrichment Analysis
snplistTools to create Gene Sets
SNPmaxselMaximally selected statistics for SNP data
SNPMClustA bivariate Gaussian genotype clustering and calling algorithm for Illumina microarrays
snpRFRandom Forest for SNPs to Prevent X-chromosome SNP Importance Bias
snpStatsWriterFlexible writing of snpStats objects to flat files
SNPtoolsAccessing, subsetting and plotting mouse SNPs
snsStochastic Newton Sampler (SNS)
SNSequateStandard and Nonstandard Statistical Models and Methods for Test Equating
SOARMemory management in R by delayed assignments
soc.caSpecific correspondence analysis for the social sciences
SocialMediaMineRA Social Media Search and Analytic Tool
SocialNetworksGenerates social networks based on distance
SocialPositionSocial Position Indicators Construction Toolbox
SODSOD for multidimensional scaling
SoDAFunctions and Examples for "Software for Data Analysis"
SODCOptimal Discriminant Clustering(ODC) and Sparse Optimal Discriminant Clustering(SODC)
softclassvalSoft classification performance measures
SoftClusteringSoft Clustering Algorithms
softImputematrix completion via iterative soft-thresholded svd
soilDBSoil Database Interface
soilphysicsSoil Physical Analysis
soilprofileA package to consistently represent soil properties along a soil profile
SoilRModels of Soil Organic Matter Decomposition
soil.specSoil Spectroscopy Tools and Reference Models
soiltextureFunctions for soil texture plot, classification and transformation
soilwatersoilwater: Implements parametric formulas for soil water retention or conductivity curve
solaRSolar Photovoltaic Systems
SOLOMONParentage analysis
solrGeneral purpose R interface to Solr
somSelf-Organizing Map
somaGeneral-Purpose Optimisation With the Self-Organising Migrating Algorithm
somebmsome Brownian motions simulation functions
someKfwerControlling the Generalized Familywise Error Rate
someMTPSome Multiple Testing Procedures
somplotVisualisation of hexagonal Kohonen maps
sonicLengthEstimating Abundance of Clones from DNA fragmentation data
soobenchSingle Objective Optimization Benchmark Functions
SOREstimation using Sequential Offsetted Regression
SortableHTMLTablesTurns a data frame into an HTML file containing a sortable table
sorviFinnish Open Government Data Toolkit
sosSearch contributed R packages, sort by package
sos4RAn R client for the OGC Sensor Observation Service
sotkanetSotkanet R Tools
soundecologySoundscape ecology
SoundexBRPhonetic-Coding For Portuguese
source.gistRead R code from a GitHub Gist
spclasses and methods for spatial data
sp23designDesign and Simulation of seamless Phase II-III Clinical Trials
spaImplements The Sequential Predictions Algorithm
SPA3GSPA3G: R package for the method of Li and Cui (2012)
spaaSPecies Association Analysis
spaceSparse PArtial Correlation Estimation
SPACECAPA Program to Estimate Animal Abundance and Density using Bayesian Spatially-Explicit Capture-Recapture Models
spaceExtExtension of SPACE
spacejamSparse conditional graph estimation with joint additive models
spacetimeClasses and Methods for Spatio-Temporal Data
spacodiRSpatial and Phylogenetic Analysis of Community Diversity
spacomSpatially weighted context data for multilevel modelling
spamSPArse Matrix
spaMMMixed Models, Particularly Spatial GLMMs
spanrSearch Partition Analysis
SPArPerform rare variants association analysis based on summation of partition approaches
sparcSemiparametric Generalized Linear Models
sparclPerform sparse hierarchical clustering and sparse k-means clustering
spareserverClient side load balancing
sparkSparklines in the R Terminal
sparkTableSparklines and graphical tables for tex and html
sparktexGenerate LaTeX sparklines in R
sparrThe sparr package: SPAtial Relative Risk
sparseBCSparse Biclustering of Transposable Data
sparsediscrimSparse and Regularized Discriminant Analysis
SparseGridSparse grid integration in R
sparseHessianFDNumerical Estimation of Sparse Hessians
sparseLDASparse Discriminant Analysis
sparseLTSEigenRcppEigen back end for sparse least trimmed squares regression
SparseMSparse Linear Algebra
sparseMVNMultivariate Normal Functions for Sparse Covariance and Precision Matrices
sparsenetFit sparse linear regression models via nonconvex optimization
sparseSEMSparse-aware Maximum Likelihood for Structural Equation Models
SparseTSCGMSparse time series chain graphical models
spartanSimulation Parameter Analysis R Toolkit ApplicatioN: Spartan
spatcountsSpatial count regression
spateSpatio-Temporal Modeling of Large Data Using a Spectral SPDE Approach
spatgraphsGraphs for spatial point patterns
spatialFunctions for Kriging and Point Pattern Analysis
spatialCovarianceComputation of spatial covariance matrices for data on rectangles
spatialEcoSpatial Analysis and Modeling
SpatialEpiMethods and Data for Spatial Epidemiology
SpatialExtremesModelling Spatial Extremes
spatial.gev.bmaHierarchical spatial generalized extreme value (GEV) modeling with Bayesian Model Averaging (BMA)
spatialkernelNonparameteric estimation of spatial segregation in a multivariate point process
spatialnbdaPerforms spatial NBDA in a Bayesian context
SpatialNPMultivariate nonparametric methods based on spatial signs and ranks
SpatialPackPackage for analysis of spatial data
spatialprobitSpatial Probit Models
spatialsegregationSegregation measures for multitype spatial point patterns
spatialTailDepEstimation of spatial tail dependence models
spatial.toolsR functions for working with spatial data
SpatialToolsTools for spatial data analysis
SpatialVxSpatial Forecast Verification
SpatioTemporalSpatio-Temporal Model Estimation
SpatPCARegularized Principal Component Analysis for Spatial Data
spatstatSpatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests
spatsurvBayesian spatial survival analysis with parametric proportional hazards models
spBayesUnivariate and Multivariate Spatial-temporal Modeling
spBayesSurvBayesian Modeling and Analysis of Spatially Correlated Survival Data
spcStatistical Process Control – Collection of Some Useful Functions
spcaSparse Principal Component Analysis
spcadjustFunctions for calibrating control charts
spcosaSpatial Coverage Sampling and Random Sampling from Compact Geographical Strata
spcovSparse Estimation of a Covariance Matrix
spcrSparse principal component regression
spdSemi Parametric Distribution
spdepSpatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes, Statistics and Models
spdynmodSpatio-dynamic wetland plant communities model
speStochastic Proximity Embedding
speaqTools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Alignment and Quantitative Analysis
speccaltAlternative spectral clustering, with automatic estimation of k
SPECIESStatistical package for species richness estimation
SpeciesMixFit Mixtures of Archetype species
specificitySpecificity of personality trait-outcome (or trait-trait) associations
SpecsVerificationForecast verification routines for the SPECS FP7 project
spectralGPApproximate Gaussian processes Using the Fourier Basis
speedglmFitting Linear and Generalized Linear Models to large data sets
speff2trialSemiparametric efficient estimation for a two-sample treatment effect
SPEICalculation of the Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index
sperichAuxiliary functions to estimate centers of biodiversity
sperrorestSpatial Error Estimation and Variable Importance
spfrontierSpatial Stochastic Frontier models estimation
spgrass6Interface between GRASS 6+ geographical information system and R
spgwrGeographically weighted regression
sphereplotSpherical plotting
SphericalCubatureNumerical integration over spheres and balls in n-dimensions; multivariate polar coordinates
SphericalKSpherical K-Function
SpherWaveSpherical Wavelets and SW-based Spatially Adaptive Methods
sphetEstimation of spatial autoregressive models with and without heteroskedastic innovations
spiCompute SPI index
SPIAssayA genetic-based assay for the identification of cell lines
spiderSpecies Identity and Evolution in R
spidersFits predator preferences model
spikeslabPrediction and variable selection using spike and slab regression
spikeSlabGAMBayesian variable selection and model choice for generalized additive mixed models
SPInSimulation-efficient Shortest Probability Intervals
splancsSpatial and Space-Time Point Pattern Analysis
splitstackshapeStack and Reshape Datasets After Splitting Concatenated Values
splmEconometric Models for Spatial Panel Data
splsSparse Partial Least Squares (SPLS) Regression and Classification
splus2RSupplemental S-PLUS functionality in R
splusTimeDateTimes and Dates from S-PLUS
splusTimeSeriesTime Series from S-PLUS
spMCContinuous-Lag Spatial Markov Chains
SPmlficmcmSemiparametric Maximum Likelihood for Mother-Child Designs
SPMSSub-Pathway Mining Software
spnetPlotting (social) networks on maps
spoccR Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources
SPODTSpatial Oblique Decision Tree
spormSemiparametric proportional odds rate model
SportsAnalyticsInfrastructure for Sports Analytics
SPOTSequential Parameter Optimization
SPREDAStatistical Package for Reliability Data Analysis
sprexCalculate Species Richness and Extrapolation Metrics
sprintSimple Parallel R INTerface
sprinterFramework for Screening Prognostic Interactions
sprmSparse and Non-Sparse Partial Robust M Regression
sprsmdlSparse modeling toolkit
SPSLSite Percolation on Square Lattice (SPSL)
spsmoothspsmooth: An Extension Package for 'mgcv'
spsurveySpatial Survey Design and Analysis
sptSierpinski Pedal Triangle
spThinFunctions for Spatial Thinning of Species Occurrence Records for Use in Ecological Models
spTimerSpatio-Temporal Bayesian Modelling Using R
sptmSemiParametric Transformation Model Methods
spuRsFunctions and Datasets for "Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R"
SQDASparse Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
sqldfPerform SQL Selects on R Data Frames
sqliterConnection wrapper to SQLite databases
sqlshareAPI for access to SQLShare database
sqlutilsUtilities for working with SQL files
SQNsubset quantile normalization
SQUAREMSquared extrapolation methods for accelerating fixed-point iterations
squashColor-based plots for multivariate visualization
sraSelection Response Analysis
SRCSStatistical Ranking Color Scheme for Multiple Pairwise Comparisons
srdDraws Scaled Rectangle Diagrams
sROCNonparametric Smooth ROC Curves for Continuous Data
SRRSThe Stepwise Response Refinement Screener (SRRS)
ss3simFisheries stock assessment simulation testing with Stock Synthesis
ssanvSample Size Adjusted for Nonadherence or Variability of input parameters
ssdSample Size Determination (SSD) for Unordered Categorical Data
SSDforRFunctions to Analyze Single System Data
sseSample size estimation
ssfitFitting of parametric models using summary statistics
ssh.utilsLocal and remote system commands with output and error capture
ssize.fdrSample Size Calculations for Microarray Experiments
ssmrobRobust estimation and inference in sample selection models
SSNSpatial Modeling on Stream Networks
ssplineSmoothing Splines on the Sphere
sspseEstimating Hidden Population Size using Respondent Driven Sampling Data
SSratTwo-dimensional sociometric status determination with rating scales
sssTools for importing files in the triple-s .(Standard Survey Structure) format
SSsimpleState space models
ssvdSparse SVD
ssymFitting Semi-parametric Log-symmetric Regression Models
stShrinkage t Statistic and Correlation-Adjusted t-Score
stabData Analysis for Drug Stability
stabledistStable Distribution Functions
StableEstimEstimate the 4 parameters of stable law using different methods
stabsStability Selection with Error Control
StackStylized concatenation of data.frames or ffdfs
stacomirtoolsstacomi ODBC connection class
stagePopModelling the Population Dynamics of a Stage-Structured Species in Continuous Time
stamSpatio-Temporal Analysis and Modelling
StAMPPStatistical Analysis of Mixed Ploidy Populations
StandardizeTextStandardize Text
StanHeadersC++ Header Files for Stan
STARSpike Train Analysis with R
stargazerLaTeX/HTML code and ASCII text for well-formatted regression and summary statistics tables
startupmsgUtilities for start-up messages
stashRA Set of Tools for Administering SHared Repositories
Stat2DataDatasets for Stat2
statarTools inspired by Stata to manipulate tabular data
statcheckExtract Statistics from Articles and Recompute P Values
StatDAStatistical Analysis for Environmental Data
StatDataMLimplementation of the StatDataML proposal
statebinsstatebins is an alternative to choropleth maps for USA States
statfistatfi R tools
StatMatchStatistical Matching
StatMethRankStatistical Methods for Ranking Data
statmodStatistical Modeling
statnetSoftware tools for the Statistical Analysis of Network Data
statnet.commonCommon R Scripts and Utilities Used by the Statnet Project Software
StatomicaStatomica utility package
staToolsStatistical Tools for Social Network Analysis
StatRankStatistical Rank Aggregation: Inference, Evaluation, and Visualization
steepnessTesting Steepness of Dominance Hierarchies
stellaRstellar evolution tracks and isochrones
StemSpatio-temporal models in R
STEPCAMABC-SMC inference of the STEPCAM model
steppSubpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP)
stepPlrL2 penalized logistic regression with a stepwise variable selection
stepRFitting Step-Functions
stepwiseStepwise detection of recombination breakpoints
StereoMorphStereo Camera Calibration and Reconstruction
stheoremeKlimontovich's S-Theorem Algorithm Implementation and Data Preparation Tools
stiltSeparable Gaussian Process Interpolation (Emulation)
stimaSimultaneous Threshold Interaction Modeling Algorithm
stinepackStineman, a consistently well behaved method of interpolation
stmEstimation of the Structural Topic Model
stmCorrVizA Tool for Structural Topic Model Visualizations
StMoSimPlots a QQ-Norm Plot with several Gaussian simulations
stoccFit a spatial occupancy model via Gibbs sampling
stochprofMLStochastic Profiling using Maximum Likelihood Estimation
stochvolEfficient Bayesian Inference for Stochastic Volatility (SV) Models
stockPortfolioBuild stock models and analyze stock portfolios
stocksFast Functions for Stock Market Analysis
stoichcalcR Functions for Solving Stoichiometric Equations
StormWrite Storm Bolts in R using the Storm Multi-Language Protocol
stosimStochastic Simulator for Reliability Modeling of Repairable Systems
STPGASelection of Training Populations by Genetic Algorithm
stppSpace-Time Point Pattern simulation, visualisation and analysis
stppResidPerform residual analysis on space-time point process models
StrainRankingRanking of pathogen strains
strapStratigraphic Tree Analysis for Palaeontology
strataGSummaries and Population Structure Analyses of Haplotypic and Genotypic Data
stratificationUnivariate Stratification of Survey Populations
stratigraphToolkit for the plotting and analysis of stratigraphic and palaeontological data
StratSelStrategic Selection Estimator
straweibStratified Weibull Regression Model
streamInfrastructure for Data Stream Mining
StreamMetabolismStream Metabolism-A package for calculating single station metabolism from diurnal Oxygen curves
streamMOAstream - Interface to MOA Algorithms
streamRAccess to Twitter Streaming API via R
stremoFunctions to help the process of learning structural equation modelling
stressrFetch and plot financial stress index and component data
StressStrengthComputation and estimation of reliability of stress-strength models
stringdistApproximate String Matching and String Distance Functions
stringiCharacter String Processing Facilities
stringrMake it easier to work with strings
strucchangeTesting, Monitoring, and Dating Structural Changes
structSSIMultiple Testing for Hypotheses with Hierarchical or Group Structure
strumSTRUctural Modeling of Latent Variables for General Pedigree
strvalidatorProcess Control And Internal Validation Of Forensic STR Kits
stsmStructural Time Series Models
stsm.classClass and Methods for Structural Time Series Models
styloFunctions for a Variety of Stylometric Analyses
SubCultConMaximum-Likelihood Cultural Consensus Analysis with Sub-Cultures
subgroupMethods for exploring treatment effect heterogeneity in subgroup analysis of clinical trials
SubLassoGene selection using Lasso for Microarray data with user-defined genes fixed in model
subplexSubplex optimization algorithm
subrankComputes copula using ranks and subsampling
subselectSelecting variable subsets
subsembleAn Ensemble Method for Combining Subset-Specific Algorithm Fits
subtypeCluster analysis to find molecular subtypes and their assessment
sudokuSudoku Puzzle Generator and Solver
sudokuAltTools for Making, Displaying and Spoiling Sudoku Games
SUESubsampling method
summarytoolsDataframe Summaries, Frequency Tables and Numerical Summaries with Customizable Output
SunderQuantification of the effect of geographic versus environmental isolation on genetic differentiation
SunterSamplingSunter's sampling design
supclustSupervised Clustering of Predictor Variables such as Genes
superbiclustGenerating Robust Biclusters from a Bicluster Set (Ensemble Biclustering)
superdiagR Code for Testing Markov Chain Nonconvergence
SuperLearnerSuper Learner Prediction
superMDSImplements the supervised multidimensional scaling (superMDS) proposal of Witten and Tibshirani (2011)
superpcSupervised principal components
SuppDistsSupplementary distributions
support.BWSBasic functions for supporting an implementation of best-worst scaling
support.CEsBasic functions for supporting an implementation of choice experiments
surfaceFitting Hansen Models to Investigate Convergent Evolution
SurrogateEvaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Trials
suRtexLaTeX descriptive statistic reporting for survey data
surv2sampleCompInference for model-free between-group parameters for censored survival data
survAccuracyMeasuresEstimate accuracy measures for risk prediction markers from survival data
survAUCEstimators of prediction accuracy for time-to-event data
survC1C-statistics for risk prediction models with censored survival data
SurvCorrCorrelation of Bivariate Survival Times
surveillanceTemporal and Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Monitoring of Epidemic Phenomena
survexp.frRelative survival, AER and SMR based on French death rates
surveyanalysis of complex survey samples
surveydataTools to manipulate survey data
SurvginiThe Gini concentration test for survival data
survIDINRIIDI and NRI for comparing competing risk prediction models with censored survival data
survivalSurvival Analysis
survivalMPLPenalised Maximum Likelihood for Survival Analysis Models
survivalROCTime-dependent ROC curve estimation from censored survival data
SurvLongAnalysis of Proportional Hazards Model with Sparse Longitudinal Covariates
survMiscMiscellaneous Functions for Survival Data
survPresmoothPresmoothed Estimation in Survival Analysis
survrecSurvival analysis for recurrent event data
SurvRegCensCovWeibull Regression for a Right-Censored Endpoint with Interval-Censored Covariate
survRM2Comparing Restricted Mean Survival Time
survsimSimulation of Simple and Complex Survival Data
survSNPPower Calculations for SNP Studies with Censored Outcomes
svaplsSurrogate variable analysis using partial least squares in a gene expression study
svcm2d and 3d Space-Varying Coefficient Models
svdInterfaces to various state-of-art SVD and eigensolvers
svDialogsSciViews GUI API - Dialog boxes
svDialogstcltkSciViews GUI API - Dialog boxes using Tcl/Tk
svdvisualSVD visualization tools
svGUISciViews GUI API - Functions to manage GUIs
svgViewR3D Animated Interactive Visualizations using SVG
svHttpSciViews GUI API - R HTTP server
svIDESciViews GUI API - IDE and code editor functions
svKomodoSciViews GUI API - Functions to interface with Komodo Edit/IDE
svMiscSciViews GUI API - Miscellaneous functions
SVMMajSVMMaj algorithm
SVMMatchCausal Effect Estimation and Diagnostics with Support Vector Machines
svmpathsvmpath: the SVM Path algorithm
svSocketSciViews GUI API - R Socket Server
svSweaveSciViews GUI API - Sweave functions
svToolsSciViews GUI API - Tools (wrapper for packages tools and codetools)
svUnitSciViews GUI API - Unit testing
svWidgetsSciViews GUI API - Widgets & Windows
SvyNomNomograms for Right-Censored Outcomes from Survey Designs
svyPVpackA package for complex surveys including plausible values
swampVisualization, analysis and adjustment of high-dimensional data in respect to sample annotations
SWATmodelA multi-OS implementation of the TAMU SWAT model
SweaveListingUtilsUtilities for Sweave together with TeX listings package
sweidnumbrHandling of Swedish Identity Numbers
swfscMiscMiscellaneous Functions for Southwest Fisheries Science Center
swirlLearn R, in R
SwissAirAir Quality Data of Switzerland for one year in 30 min Resolution
switchnpregSwitching nonparametric regression models for a single curve and functional data
sybilsybil - Efficient Constrained Based Modelling in R
sybilccFBACost Constrained FLux Balance Analysis: MetabOlic Modeling with ENzyme kineTics (MOMENT)
sybilcycleFreeFluxcycle-Free Flux balance analysis: Efficient removal of thermodynamically infeasible cycles from metabolic flux distributions
sybilDynFBADynamic FBA : dynamic flux balance analysis
sybilEFBAUsing Gene Expression Data to Improve Flux Balance Analysis Predictions
sybilSBMLSBML Integration in Package sybil
symbolicDAAnalysis of Symbolic Data
symbolsSymbol plots
symmomentsSymbolic central and noncentral moments of the multivariate normal distribution
synbreedFramework for the analysis of genomic prediction data using R
synbreedDataData for the synbreed package
synchronicityBoost mutex functionality for R
synchronyMethods for computing spatial, temporal, and spatiotemporal statistics
SynchWaveSynchrosqueezed Wavelet Transform
SYNCSASYNCSA - Analysis of functional and phylogenetic patterns in metacommunities
SynergizeRInterface to The Synergizer service for translating between sets of biological identifiers
SyNetInference and Analysis of Sympatry Networks
synlikSynthetic Likelihood methods for intractable likelihoods
SynthSynthetic Control Group Method for Comparative Case Studies
synthpopGenerating Synthetic Versions of Sensitive Microdata for Statistical Disclosure Control
sysfontsLoading System Fonts into R
systemfitEstimating Systems of Simultaneous Equations
systemicriskA Toolbox for Systemic Risk
syuzhetExtracts Sentiment and Sentiment-Derived Plot Arcs from Text
tabFunctions for Creating Summary Tables for Statistical Reports
Table1HeatmapTable 1 Heatmap
table1xlsProduces summary tables and exports them to multi-tab spreadsheet format (.xls or .xlsx)
TableMonsterTable Monster
tableoneCreate "Table 1" to describe baseline characteristics
tableplotRepresents tables as semi-graphic displays
tablesFormula-driven table generation
tabplotTableplot, a visualization of large datasets
tabplotd3Tabplotd3, interactive inspection of large data
tabuSearchR based tabu search algorithm
tagcloudTag Clouds
TAMTest Analysis Modules
TANOVATime Course Analysis of Variance for Microarray
TaoTeProgrammingIllustrations from Tao Te Programming
TapeRFlexible tree taper curves based on semiparametric mixed models
TAQMNGRManage Tick-by-Tick Transaction Data
taRifxCollection of utility and convenience functions
taRifx.geoCollection of various spatial functions
tauText Analysis Utilities
TauP.REarthquake Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Earth Models
tawnyProvides various portfolio optimization strategies including random matrix theory and shrinkage estimators
tawny.typesCommon types for tawny
taxizeTaxonomic Information from Around the Web
TaxonstandTaxonomic Standardization of Plant Species Names
tbartTeitz and Bart's p-Median Algorithm
tbdiagFunctions for tuberculosis diagnostics research
TBESTTree Branches Evaluated Statistically for Tightness
TBSSurvivalSurvival Analysis using a Transform-Both-Sides model
TcGSATime-course Gene Set Analysis
tcltk2Tcl/Tk Additions
tclustRobust Trimmed Clustering
tcRAdvanced Data Analysis of T-Cell Receptor Repertoires
TDAStatistical Tools for Topological Data Analysis
TDboostA Boosted Tweedie Compound Poisson Model
TDDTime-Domain Deconvolution of Seismometer Response
tdmData Analysis for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
TDMRTuned Data Mining in R
tdthapTDT tests for extended haplotypes
TeachingDemosDemonstrations for teaching and learning
TeachingSamplingSelection of samples and parameter estimation in finite population
TeachNetFits neural networks to learn about back propagation
TEDTurbulence Time Series Event Detection and Classification
TEERegTrimmed Elemental Estimation for Linear Models
teigenModel-Based Clustering and Classification with the Multivariate t Distribution
tempdisaggMethods for Temporal Disaggregation and Interpolation of Time Series
tensorTensor product of arrays
tensorAAdvanced tensors arithmetic with named indices
TEQRTarget Equivalence Range Design
TERAplusBTest for A+B Traditional Escalation Rule
tergmFit, Simulate and Diagnose Models for Network Evolution based on Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
termstrcZero-coupon Yield Curve Estimation
ternvisVisualisation, verification and calibration of ternary probabilistic forecasts
TESSFast simulation of reconstructed phylogenetic trees under time-dependent birth-death processes
testerTests and checks characteristics of R objects
testitA Simple Package for Testing R Packages
TestScorerGUI for entering test items and obtaining raw and transformed scores
TestSurvRecStatistical tests to compare two survival curves with recurrent events
testthatTestthat code. Tools to make testing fun :)
testthatsomemoreA mocking, stubbing, and file testing framework extending testthat
texmexStatistical modelling of extreme values
texmexseqTreatment Effect eXplorer for Microbial Ecology eXperiments (using Sequence Counts)
TExPositionTwo-table ExPosition
texregConversion of R regression output to LaTeX or HTML tables
textcatN-Gram Based Text Categorization
textirInverse Regression for Text Analysis
textometryTextual Data Analysis Package used by the TXM Software
textregn-gram Text Regression, aka Concise Comparative Summarization
TFDEATechnology Forecasting using DEA
tferForensic Glass Transfer Probabilities
TFMPvalueEfficient and accurate P-value computation for Position Weight Matrices
tfplotTime Frame User Utilities
tframeTime Frame Coding Kernel
tframePlusTime Frame coding kernel extensions
TFXR API to TrueFX(tm)
tgpBayesian treed Gaussian process models
tgramFunctions to compute and plot tracheidograms
TH.dataTH's Data Archive
thermocoupleTemperature Measurement with Thermocouples, RTD and IC Sensors
thgeneticsGenetic Rare Variants Tests
ThinknumThinknum Data Connection
ThreeArmedTrialsDesign and Analysis of Clinical Non-inferiority or Superiority Trials with Active and Placebo Control
threeboostThresholded variable selection and prediction based on estimating equations
ThreeWayThree-way component analysis
thregThreshold Regression
ThresholdROCOptimum threshold estimation based on cost function in a two and three state setting
tibbrConnectorR interface to tibbr
tictocFunctions for timing R scripts, as well as implementations of Stack and List structures
TiddlyWikiRCreate dynamic reports using a TiddlyWiki template
TidesQuasi-Periodic Time Series Characteristics
tidyrEasily Tidy Data with spread() and gather() Functions
tiffRead and write TIFF images
tigerTIme series of Grouped ERrors
tigerstatsR for Elementary Statistics
tightClustTight Clustering
tikzDeviceR Graphics Output in LaTeX Format
tileHMMHidden Markov Models for ChIP-on-Chip Analysis
TilePlotCharacterization of functional genes in complex microbial communities using tiling DNA microarrays
timeDateRmetrics - Chronological and Calendar Objects
timeitEasy profiling of R functions
timelineTimelines for a Grammar of Graphics
TimeMachineTime Machine
timeorderedTime-ordered and time-aggregated network analyses
TimeProjectionTime Projections
timeregFlexible Regression Models for Survival Data
timeROCTime-Dependent ROC Curve and AUC for Censored Survival Data
timesbootBootstrap computations for time series objects
timeSeriesRmetrics - Financial Time Series Objects
timeseriesdbManage Time Series with R and PostgreSQL
timetoolsSeasonal/Sequential (Instants/Durations, Even or not) Time Series
TimeWarpDate Calculations and Manipulation
timmaTarget Inhibition Interaction using Maximization and Minimization Averaging
TIMPFitting Separable Nonlinear Models in Spectroscopy and Microscopy
timsacTIMe Series Analysis and Control package
TinflexTinflex - Universal non-uniform random number generator
TInPositionInference tests for TExPosition
tipomAutomated measure-based classification for flint tools
tisTime Indexes and Time Indexed Series
titanTitration analysis for mass spectrometry data
TKFPairwise Distance Estimation with TKF91 and TKF92 Model
tkrglTK widget tools for rgl package
tkrplotTK Rplot
tlemixTrimmed Maximum Likelihood Estimation
tlmEffects under Linear, Logistic and Poisson Regression Models with Transformed Variables
tlmecLinear Student-t Mixed-Effects Models with Censored Data
tlniseTwo-level normal independent sampling estimation
tmText Mining Package
tmapThematic Maps
tmgTruncated Multivariate Gaussian Sampling
tmleTargeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
tmle.npviTargeted Learning of a NP Importance of a Continuous Exposure
tm.plugin.alcesteImport texts from files in the Alceste format using the tm text mining framework
tm.plugin.dcText Mining Distributed Corpus Plug-In
tm.plugin.europresseImport Articles from 'Europresse' Using the 'tm' Text Mining Framework
tm.plugin.factivaImport articles from Factiva using the tm text mining framework
tm.plugin.lexisnexisImport Articles from LexisNexis Using the tm Text Mining Framework
tm.plugin.mailText Mining E-Mail Plug-In
tm.plugin.webminingRetrieve structured, textual data from various web sources
tmvtnormTruncated Multivariate Normal and Student t Distribution
tnettnet: Software for Analysis of Weighted, Two-mode, and Longitudinal networks
toleranceFunctions for calculating tolerance intervals
toOrdinalFunction for Converting Cardinal to Ordinal Numbers by Adding a Language Specific Ordinal Indicator to the Number
topicmodelsTopic models
TopKListsInference, aggregation and visualization for top-k ranked lists
topmodelImplementation of the hydrological model TOPMODEL in R
topologyGSAGene Set Analysis Exploiting Pathway Topology
topsisTOPSIS method for multiple-criteria decision making (MCDM)
toslsInstrumental Variables Two Stage Least Squares estimation
tourrImplement Tour Methods in R Code
tourrGuiA Tour GUI using gWidgets
toxtestDExperimental design for binary toxicity tests
tpeTree preserving embedding
TPmsmEstimation of Transition Probabilities in Multistate Models
tprTemporal Process Regression
TR8A Tool for Downloading Functional Traits Data for Plant Species
trackStore Objects on Disk Automatically
TrackReconstructionReconstruct animal tracks from magnetometer, accelerometer, depth and optional speed data
tractor.baseA package for reading, manipulating and visualising magnetic resonance images
traitrAn interface for creating GUIs modeled in part after traits UI module for python
trajTrajectory Analysis
trajectoriesClasses and methods for trajectory data
TraMineRTrajectory Miner: a Toolbox for Exploring and Rendering Sequences
TraMineRextrasTraMineR Extension
TRAMPRTRFLP Analysis and Matching Package for R
translateBindings for the Google Translate API v2
translateRBindings for the Google and Microsoft Translation APIs
transportOptimal transport in various forms
trapezoidThe Trapezoidal Distribution
TRDTransmission Ratio Distortion
TreatmentSelectionEvaluate Treatment Selection Biomarkers
treatSensSensitivity analysis for causal inference
treeClassification and Regression Trees
treebaseAn R package for discovery, access and manipulation of online phylogenies
treeclimNumerical Calibration of Proxy-Climate Relationships
treeClustCluster Distances Through Trees
treecmCentre of mass assessment and consolidation of trees
treeletAn Adaptive Multi-Scale Basis for High-Dimensional, Sparse and Unordered Data
treemapTreemap visualization
TreeParEstimating birth and death rates based on phylogenies
TreeSimSimulating trees under the birth-death model
TreeSimGMSimulating Phylogenetic Trees under a General Model
treethreshMethods for Tree-based Local Adaptive Thresholding
trendNon-Parametric Trend Tests and Change-Point Detection
TrialSizeR functions in Chapter 3,4,6,7,9,10,11,12,14,15
triangleProvides the standard distribution functions for the triangle distribution
trifieldSome basic facilities for ternary fields and plots
TriMatchPropensity Score Matching of Non-Binary Treatments
trimclusterCluster analysis with trimming
trimTreesTrimmed opinion pools of trees in a random forest
trioGxEA data smoothing approach to explore and test gene-environment interaction in case-parent trio data
tripSpatial Analysis of Animal Track Data
tripackTriangulation of irregularly spaced data
tripEstimationMetropolis Sampler and Supporting Functions for Estimating Animal Movement from Archival Tags and Satellite Fixes
TripleRSocial Relation Model (SRM) analyses for single or multiple round-robin groups
trotterPseudo-Vectors Containing All Permutations, Combinations and Subsets of Objects Taken from a Vector
TRSbookFunctions and Datasets to Accompany the Book "The R Software: Fundamentals of Programming and Statistical Analysis"
trueskillImplementation the TrueSkill algorithm in R
truncdistTruncated Random Variables
truncgofGoF tests allowing for left truncated data
truncnormTruncated normal distribution
truncregTruncated Gaussian Regression Models
truncSPSemi-parametric estimators of truncated regression models
trustTrust Region Optimization
trustOptimTrust Region Optimization for Nonlinear Functions with Sparse Hessians
TSATime Series Analysis
tsallisqexpTsallis q-Exp Distribution
tsbridgeCalculate normalising constants for Bayesian time series models
tsbugsCreate time series BUGS models
tscLikelihood-ratio Tests for Two-Sample Comparisons
TSclustTime Series Clustering Utilities
TScompareTSdbi Comparison
tscountAnalysis of Count Time Series
TSdataTSdbi Illustration
TSdbiTSdbi (Time Series Database Interface)
TSdistDistance Measures for Time Series data
tsDynNonlinear time series models with regime switching
TSENTwo-dimensional peak sentinel tool for GC x GC-HRTOFMS
tseriesTime Series Analysis and Computational Finance
tseriesChaosAnalysis of nonlinear time series
tsfaTime Series Factor Analysis
TSfameTSdbi extensions for fame
TSgetSymbolTSdbi extension to connect with getSymbols
TShistQuoteTSdbi extensions for get.hist.quote
TSHRCTwo Stage Hazard Rate Comparison
tsintermittentIntermittent Time Series Forecasting
tslarsLeast angle regression for time series analysis
tsModelTime Series Modeling for Air Pollution and Health
TSMySQLTSdbi extensions for MySQL
tsneT-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding for R (t-SNE)
TSodbcTSdbi extensions for ODBC
tsoutliersDetection of Outliers in Time Series
TSPTraveling Salesperson Problem (TSP)
TsphereTransposable Sphering for Large-Scale Inference with Correlated Data
tspmetaInstance feature calculation and evolutionary instance generation for the traveling salesman problem
TSPostgreSQLTSdbi extensions for PostgreSQL
TSsqlGeneric SQL helper functions for TSdbi SQL plugins
TSSQLiteTSdbi extensions for SQLite
TSTutorialFitting and Predict Time Series Interactive Laboratory
TSxlsTSdbi extension to connect to spreadsheets
TSzipTSdbi extension to connect to zip files
TTAinterfaceTrendAnalysisTemporal Trend Analysis Graphical Interface
tthTeX to HTML/MathML Translators tth/ttm
TTRTechnical Trading Rules
ttScreeningGenome-wide DNA methylation sites screening by use of training and testing samples
ttutilsUtility functions
ttwaTravel To Work Area
tufterhandoutTufte-style html document format for rmarkdown
TukeyCConventional Tukey Test
tumblRAccess to Tumblr v2 API
TuneParetoMulti-objective parameter tuning for classifiers
tuneRAnalysis of music and speech
tupleFind every match, or orphan, duplicate, triplicate, or other replicated values
turboEMA Suite of Convergence Acceleration Schemes for EM, MM and other fixed-point algorithms
turfRTURF Analysis for R
turnerTurn vectors and lists of vectors into indexed structures
TurtleGraphicsTurtle graphics in R
TUWmodelLumped Hydrological Model for Education Purposes
tvdTotal Variation Denoising
tvmTime Value of Money Functions
twangToolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups
tweedieTweedie exponential family models
twiddlerInteractive manipulation of R expressions
twitteRR Based Twitter Client
TwoCopNonparametric test of equality between two copulas
twoStageGwasPowerCompute thresholds and power for two-stage gwas
twostageTETwo-Stage Threshold Estimation
TwoStepCLogitConditional logistic regression: A two-step estimation method
txtplotText based plots
UBCRMFunctions to Simulate and Conduct Dose-Escalation Phase I Studies
ucbthesisUC Berkeley graduate division thesis template
ucminfGeneral-purpose unconstrained non-linear optimization
udunits2udunits-2 bindings for R
umpUniformly Most Powerful Tests
unbalancedThe package implements different data-driven method for unbalanced datasets
unbalhaarFunction estimation via Unbalanced Haar wavelets
UNFTools for Creating Universal Numeric Fingerprints for Data
UnicodeUnicode Data and Utilities
uniCoxUnivarate shrinkage prediction in the Cox model
uniftestTests for Uniformity
uniRegUnimodal penalized spline regression using B-splines
unittestTAP-Compliant Unit Testing
unmarkedModels for Data from Unmarked Animals
untbecological drift under the UNTB
upclassUpdated Classification Methods using Unlabeled Data
upliftUplift Modeling
UPMASKUnsupervised Photometric Membership Assignment in Stellar Clusters
urcaUnit root and cointegration tests for time series data
urltoolsVectorised Tools for URL Handling and Parsing
USAboundariesHistorical Boundaries of the United States of America, 1629-2000
UScancerCreate US cancer datasets from SEER, IARC, and US Census data
UScensus2000cdpUS Census 2000 Designated Places Shapefiles and Additional Demographic Data
UScensus2000tractUS Census 2000 Tract Level Shapefiles and Additional Demographic Data
UScensus2010US Census 2010 Suite of R Packages
usdmUncertainty analysis for species distribution models
usefulA collection of handy, useful functions
userfriendlyscienceQuantitative Analysis Made Accessible
UsingRData Sets, etc. for the Text "Using R for Introductory Statistics", Second Edition
uskewFactorsModel-based clustering via mixtures of unrestricted skew-t factor analyzer models
uslAnalyze System Scalability with the Universal Scalability Law
ustycFetch US Treasury yield curve data
utilityConstruct, Evaluate and Plot Value and Utility Functions
uuidTools for generating and handling of UUIDs
UWHAMUnbinned weighted histogram analysis method (UWHAM)
V8Embedded JavaScript Engine
vacemVaccination Activities Coverage Estimation Model
varbvsVariational inference for Bayesian variable selection
varCompVariance Component Models
vardiagA package for variogram diagnostics
vardpoorVariance Estimation for Sample Surveys by the Ultimate Cluster Method
VaRESComputes value at risk and expected shortfall for over 100 parametric distributions
VAR.etpVAR modelling: estimation, testing, and prediction
VariABELTesting of genotypic variance heterogeneity to detect potentially interacting SNP
VarianceGammaThe Variance Gamma Distribution
varsVAR Modelling
varSelectIPObjective Bayes Model Selection
VarSelLCMVariable Selection for Model-Based Clustering using the Integrated Complete-Data Likelihood of a Latent Class Model
varSelRFVariable Selection using Random Forests
VarSwapPricePricing a variance swap on an equity index
vartorsTransform Definition of Variables to R Scripts
vbdmVariational Bayes Discrete Mixture Model
VBLPCMVariational Bayes Latent Position Cluster Model for networks
VBmixVariational Bayesian mixture models
vbsrVariational Bayes Spike Regression Regularized Linear Models
vcdVisualizing Categorical Data
vcdExtravcd Extensions and Additions
vcrpartTree-Based Varying Coefficient Regression for Generalized Linear and Ordinal Mixed Models
vdgVariance Dispersion Graphs and Fraction of Design Space Plots
VdgraphVariance dispersion graphs and Fraction of design space plots for response surface designs
VdgRsmVariance Dispersion, Fraction of Design Space Plots, Designs, and Contour Plots
vdmRVisual Data Mining Tools for R
vec2dtransf2D Cartesian Coordinate Transformation
vecsetslike base::sets tools but keeps duplicate elements
VecStatGraphs2DVector analysis using graphical and analytical methods in 2D
VecStatGraphs3DVector analysis using graphical and analytical methods in 3D
vectoptimVectorized optimization methods
veganCommunity Ecology Package
vegan3dStatic and dynamic 3D plots for vegan package
vegclustFuzzy clustering of vegetation data
vegdataFunctions to access vegetation databases (Turboveg) and prepare vegetation data especially its taxonomy for analysis
vegetarianJost Diversity Measures for Community Data
VennDiagramGenerate high-resolution Venn and Euler plots
venneulerVenn and Euler Diagrams
verificationWeather Forecast Verification Utilities
vetoolsTools for Venezuelan Environmental Data
VGAMVector Generalized Linear and Additive Models
VGAMdataData Supporting the 'VGAM' Package
VHDClassificationDiscrimination/Classification in very high dimension with linear and quadratic rules
VideoComparisonVideo comparison tool
VIFVIF Regression: A Fast Regression Algorithm For Large Data
VIMVisualization and Imputation of Missing Values
VIMGUIVisualization and Imputation of Missing Values
VineCopulaStatistical Inference of Vine Copulas
vinesMultivariate Dependence Modeling with Vines
violinmplotCombination of violin plot with mean and standard deviation
vioplotViolin plot
viopoints1-D Scatter Plots with Jitter Using Kernel Density Estimates
virtualspeciesGeneration of Virtual Species Distributions
visregVisualization of Regression Models
visualFieldsStatistical Methods for Visual Fields
visualizeGraph Probability Distributions with User Supplied Parameters and Stats
vitalityFitting Routines for the Vitality Family of Mortality Models
VizORGraphical visualization tools for complex observational data with focus on health sciences (VizOR)
VLFFrequency Matrix Approach for Assessing Very Low Frequency Variants in Sequence Records
VLMCVLMC – Variable Length Markov Chains
vmsbaseGUI Tools to Process, Analyze and Plot Fisheries Data
VNMUsing V-algorithm and Newton-Raphson Method to Obtain Multiple-objective Optimal Design
VossGeneric Voss algorithm (random sequential additions)
vowelsVowel Manipulation, Normalization, and Plotting
vowsVoxelwise Semiparametrics
VoxRMetrics extraction of trees from T-LiDAR data
VPdtwVariable Penalty Dynamic Time Warping
vrmlgenGenerate 3D visualizations for data exploration on the web
vrtestVariance Ratio tests and other tests for Martingale Difference Hypothesis
vsccVariable selection for clustering and classification
VSURFVariable Selection Using Random Forests
vudcVisualization of Univariate Data for Comparison
vwrUseful functions for visual word recognition research
W2CWM2CThe W2CWM2C package is a set of functions to produce new graphical tools for wavelet correlation (bivariate and multivariate cases) using some routines from the waveslim and wavemulcor packages
W3CMarkupValidatorR Interface to W3C Markup Validation Services
waffectA package to simulate constrained phenotypes under a disease model H1
waffleCreate Waffle Chart Visualizations in R
wahcAutocorrelation and Heteroskedasticity Correction in Fixed Effect Panel Data Model
walkscoreAPIWalk Score and Transit Score API
WARNWeaning Age Reconstruction with Nitrogen isotope analysis
wasimVisualisation and analysis of output files of the hydrological model WASIM
waterDataAn R Package for Retrieval, Analysis, and Anomaly Calculation of Daily Hydrologic Time Series Data
waterfallWaterfall Charts in R
WatershedsSpatial Watershed Aggregation and Spatial Drainage Network Analysis
WatsWrap Around Time Series graphics
wavebandComputes credible intervals for Bayesian wavelet shrinkage
WaveCDWavelet change point detection for array CGH data
wavedWavelet Deconvolution
WaveletCompComputational Wavelet Analysis
waveletsA package of functions for computing wavelet filters, wavelet transforms and multiresolution analyses
wavemulcorWavelet routine for multiple correlation
waveslimBasic wavelet routines for one-, two- and three-dimensional signal processing
wavethreshWavelets statistics and transforms
wbsWild Binary Segmentation for Multiple Change-Point Detection
WCEWeighted Cumulative Exposure Models
WCQDetection of QTL effects in a small mapping population
WDIWorld Development Indicators (World Bank)
weatherDataGet Weather Data from the Web
webchemChemical Information from the Web
webutilsUtility Functions for Web Applications
webvisCreate graphics for the web from R
WeightedClusterClustering of Weighted Data
weightedKmeansWeighted KMeans Clustering
WeightedPortTestWeighted Portmanteau Tests for Time Series Goodness-of-fit
weightedScoresWeighted Scores Method for Regression Models with Dependent Data
weightsWeighting and Weighted Statistics
weirsA Hydraulics Package to Compute Open-Channel Flow over Weirs
wesandersonA Wes Anderson Palette Generator
wfeWeighted Linear Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference
wgaimWhole Genome Average Interval Mapping for QTL Detection using Mixed Models
WGCNAWeighted Correlation Network Analysis
wgseaWilcoxon based gene set enrichment analysis
WhatIfWhatIf: Software for Evaluating Counterfactuals
whisker{{mustache}} for R, logicless templating
WhiteStripeWhitestripe White Matter Normalization for Magnetic Resonance Images
WhopGenomeHigh-Speed Processing of VCF, FASTA and Alignment Data
widalsWeighting by Inverse Distance with Adaptive Least Squares for Massive Space-Time Data
WideLMFitting many skinny linear models to a single data set
widenetPenalized Regression with Polynomial Basis Expansions
wikibooksFunctions and datasets of the german WikiBook "GNU R"
wikipediatrendPublic Subject Attention via Wikipedia Page Access Statistics
WikipediRA MediaWiki API wrapper
WilcoxCVWilcoxon-based variable selection in cross-validation
wildlifeDICalculate Indices of Dynamic Interaction for Wildlife Telemetry Data
windexwindex: Analysing convergent evolution using the Wheatsheaf index
witnessThis package fits eyewitness data using Clark's (2003) WITNESS model
wkbConvert Between Spatial Objects and Well-Known Binary (WKB) Geometry
wleWeighted Likelihood Estimation
WMCapacityGUI implementing Bayesian working memory models
WMDBDiscriminant Analysis Methods by Weight Mahalanobis Distance and bayes
wmlfWavelet Leaders in Multifractal Analysis
wmtsaWavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis
wnominateWNOMINATE Roll Call Analysis Software
wombsoftWombling Computation
wordcloudWord Clouds
wordmatchMatches words in one file with words in another file
wordnetWordNet Interface
WordPoolsClassical word pools used in studies of learning and memory
wpp2008World Population Prospects 2008
wpp2010World Population Prospects 2010
wpp2012World Population Prospects 2012
wppExplorerExplorer of World Population Prospects
wqExploring water quality monitoring data
wrasspInterface to the ASSP Library
WrightMapWright Map: IRT item-person map with ConQuest integration
write.snnsFunction for exporting data to SNNS pattern files
WriteXLSCross-platform Perl based R function to create Excel 2003 (XLS) and Excel 2007 (XLSX) files
WRS2Wilcox Robust Estimation and Testing
wrspathrowFunctions for working with Worldwide Reference System (WRS)
wrspathrowDataData used by the wrspathrow package
wskmWeighted k-means Clustering
wsrfWeighted Subspace Random Forest
wSVMWeighted SVM with boosting algorithm for improving accuracy
wtcrskCompeting risks regression models with covariate-adjusted censoring weight
wuxWegener Center Climate Uncertainty Explorer
WWGbookFunctions and datasets for WWGbook
x12x12 - wrapper function and structure for batch processing
x12GUIX12 - Graphical User Interface
XBRLExtraction of Business Financial Information from XBRL Documents
x.enteXtraction of ENTity
xergmExtensions of Exponential Random Graph Models
xgobiInterface to the XGobi and XGvis programs for graphical data analysis
xhmmScriptsXHMM R scripts
XiMpLeA simple XML tree parser and generator
xkcdPlotting ggplot2 graphics in an XKCD style
XLConnectExcel Connector for R
XLConnectJarsJAR dependencies for the XLConnect package
xlsxRead, write, format Excel 2007 and Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 files
xlsxjarsPackage required POI jars for the xlsx package
XmiscXiaobei's miscellaneous classes and functions
XMLTools for parsing and generating XML within R and S-Plus
XML2REasieR XML data collection
XNomialExact Goodness-Of-Fit Test For Multinomial Data With Fixed Probabilities
xoiTools for analyzing crossover interference
xpose4Tools for Nonlinear Mixed-Effect Model Building and Diagnostics
xtableExport tables to LaTeX or HTML
xtalCrystallization Toolset
xtermStyleBasic text formatting using xterm escape sequences
xtseXtensible Time Series
yaccaYet Another Canonical Correlation Analysis Package
yaImputeyaImpute: An R Package for k-NN Imputation
YaleToolkitData exploration tools from Yale University
yamlMethods to convert R data to YAML and back
ycinterextraYield curve or zero-coupon prices interpolation and extrapolation
yhatInterpreting Regression Effects
yhatrR Binder for the Yhat API
YieldCurveModelling and estimation of the yield curve
ykmeansK-means using a target variable
YourCastForecasting age-sex-country-cause mortality rates
YplantQMCPlant Architectural Analysis with Yplant and QuasiMC
YPmodelThe Short-term and Long-term Hazard Ratio Model for Survival Data
YuGeneYuGene: A simple approach to scale gene expression data derived from different platforms for integrated analyses
yuimaThe YUIMA Project package for SDEs
zCompositionsImputation of Zeros and Nondetects in Compositional Data Sets
ZeBookZeBook Working with dynamic models for agriculture and environment
ZeligEveryone's Statistical Software
ZeligChoiceZelig Choice Models
ZeligGAMGeneral Additive Models for Zelig
ZeligMultilevelMultilevel Regressions for Zelig
zendeskRZendesk API Wrapper
zicBayesian Inference for Zero-Inflated Count Models
ZIMZero-Inflated Models for Count Time Series with Excess Zeros
zipcodeU.S. ZIP Code database for geocoding
zipfRStatistical models for word frequency distributions
zoeppritzZoeppritz Equations
zoibBayesian Inference for Beta Regression and Zero/One Inflated Beta Regression
zooS3 Infrastructure for Regular and Irregular Time Series (Z's Ordered Observations)
zooimageAnalysis of numerical zooplankton images
zoomA spatial data visualization tool
ztableZebra-Striped Tables in LaTeX and HTML Formats
zypZhang + Yue-Pilon trends package